Poke Transporter Not Working? Here are quick fixes that will resolve the problem that you are facing.

For those who don’t know, the Poke Transporter is an application through which users can transfer their Pokemon from the old generation to the new one. This is one of the best applications that is available for Nintendo devices to help the trainers in transferring the Pokemon to the new generations. However, the users have reported some issues with it. In this guide, we are going to list every important detail for the users, so that they can easily resolve the problems that they are facing.

What is Poke Transporter Not Working?

The users are confused about why they are facing the issue while using the Poke Transporter. They don’t know about the reasons why they are facing the issue. We are going to list the reported reasons for you below. Make sure to check them.

  • Internet Problems: The users facing the issue are likely due to internet connection problems.
  • Incompatible Game: The issue will occur if you are trying to transport the Pokemon to incompatible games that are not supported.
  • Nintendo Problems: The users might face the problem if there are some minor bugs with the Nintendo.
  • Corrupted Files: If you are facing the issue, then there are chances that it is occurring due to the corrupted files.

Poké Transporter Not Working in 2023? Here’s Your Fix-It Guide!

We are here with some quick fixes that you should try when you are facing the Poke Transporter not working issue. If the issue is occurring due to common problems, then the solutions which are listed below will surely help in resolving the issue.

  • Check The Internet Connection
  • Restart Your Router: Users who are facing the issue should try restarting the router. There are chances that there are some connectivity issues with the router on your device, due to which the problem is occurring.

Fix: Poke Transporter Not Working Problem 2023

If the issue has not been resolved even after trying the above methods, then there are chances that the problem is occurring due to other issues. We suggest that you check the methods which are listed below to resolve the problem.

Check The Server Status

It is important for the users to check whether the server of the application is working properly or not. There are a lot of users who have been transferring their Pokemon with the help of the Poke Transporter. So we will suggest that you should check whether the server status of the application is fine or not. You can check the server status of the Poke Transporter here.

Check For Compatibility

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If the Poke Transporter is not working, then we suggest that you check whether it is compatible with the game that you are trying to transfer or not. You have to check the list of the games that are compatible with the transfer. Otherwise, you will keep on facing the issue. It will be best for you to check the compatible list of the games before attempting to transfer the Pokemon.

Restart The Nintendo 

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The users facing the issue continuously should try restarting their Nintendo. There are chances that the Poke Transporter is not working due to some issues with the device. So it will be good for you to check and resolve it first. If there are some minor bugs, then it will be good for the users to restart it and then check whether the issue has been resolved or not.

Reinstall Poke Transporter

If you are facing the issue constantly, then it will be good for you to reinstall the Poke Transporter. There are chances that the issue might be there due to some file issues of the Poke Transporter. So it will be good for you to install it again. You can install it after uninstalling it from your device. It will help in resolving the issues that are occurring due to the corrupted or missing files.

Contact Support Center

The users facing the issue, even after trying the above methods, should try contacting the support center. There are chances that the issue is occurring due to the problem with the Poke Transporter, due to some bugs. So the customer support center will be the one who can help in fixing the issue. You have to mail them about the problem that you are facing, and after that, they will surely try to help you.

Wrapping Up 

There are a lot of users who are trying to transfer their Pokemon to the next generation. However, the users were facing the issue while doing this with the help of Poke Transporter. With the help of this guide, you will be able to fix the issue that you are facing. That’s it for today. If there is something for us, do let us know in the comment section below.

FAQs – Poke Transporter Not Working

1. Does Poké Transporter still work?

Yes, the Poke Transporter works for users who have been using it for a long time.

2. Why can’t I get Pokémon transporter?

The application has been discontinued for the new users on March 28, 2023. This could be the reason that you are not getting the Poke Transporter.

3. How do I fix Poke Transporter not working issue?

Many users are stuck with the Poke Transporter not working issue on their Nintendo. We have listed the solutions in this guide; do check them above.


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