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Audials One 2024 Review: Record Videos, Music with Easy Steps


Audials One software is an all-in-one solution to perform several functions on your Windows PC, Android or iOS smartphone and tablet. Using this software, you can:

  • Record Movies and TV shows from websites and Streams.
  • Save your favorite songs from any music streaming service.
  • Discover online Radios and Podcasts from all around the world and record them.
  • Convert files from over 100 file formats for movies, videos, podcasts, and music.

Audials One 2021 Review: Record Videos, Music with Easy Steps

It was initially developed by RapidSolution Software in the year 2006. This company was later renamed as Audials AG in the year 2012. Audials One is the flagship product of Audials AG with more than 10 million users from all around the world! Thus, it is being sold online in more than 100 countries.

The 2021 version of Audials One is all set to be released for the users of Audials One. Thus, here we are with everything you need to know about Audials One software generation of 2021 before you download it on your device.

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Some of the newly added features of Audials One 2024 version include:

1. High-Speed Recording.

Now, you can download all your movies and series from popular streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Video, Disney+, Hulu, etc.

2. Optimal Frame Rate.

Audials One now supports recording videos up to 60 fps. Also, this software makes sure that any video is automatically saved at its optional frame rate.

3. Improved GPU support.

The use of graphic card-based encoding is optimized to lower the performance requirement and to easily get all video recordings.

4. New Video Library.

The newly added Video Library will make use of an automatic tagging feature to arrange all the videos in an organized manner.

5. Live Video Recording.

It now includes a timer to schedule a recording and an auto-stop option to record up to a certain point only. You can record live streams from websites such as Twitch, YouTube Live, Facebook Live, and TV channels such as CNN, ABC News, BBC, and ITV.

6. Ease in Downloading Music.

The newly created user interface has reduced the efforts required to download the music files. You can simply drag and drop the song, album or playlist from Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud, Vimeo, and Veoh. You can also download music by playing it and Audials One will automatically save it.

7. New Formats for Music files.

You can download your favorite songs in standard formats like MP3, AAC, and WMA or high-resolution audio formats like FLAC and WAV.

8. Music Management.

A revamped music management will display all your music files in one place. You can decide how you wish to organise your tracks. Audials One will rearrange all your music files in your desired format.

9. Clearer Overview of Radio, Podcasts, and TV.

The layout has been redesigned to provide with better user experience with a clearer overview. This feature has also been added to the application version of this software.

10. Improved Audials apps.

The application version of Audials available for Android and iOS users has also been improved and bugs have been fixed to provide with better user experience.

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Some newly added functions for Music include:

1. Bot Search.

You can make use of the filters to customize your automatic search. The filters include your favorite artists, and genres. You can also set the number of music files you want. Then, click on ‘Create Collection’ to instantly get a collection of the best music for you.

2. Offline and Remote accessibility.

Audials One provides a feature that allows its users to burn CDs and DVDs. A Cloud-manager is available for Microsoft One Drive, Google Play, Dropbox, etc. It also enables its users to organize SD cards and USB drives to access the music files on another device.

Some newly added functions for Radios and Podcasts include:

1. Updated Database.

All the Radio stations are organized according to country, region, language, transmission quality and 120 genres. More than 3,50,000 podcasts with countless episodes are available for its users.

2. Remotely listen to your favorite Radio stations.

You can make use of the application version of this software on your Android or iOS smartphone to listen and record the radio.

Some newly added functions for Movies and TV streams include:

1. Batch Recording.

Using this feature, downloading your favorite movies gets easier. All you need to do is create a list of movies in the Audials recording schedule.

2. Music TV streams.

Along with TV shows and TV channels, you can also stream and record music TV channels from all around the world!

Some newly added functions for converting file formats include:

1. Format converter.

The converter can now suggest video files optimally adapted to your screen resolution and the performance of your devices. It also suggests the most suitable output format to avoid any loss of quality.

2. Convert AudioBooks.

You can quickly convert all the audiobooks using this converter to various formats such as AAC, AIFF, AU, CAF, FLAC, M4A, MP3, WAV, WMA, WMA.

Apart from these, there are several other modifications in the 2021 version of Audials One than its predecessors. You can make use of all these newly added features once you have upgraded to the 2021 version or when you get it for yourself from the official website.

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Some frequently asked questions about Audials One include:

Q1. Is Audials One legal?

Yes. All the services provided by Audials One is completely legal.

Q2. Does Audials One work on Mac?

An application version of Audials One based on its software is available for iOS users.

Q3. Is Audials One useful?

Liking at the features provided by Audials One, it is safe to say that it is a useful software for Windows and smartphone users.


This is all you need to know about the 2023 version of Audials One. We are confident that you will find the newly added features very useful.

If we have missed out on any such important information regarding the 2021 version of Audials One, then please let us know about it in the comments section below.

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  1. Is Audials 2021 suitable for using a laptop computer in recording live TV? I currently have Audials 2020; while I can download podcasts without issue, I find that I can’t record live TV shows without experiencing consistent skipped frames every four seconds.

  2. Obviously your from the USA and have not actually tried the software from any other country. It is designed for use in the US and it is very hit and miss anywhere else. Half the items mentioned can not be accomplished from outside the US. Audials’ Support even admitted that it was designed to only use US login to accounts.


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