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List of All Mobs in Minecraft 1.20 The Wild Update


Key Takeaways
  • Minecraft version 1.20 introduces new mobs including Frogs, Fireflies, Warden, Tadpoles, and Allay.
  • Frogs spawn in different variants and have unique behaviors like jumping, swimming, and hunting.
  • Fireflies are aesthetic mobs found in swamps at night, while the Warden is a blind boss mob lurking in deep dark cave biomes.

A new update for Minecraft was released this week, version 1.20. And players have been looking forward to exploring the Deep Dark, visiting a Mangrove swamp, crafting a recovery compass, and building with mud.

The game has been updated with three key additions. A revised version of The Warden is scheduled for 1.17. A revised version of Allay, the winner of the mob vote. As well as frogs and tadpoles. Three new mobs have also been added to Minecraft’s ever-growing roster. Minecraft now has quite a few different mobs, from hostile to passive, with some new additions.

The following is a list of every mob that players can find in version 1.20.

New Mobs in Minecraft 1.20 The Wild Update 2023

There is no particular order in which the new mobs of Minecraft 1.20 are listed here. Using the table below, you can explore them according to your interests.


Minecraft 1.20 introduces three new variants of frogs, as part of the revamped swamps. Frogs can spawn in three variants, depending on where they spawn – default, cold, or tropical.

The Minecraft frogs can jump high, swim fast, and hunt smaller mobs like their real-life counterparts. Frogs can be found on lily pads and drip leaves within swamps, mangrove swamps, and on the edges of lands.

And a small magma cube and a small slime cube are their meals. Froglight is dropped by frogs if they eat magma cubes. The block emits light and is colorful. In the meantime, players can make frogs mate by feeding them slime cubes.


In Minecraft 1.20, fireflies are the smallest mobs. Frogs don’t interact with them, contrary to earlier speculation. Therefore, their presence appears to be purely aesthetic. The swamp biome is the only place where you can find glowing fireflies.

This also happens mostly at night. There are many new mobs in Minecraft 1.20, but fireflies aren’t one of the most popular. The in-game nights will be more lively with their presence, however.


The Caves & Cliffs update for Minecraft 1.18 teased this boss mob. Unfortunately, it did not arrive in time for the game. Wardens only spawn underground in deep dark cave biomes, where they have an ancient city structure to themselves.

In addition, it is the first mob in the game to be blind. The Warden finds and hunts you using sound and vibrations since it can’t see you. Even if a player is wearing full netherrite armor, Warden can kill them with just two hits in test versions of Minecraft.

But, even though most players have been waiting for it, many won’t be delighted when they come across it in the game.

Moreover, Warden’s presence limits our visibility due to the darkness-based effect he creates. The Warden also attacks with a sonic boom. You can even be pushed off towers by it. It can go through blocks. Sonic booms are as powerful as Warden’s combat attacks if that doesn’t seem powerful enough.


Tadpoles are the baby version of frogs in Minecraft 1.20 Wild Update. Frogs release eggs onto the surface of the water, where they spawn.

As the world’s smallest mob, tadpoles are found in groups. You can even move them by capturing them in water buckets. Tadpoles, however, cannot survive outside the water like frogs. Additionally, they have a very small health bar. In addition, they can be killed in a single strike.


Last, the Allay is one of the confirmed new mobs for Minecraft 1.20. It was the winner of a user-choice mob vote in 2022.

In contrast to the baby golem, it was preferred by players. The Allay, however, is mainly a player-driven mob. From your loaded chunks of the world, it collects dropped items and copies of those items.

A full stack of items can be carried at most, usually 64 items. There is, however, a restriction on Allay stealing items from a player’s chest.

And looking at Allay’s movements suggests that he is a music lover. The collected items are dropped only next to note blocks or players.

Final Words

Minecraft 1.19 has a lot to offer in terms of new mobs, whether it’s the deadly Warden or the friendly Allay. We’re all excited about there’s a lot to look forward to. The update will be released in a few months, but we have no idea how long our list of new mobs will become. So, keep an eye out for more updates.


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