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Lanmodo 1080p Night Vision System for 2020 (Reviewed)


Key Takeaways
  • Nearly 50% of traffic accidents occur at night due to poor vision, highlighting the importance of safe night driving.
  • Lanmodo introduced a 1080P Night Vision System for cars, offering clear and colored images of the road ahead in darkness.
  • The system provides a 36-degree wide angle of vision, illuminating up to 300 meters ahead, enhancing safety and visibility while driving at night.

Safety Driving at night always catches people’s concern. According to various surveys, almost 50% of traffic accidents occur at night. Needless to say, the major reason is that the driver cannot see the road properly. They may easily miss a person or a bike or even a small car.

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Driving is a tough task that requires concentration and focus. One small mistake can lead to a huge disaster. Especially if you are driving at night, you have to be extremely careful and cautious.

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To make night driving easier and safer, Lanmodo introduced an Automotive 1080P Night Vision System. The device gives you a colored and clear view of the road ahead, no matter how dark it is. This ensures that you can drive as safely as you drive during the day.

The Lanmodo Vast 1080P Night Vision System uses a 1080P camera with a highly intelligent algorithm, which ensures accuracy and clarity. The device measures 225mm*85mm, which is almost the size of a smartphone. It shows colored, high definition pictures of the road so you have no trouble in driving.

The best feature of the Lanmodo Night Vision System is that it offers a 36 degrees wide angle of vision, so you can see even the corners of the road, and ensure that you don’t miss even a small vehicle. It can illuminate up to 300 meters ahead, so you can clearly judge the road you are about to drive on.

A huge advantage of using the Lanmodo Vast Night Vision System is that the screen is not at all harmful for your eyes. It doesn’t strain your eyes, so you can drive for hours without being affected due to the bright screen, as tired eyes can have a negative impact on your driving, and thus on your safety.

The night vision system uses active infrared rays to capture a fully colored and clear image of the road, in order to ensure an easy and safe drive even in the dark.

The system is easy to install and comes with clear instructions on how to set it up. It can be fitted and used in all cars and is designed to fulfill the needs of many groups of consumers.

The Lanmodo Vast 1080P Night Vision system has been made not only for the night but also for rain or fog when the windshield does not offer a clear vision. Also, the system is useful for truck drivers who need to drive early in the morning for the delivery of goods. It is also useful in those areas which don’t have many streetlights, as it gives you an illuminated image of the road in front of you.


Night vision systems are currently available in some high-end cars from Audi, Mercedes, and BMW. Lanmodo decided to develop its night vision system to improve the safety of night driving for anyone with a car.

  • The Lanmodo night vision system displays a fully colored, high definition image of the road, while the in-built night vision systems generally display a black and white picture.
  • Lanmodo uses active infrared while the in-built systems use passive infrared rays. This makes Lanmodo much clearer and better in quality.
  • Lanmodo covers 36 degrees wide-angle, while the in-built night vision system covers 18 to 30 degrees.
  • Lanmodo night vision system gives a 2 times clearer image with a camera of 1080P. In-built night vision systems, however, have a camera of 480P.
  • In-built systems can be used in a limited number of car models and have to be installed by experts in an automobile servicing center. Lanmodo Vast Night Vision system can be used in 99% of the cars and can be easily installed at home, thanks to the informative user manual and easy procedure.

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Accessories and Installation

The Lanmodo Night Vision System comes with a screwdriver, a suction pump, a non-slip mat, a cigarette lighter, an OBD adapter, an input cable, and of course, a user manual. The suction pump allows you to attach the device with the windshield, so you can rotate it, while the non-slip mat allows you to keep the device on the dashboard.

The Lanmodo Automotive Night Vision System is easy to install. You need to connect the cables to the car, as instructed in the user manual, and then decide whether you want to use the suction pump or the non-slip mat. It is advised that you use headlights as that will make the image even clearer.

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To sum it up, you should definitely buy the Lanmodo Night Vision System if you are among those who love driving at night. Lanmodo offers a number of fabulous features at amazingly low prices and ensures that you can enjoy a safe drive at night, or in bad weather. It offers a clear view of the road and is easy to install and operate. What else do you need?

The night vision system costs only $499 to $599, which is really cheap when you weigh this against the features. It is advised that you buy it from the official Lanmodo website to reduce any chances of fraud and ensure that you get the original product. Click here to place your order and use Father’s Day coupon code LMDNVS_FTD, you could get it on $299 only!

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