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Download LibreOffice 2024 Offline Installer for Windows 11


LibreOffice is a free, open-source office suite that you can download for any operating system you are using. LibreOffice is supported on all the operating systems, including macOS, Windows, as well as Linux. This is an alternative to Microsoft Office, but the only difference is that it is free to use while Microsoft Office is not.

If you have been looking for the best free alternative to Microsoft Office, then LibreOffice results from your quest for it. If you want to download the LibreOffice 2024 offline installer for Windows 11, this article will help you with that. We will be discussing how you can download LibreOffice 2024, along with its features, system requirements, and much more. 

System Requirements For LibreOffice 2024

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There are certain system requirements of the software that your PC should meet to run that software. Similarly, LibreOffice 2024 also has its system requirements that your PC must meet to be able to run the software. Given below is the system requirements for a Windows PC to be able to run LibreOffice 2024 on it-

  • Operating System- Windows 7 SPI or higher.
  • Processor- Compatible with Pentium Processor or any higher processor.
  • RAM- Requires minimum 256MB RAM; however, the recommended is 512MB.
  • Storage- Your PC needs to have at least 1.5GB of free disk space.
  • Display- The display should have a 1024×768 resolution with at least 256 colors. A higher resolution than that is recommended to run the software.

Download And Install LibreOffice 2024 On Windows 11

If you want to download LibreOffice 2024 for Windows 11 and install it on your PC, we will help you with that. To download and install LibreOffice 2024 on Windows 11, follow the steps given below-

  • Open the browser on your PC.
  • Now, head to the official website of LibreOffice on your browser. You can either click on this link, and this will lead you to the download page of LibreOffice.
  • Here, you will see the Download button. Just above that, there will be an option to choose your operating system. Your operating system will be selected by default in that. However, if you want to download for any other PC, you can choose the operating system from the drop-down menu.

Download LibreOffice 2021 Offline Installer for Windows 11

  • After you have selected the operating system, click on Download to download the software.
  • After the software is downloaded, head to the path where you have downloaded it and double-click on it to run the setup.
  • You will be headed to the installation wizard. Click on Next to continue ahead.
    • There will be two options on your screen now- Typical and Custom. Typical- This will install the software with the default settings and components.
    • Custom- You will have to select what features and components you want to keep for LibreOffice.
  • Select any of the options as per your preference, and click on Next to continue.
  • Now follow the on-screen instructions to continue ahead with the installation process. After you are done with it, the software will be installed on your PC.

What Softwares Does LibreOffice Has?

LibreOffice is an office suite that has the complete package of software to assist you with the work related to your office, college, or school. Given below is a list of all the software that LibreOffice has, and what they do-

  • Writer- This is a word processor provided in the package.
  • Calc- This is spreadsheet software that allows you to create and handle all the sheets.
  • Impress- With Impress, you can make presentations and slideshows.
  • Base- Base is database software that can integrate with all the applications of the LibreOffice suite.
  • Draw- Draw is a graphic editing software in the package.
  • Math- This is a formula editor that allows you to create formulas that you can use in other applications in LibreOffice.
  • Charts- With this software, you can easily create and edit charts as well as graphs.

Features Of LibreOffice

LibreOffice is probably one of the best office suites you can download for your PC, but what are its features? There are various features of LibreOffice 2023 that set it apart from another office suite for Windows 11. Given below is a list of features of the LibreOffice 2024-

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  • You can create and edit your files offline without needing any internet connection.
  • It has support for over 191 languages.
  • The software is supported on all operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  • Most of the file types you may import from other office suites are compatible with LibreOffice.
  • Your data on LibreOffice is private and not shared with anyone.
  • Developers keep on releasing frequent updates, which enhances the usability and functionality of LibreOffice.
  • Extensions are supported on LibreOffice to add more features to it.


Final Words

You can download and install LibreOffice 2024 on your Windows 11. We have discussed the system requirements and the step-by-step process to download and install LibreOffice 2021 on your PC with Windows 11. We hope this article helps you with what you were searching for.

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  1. I logged into windows 11 using a password. when I try to run the installer for Libre, Windows11 asks me if I want the installer to make changes to my machine and requires me to enter a Pin number. I don’t have a Pin number. How do I run the Libre installer without a Pin??


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