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Best Professional DJ Headphones and TWS from OneOdio 2024


Key Takeaways
  • OneOdio offers a range of professional DJ headphones and TWS products for music enthusiasts, providing excellent sound quality and build quality.
  • The OneOdio Studio, DJ, and TWS products are competitively priced, challenging well-known brands with improved sound production and durable construction.
  • With a focus on value for money, OneOdio products come with a 24-month warranty, ensuring peace of mind for buyers.

Music helps millions to move on in life, and a pair of good headphones make a difference. I purchased wireless headphones a few months back, and it has added value to my quality of life. You will find hundreds of audio products in the online shopping store, and it’s not easy to make the final decision. We can lift the burden by introducing OneOdio Studio, DJ, and TWS products. Let me show you why you should consider the OneOdio audio products as your next primary music accessory.

Best Professional DJ Headphones and TWS from OneOdio

Why you should choose OneOdio in 2024?

We have hundreds of consumer home and office audio equipment manufacturers in the market. You got many reputed companies offering expensive and unbeatable pairs of audio equipment for the consumers. Of course, OneOdio seems like an unknown brand, but they have compelling products for everyone to like. There are a few reasons why OneOdio is on my list.

  1. The company worked on the sound production and has improved the sound signature. You won’t feel left out because you are getting a headset that rivals products from reputed brands.
  2. No one should compromise on build quality. The Chinese manufacturer has worked on the build quality and used decent quality material for construction.
  3. The manufacturer nailed the price to value ratio. You are paying $26 for DJ headphones that rival $200 for branded headphones.
  4. Electronic goods can stop functioning without notice. All OneOdio products are covered under 24 month or two years warranty.
No branded company is offering an extended warranty period these days. However, OneOdio 24 months warranty stamp reassures the purchase.

OneOdio PRO10-IN (Value)

Best Professional DJ Headphones and TWS from OneOdio 2022

The manufacturer designed the PRO10-IN DJ for audio production and studio purposes. However, I’m recommending the product to the average consumer because I prefer headphones compared to earphones. I use an over-the-ear headset every day, and the 50mm drivers produce immersive sound quality.

Build Quality

The sturdy build gives you confidence while traveling outside and offers maximum comfort. The unit takes little space in the bag as you can fold it. The padded cushion is built from high-quality soft material and soothes your ears.

Audio Quality

I boasted about the sound signature because the PRO10-IN is a HI-RES-certified product. The high-quality output produces immersive sound for music lovers and producers. You can listen to the sound waves up to 20 kHz, and it has 50-millimeter speaker unit drivers. The manufacturer used neodymium magnets for the best output.

DJ-Oriented Headphones

You can listen to the music from one side by swiveling the ear cups. The self-adjustable and flexible headband gives you a DJ-styled position to monitor the audio and fatigue-free listening experience.

The manufacturer designed the unit to be adapter-free. The cable length stretches over 9.8 FT, and you get a 6.35mm plug and a 3.5mm plug in the box. The cables are detachable and listen to music in any condition.

Supported Devices

OneOdio is a multi-purpose headphone designed for an average consumer and DJ professionals. You have a dedicated detachable 6.35mm plug and a 3.5mm plug in the box. Listen or produce music on iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems.

The PRO10-IN is a value-for-money product since it has premium features under the Rs.1999 price bracket. Also, you get 24 months warranty on the unit and never have to worry about the defective earpieces.

OneOdio PRO10-IN Best Buy Link

OneOdio F2 TWS – Best TWS Under $50

Best Professional DJ Headphones and TWS from OneOdio 2022

The world loves True Wireless earphones, and everyone wants to own a good set. TWS is expensive, and that’s why many brands want to enter the segment. OneOdio F2 puts weight on the expensive TWS products and challenges them in many aspects. Let me share F2 essential features and helps you can make up your mind.

Audio Quality

The 10mm neodymium magnet speaker produces immersive sound and separates the mids, highs, and lows. Music lovers will enjoy the beats and thumps due to the 10mm drivers. The magnets control the audio from 20 kHz – 20kHz smoothly. They won’t sound like $200 TWS, but the speakers sound amazing. Bass lovers will enjoy the sound separation.

Battery Technology

No one likes to charge the headphones or wireless earphones twice a day. The F2 model has a large battery capacity, and music lovers can listen to songs the entire day. Upon our testing, the 800mAh battery lasts 72 hours with the case, and the earphones last 14 hours tested under 50% volume.

Built-in Microphone

You can make calls, receive incoming calls and start having conversations with the TWS. The two built-in microphone assists in removing background noise, and CVC 8.0 technology reduces noises as much as possible.

The TWS has BT 5.0 technology and its IPX5 protection-rated device. You are getting many features under Rs.1999 price bracket. The F2 has two years warranty, and that should reassure the investment.

OneOdio F2 TWS Best Buy Link

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OneOdio Pro-50

Best Professional DJ Headphones and TWS from OneOdio 2022

The PRO-50 has a special place for professional DJs and music producers. Content creators will love the headphones, and I have listed the note-worthy points on why the extra investment makes sense.

Audio Quality

The powerful 50mm drivers deliver accurate sound reproduction for the audiophiles. You got a 6.35mm port and a 3.5mm port, and connect the headphones with iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and Linux machines. You don’t need an adapter or converter to create music on Apple’s Garageband app. The HI-RES audio is suitable for content creators and professional DJs.

Build Quality

Audiophiles take lots of time to create the music and adjust the beats. The build quality decides the overall comfort for extended use, and OneOdio did a good job here. The headphones have memory-protein earmuffs, and the company brought the material from Germany. The manufacturer used soft leather for the headband construction.

The manufacturer brought high-quality materials for the construction and used high-grade audio equipment for HI-RES certification. The number of features in the PRO-50 DJ headphones makes it worth trying for professionals.

OneOdio Pro-50 Best Buy Link

Bottom Line

OneOdio is based in China, and that’s where all products are manufactured and exported to other countries. OneOdio products are compelling, and they are valued for money products. Consumers are getting many features for the least price, and the competition doesn’t even come close. The PRO10-IN is my choice for content production, listening to music, and carrying from one place to another. Let us know what you think about OneOdio in the comment section below.


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