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How to Fix Mobile Network State Disconnected Error


Key Takeaways
  • The 'Mobile Network State Disconnected' error is disruptive and can be caused by poor network coverage, software glitches, airplane mode, SIM card issues, incorrect APN settings, or terminated SIMs.
  • To fix this error, users can check for airplane mode, restart their phone, remove and reinsert their SIM card, disconnect from Wi-Fi, move to an area with better network coverage, reset network settings, turn off VPN, reset APN settings, and check for terminated SIMs.
  • Following these steps can help users resolve the error and regain access to basic mobile functionalities like calling, SMS, and internet usage.

Calling, SMS and internet usage are the basic functionality of every mobile. And to use these features you need to have a SIM inserted into your phone with proper networks. 

Despite having their SIM inserted in their device, some users complained that they were getting the ‘Mobile Network State Disconnected’ error on their device frequently. This error can cause your mobile networks to disappear due to which you may face call drops or even slow/unstable internet.

If you clicked on this article looking for the steps to fix this issue then you are at the right place. Let’s go through all the reasons as well as the troubleshooting methods to fix the ‘Mobile network state disconnected’ error. 

How to Fix Mobile Network State Disconnected Error

What Causes the ‘Mobile Network State Disconnected’ Error?

Network error on a mobile phone can be caused by software glitches as well as due to hardware failure. Therefore, it is essential to find out the cause of the issue before we can go ahead with the steps to fix it-

  1. You are likely to face issue with your mobile network if you are in an area with poor network coverage. For instance, if you live in a big apartment with poor network coverage then you might face this problem quite often. 
  2. Software glitch with the phone is another common cause of this issue. 
  3. Another thing that is most likely to cause this issue is airplane mode. If airplane mode is enabled on your device, then that will disable the cellular network as well as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. 
  4. Issues with SIM cards can also cause this issue. If the card is damaged, dirty, or not inserted properly then that is likely to disrupt the network on your mobile. 
  5. Incorrect APN settings can also cause the ‘Mobile Network State Disconnected’ error on your phone. 
  6. Check for SIM activation. If the SIM is not recharged or terminated by your network career company then also you may face this issue. 

Fix the ‘Mobile Network State Disconnected’ Error

This error is often encountered due to the reasons we have listed above. But is there a way to fix it and get the network back again? Given below are the steps you can follow to fix the ‘Mobile Network State Disconnected’ Error-

1. Check for Airplane Mode

Check whether the airplane mode is enabled on your device or not. Airplane mode disables your cellular network and can cause this issue. Many people use this to fix temporary internet issues, but if left enabled can result in the ‘Mobile Network State Disconnected’ error. Below are the steps to fix it-

  1. Swipe down from the top to open the Action Centre
  2. See if the Airplane Mode icon is highlighted; if it is then tap on it to turn it off. How to Fix the “Mobile Network State Disconnected” Error?

2. Restart Your Phone

Sometimes all your smartphone needs is a restart to work fine. This issue is encountered on mobile devices due to network congestion as well as due to a temporary glitch in the mobile software. 

A reboot will restart all the services running on your device and give them a fresh start. This should most probably solve this issue. 

3. Remove and Reinsert SIMSIM

Before proceeding with the steps ahead, ensure the SIM on your device is inserted properly. If the SIM card doesn’t fit in the casing properly then that will be a problem. 

  1. For this, simply turn off your phone and eject the SIM card tray. 
  2. Remove the SIM from the tray.
  3. Clean the SIM with a soft and clean cloth. 
  4. Once done, put the SIM back into the SIM card tray and ensure it fits properly. 
  5. Reinsert the SIM tray back into the phone and turn on your device. 

4. Disconnect from Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi networks can also interrupt the cellular connectivity of your phone. Disconnect from any Wi-Fi network you are connected to. It would be best if you turn off the Wi-Fi while you are not using it. Not only will this help you fix the mobile network error but also saves battery to some extent. 

5. Move to an Area With a Good Network

If you are living in a multistorey apartment or traveling in a remote location then network connectivity might not be good there. Though our smartphones try very hard to get the best network, that can be next to impossible in areas with almost zero network connectivity. 

This can often cause the ‘Mobile Network state disconnected’ error on your device. The issue will be solved when you move to some other region or you will have a SIM which has good network coverage in your area. 

6. Reset Network Settings

Previous steps should help you fix temporary network coverage issues. In case, this still doesn’t help then that probably means the network settings are misconfigured. You can reset your network settings to restore them to the default version. Here’s how-

  1. Head to the Settings app. 
  2. Now, tap on General Management and select the Reset option. Reset
  3. After this, select Reset Mobile Network Settings. How to Fix the “Mobile Network State Disconnected” Error?
  4. Tap on Reset Settings. How to Fix the “Mobile Network State Disconnected” Error?
  5. You will be asked to enter your Device PIN to continue ahead. 

7. Turn Off VPN

Have you installed a VPN or a proxy service on your device? Many people use VPN to route their network and to access geo-locked content. However, this can often cause issues with your mobile network and cellular data may stop working when these services are enabled. If you’re using a VPN or a router then turn it off and see if that fixes the issue or not. 

8. Reset APN

APN or the Access Point Names must be correctly configured to use cellular data or to make/receive calls. If the APN has been changed then your phone may throw an error when trying to use mobile data. Below are the steps to help you with it-

  1. Open your phone’s Settings
  2. Tap on Connections and then on Mobile Networks. Mobile Networks
  3. After this tap on the Access Point Names option. Access Points Name
  4. Tap on the three dots at the top right corner and select Reset to Default. Reset to Default
  5. Select Reset to reset the APN. Reset

9. Look for Terminated SIM

Your network carrier may terminate your SIM if you have not paid the previous bill or you violate their terms of usage. Termination due to unpaid bills is temporary and you will be removed once you pay your previous bill. 

However, if your bill is paid and there are no pending dues but are still facing this issue, then you should get in touch with your network provider. Ask them whether your account has been terminated or not. If it is terminated then ask them what’s the reason behind it and how to unban it. 

Bottom Line

You won’t be able to use your SIM properly if you keep on getting the ‘Mobile Network State Disconnected’ error. Due to this error, basic features like calling, SMS, and the internet might not work. Generally, the reason behind it is poor network coverage or incorrect network configuration. You can follow the steps we have mentioned above and that should solve the issue. 


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