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Fix Instagram Reels Views Not Showing on Android & iPhone


Key Takeaways
  • Many users are using Instagram Reels to gain popularity and become influencers, but some are facing issues with views not showing on their videos/reels.
  • Reasons for views not showing include app bugs, lack of views, outdated app, internet issues, or device bugs.
  • Solutions include force closing the app, clearing cache, checking internet connection, logging out and logging in again, checking for updates, restarting device, reinstalling the app, waiting for server maintenance, checking other platforms, and contacting support team if issues persist.

The users are showing great interest in the Instagram Reels feature. Many users who have been watching the Reels started creating Reels to get popular and become an influencer, through which they can also get followers and money on the platform. Millions of users are using Instagram for various purposes. Some users use the platform to communicate with their friends, whereas others explore the different things on the platform.

Instagram Reels is one of the best-trending features that users love. Many users are also creating Instagram Reels for the users who watch their content. The users have reported some issues with Instagram Reels. The users have reported that the Instagram Reels/Videos Views are not showing on the platform.

The users are worried whether their reel is not performing well or if it is some warning that they are getting on their videos/reels. In this guide, we are here with the guide where we will list all the reasons that are available for the Instagram Reels Views not showing. We will also list the methods you can implement to resolve the problem on your system. So, let’s get started with it.

Reasons Behind Instagram Reels/Videos Views Not Showing

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Many users have reported that the Instagram Reels/Videos Views are not showing when they are checking it. The issue occurs after the users try to check the video views. There are many users who are also facing the same issue on their devices. The users have reported the reasons for the cause of the issue that we are going to list below. Make sure to check them, as it will help you in resolving the problem easily.

  • Some bugs might be there in the app, due to which the views are not showing up.
  • The Instagram Reels/Videos might not have any views.
  • You have not updated the app for a long time.
  • There are some internet issues, so the Instagram app is not working properly.
  • Your device has some minor bugs.

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The users are looking for ways through which they will be able to resolve the issue on their app. We have listed the methods below through which you will be able to resolve the problem easily.

Force Close and Start The App

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The users who are facing the issue can try restarting the app on their devices. There are chances that the issue of views not showing on the reels/videos is coming due to some minor bugs on the app. Thus, if you restart the app at that time, there are chances that the issue will be resolved. We will suggest all the users who are facing this issue that they should close and start the app on their device to check if the issue has been resolved or not. Many users have tried doing this on their devices, and they were able to resolve the problem after it.

Clear Cache 

If you are facing a problem with your Instagram app, we will suggest that you should try clearing the cache of the app. By clearing the app’s cache, you will be able to resolve any minor bugs occurring due to the startup files. There are chances that the Instagram app’s cache files might have been corrupted, and due to it, you are facing the issue. Thus, if you clear the app’s cache, the issue will get resolved. So try clearing the app’s cache and then check whether the issue has been resolved.

Check The Internet Connection

The users who are getting the issue of video/reel views not showing up can try checking the internet connection on their device. There are chances that the components are not working on your phone due to internet issues, and you are facing such issues with the app.

Internet Speed

That’s why it will be better for the users to check for the internet connection to make sure that they are connected with a high-stable internet connection. Try the next method once you have checked the internet connection and it works fine. However, if the internet connection is not working properly, then you will have to get it fixed. Otherwise, the views will not be shown on the reels/videos.

Log Out and Log In Again

The users facing the issue should try logging out and logging in to their accounts again. If your account session has expired, the views of the video and reels will not be loaded. Thus, log out of your account on the app and log in again. The users have tried doing this, and they were able to resolve the issue without any issues.

Check For Updates 

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Those who have not updated their app for a long time should check for updates of the app. We are expecting that you have not updated the app for a long time, and that’s why you are getting the issue. Recently, many users have reported the same issue with their apps. However, the issue was resolved once they updated their device’s app. Thus, we suggest you go to the app store and check for the app’s updates. If there is any update available for the app, download it.

Restart Your Device

Some users have reported that by restarting their devices, they were able to resolve the problem. It might happen if there is any issue with your device. In this case, we can expect that there are some minor bugs on your device, and due to it, you are getting the problem. Thus, we will suggest you restart the device and check if the issue has been resolved. This is one of the simplest troubleshooting methods that everyone should try if they are facing any issues.

Reinstall The App

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If you have tried the above methods and still facing the same issue, then we will suggest you reinstall the app on your device to make sure that there are no issues occurring due to the installed app files. There are chances that the app files might not have been installed correctly, due to which the app is not working. Thus, uninstall the app and install it again on your system to check if the issue has been resolved or not.

Wait For Sometimes

The users who are still facing the issue should wait for some time as there are chances that some maintenance might be going on, due to which the users are not able to see the views on their Instagram accounts.

Check For Server Outages

If you are facing the issue, there are chances that it might be occurring due to the server outages of the Instagram App. The users who don’t know, the base users of Instagram, are increasing rapidly. There are chances that some server maintenance or upgrades might have been going on, and you are facing some issues.

We will suggest all the users who are getting the issue check for the server outages of the app. If any server outages are going on, you will likely face the problem. Also, if the server problem is happening, you have to wait until it has been fixed. You cannot fix the problem by using the troubleshooting methods listed in the guide when the server outage is going on.

Check On Other Platforms 

The users can also try checking the views of the videos and reels on the different platforms. There are chances that the views of videos and reels might be showing on other devices.

Contact Support Team 

If you are still facing the same issue of views not showing, we suggest you contact the Instagram app’s support team. There are chances that this issue is only occurring to you, and the support team will be the one who can help you in fixing this issue. Thus, trying doing this and waiting for the solution from the support team.

Wrapping Up 

If you’re having trouble checking the views of your videos and reels, we’ve put together a helpful guide with steps to try and resolve the issue. We hope this guide proves useful to you. That’s all for now.


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