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OkCupid Likes Limit 2024: How Many Likes Do You Get on OkCupid


OkCupid is a US-based international online dating website and application having millions of active users. Anyone can register here for free and answer a few multiple-choice questions to get a preferred match.

But after swiping a few times, it displays a “you are out of daily likes” message. It can be annoying if you don’t know why this message is popping up and if OkCupid has any likes limit.

Yes, it has a likes limit, and you should keep reading the article till the end to learn about OkCupid likes limit in detail and the method to get unlimited likes without any issues.

OkCupid Likes Limit 2023

OkCupid Likes Limit 2023: How Many Likes Do You Get on OkCupid

Many new OkCupid users get the “you are out of daily likes” message after swiping a few times. So, they think any bug or issue might lie within the platform itself. But when they try the next day again, they get the same message after swiping a few times.

So, this is normal for every basic platform user, and it limits you to 10 likes per day. After that, you must take the premium subscription to continue swiping on the same day.

However, the likes quota renews daily, and you can continue liking other profiles the next day without any issues.

Although, OkCupid was like Tinder previously, where you could easily like a good number of profiles before getting out of the daily limit. But, they changed their policies and limit the number so that more users take the subscription to continue using the platform full-fledged and like as many profiles as they want.

Another worse part of this platform is that you can’t even reply to emails you receive in the app or website after you run out of the likes limit.

So, OkCupid is free to use the platform, but it’ll ask you to take the premium subscription if you want it to use regularly without any limitations.

What’s the Reason Behind OkCupid Likes Limit?

There are multiple reasons behind the limit of likes or swipes on OkCupid, and one among them is to restrict bots from accessing this platform so that the spam reduces.

Many users also use bots to get unlimited likes on OkCupid. But reducing the likes limit help them get rid of this problem.

The main reason is that it has a certain maintenance cost; to cope with that, it must generate revenue. So, limiting the daily like limit and asking users to subscribe to its premium plan helps it do that.

Unlike other dating apps that offer a free monthly trial and start charging a subscription. It offers you all the features with limited functionality so that to use it full-fledged, you switch to the premium version.

How to Bypass OkCupid Likes Limit?

If you’re tired of this likes and swipe limitation feature of OkCupid, you might wonder if there’s any way to bypass it.

So, the only way to get rid of it and access all the features without limitations is to opt for a premium subscription to this platform.

The premium subscription is called A-list here, and you will surely get access to many cool features apart from unlimited likes and swipes.

Previously there was no premium feature of this platform, but over the years, as it has gained popularity worldwide, it switched to this plan to generate revenue.

So, the only genuine way to eliminate the likes limit on OkCupid is by upgrading your account by spending your money.

However, if you don’t want to take the subscription, you’ll still be able to use the app or website. When it limits the likes, you need to check back later the next day.

You may also find other illegal ways to take premiums, but you shouldn’t follow that as those are illegal and may lead to account suspension.

How do I Get More Likes on OkCupid?

There are a few things that you can do to get more likes on OkCupid, and those are:

  • Use it between 7-10 PM: This is when most OkCupid users are active on this platform, so the chance of getting more likes increases.
  • Write an impressive bio: Your profile should also shine, and the bio adds a feature to the hat. Writing an impressive bio to quickly and easily get likes is important.
  • Be open for a long-term relationship: It’s reported that the people who are open to a long-term relationship get more matches. So, update your profile accordingly for better results.
  • Answer more questions: The more you answer questions on OkCupid, your chance of getting match increases drastically, and you’ll be able to express with who you’re most adaptable.


Did you know that OkCupid has a daily limit on likes or swipes? If you want to see all your likes on the same day or get them for free the next day, you’ll need to upgrade your account. I hope this information was helpful to you. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below.


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