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7 Ways to Fix Hyundai ix35, Sante Fe, i10, i30, Elantra Bluetooth Issues


Bluelink offers a range of features, including a vehicle locator and emergency assistance, on its smartphone-based platform. Its name has been changed to Bluelink+, which offers the same features without a subscription fee. Hyundai produces several popular models, including the Elantra, Santa Fe, Sonata, Tucson, Accent, and Kona. It is inevitable that technical glitches will occur as there are infinite possibilities.

Globally, there are reports of Hyundai users experiencing issues with their cars, such as an ix35, a Sante Fe, a Hyundai I10, and a Hyundai I30 not connecting to Bluetooth. However, there are many aspects behind this problem, and fixes are there that you can try to resolve this kind of error with Bluelink, where it is not connecting to your device via Bluetooth. So, let’s have a look at them. 

How to Fix Hyundai ix35, Sante Fe, i10, i30, Elantra Bluetooth Problems

7 Ways to Fix Hyundai ix35, Sante Fe, i10, i30 Bluetooth Issues

Here are the top 6 fixes that we have for you to resolve Bluetooth problems like not working, not showing, or not connecting with your Hyundai (ix35, Sante Fe, i10, i30):

Check the Security and Auto Accept Prompt

You may also need to check your Hyundai car’s or device’s security and auto-accept prompt if your BlueLink isn’t working. Due to the fact that you connect your device via Bluetooth, these settings enable your device to communicate with various things, including your BlueLink. There are different settings and buttons on each device.

Due to these differences, each device checks security and accepts the auto-accept prompt differently. Ensure that you have checked and verified these settings, then try connecting your device to your BlueLink again.

In case these settings are not working, try to fix them in whatever way you can (we recommend calling an expert). Reconnect your device to your BlueLink once the changes have been made.

Update Your Device

Update Your Device

It is possible that your Bluetooth-connected device needs to be updated. Users must be constantly updated with new features and any bugs that their companies have reported.

You may need to update your device if it is not working with BlueLink. Every device is different, has different settings, has other buttons, and is made by different companies, so you will need to search for the process in the manual book or go to your car manufacturer’s official website for the exact process.

Each device has its own way of updating due to these differences. If an update is available for your device, update it once you’ve learned how to do it.

Once the update is complete, verify that it now connects to your BlueLink and works. Regardless, if your device didn’t have an update, then BlueLink won’t be able to connect.

Reset Network Settings

It may be possible to reconnect your device via Hyundai’s Bluetooth by resetting its network settings. By doing this, you will erase any personal preferences you have stored on your device and restore it to its original settings.

In order to reset your device’s network settings, search for the exact steps in the car’s manual. Every device is different, has different settings different buttons, and is manufactured differently.

Because of these differences, each device approaches resetting its network settings differently. Following the steps to reset your device’s network settings accordingly.

After the reset is complete, check if your device is connected to BlueLink now that it has worked again. If it works, then your problems have been resolved.  Some problems were occurring with your device. As a result of this reset, you are able to listen to your favorite songs again in your car.

Reconnect the Bluelink 

Reconnect the Bluelink 

You will not be able to connect your device to your BlueLink if it has not been connected correctly. To resolve the Hyundai Bluetooth problem, you can disable BlueLink as a device in your device’s settings. Depending on the device, this process will differ.

Go to the Bluetooth setting on your device. You will then be able to see all your connected devices. Find BlueLink. If you want to forget your BlueLink, click on the button next to it. Whenever you forget your BlueLink, reconnect it.

Check if your problems have been resolved now that you’ve reconnected your device to your BlueLink. It’s sometimes necessary to reset the connection quickly, and this is exactly what you’ll do.

Depending on how long you wait between forgetting your BlueLink and reconnecting, you may need to wait a couple of minutes. Nevertheless, if your BlueLink continues to not work with your device after reconnecting it, there may be another reason for your issues.

Force Restart Device

Force Restart Device

If your device does not connect to your Hyundai car’s BlueLink via Bluetooth, a force restart may also resolve the problem. By doing this, you will be taking it a step further than normal, restarting your device since it is a force reboot.

Depending on your device, how you access BlueLink will vary. It will be easy to find how to force restart your device if you search using your device’s model and force restart.

After a force restart, your device will automatically restart once it has been reset. It will be necessary to unlock your device once it has been powered back on before you can use BlueLink again.

Use an alternative music app

Your Hyundai car Bluetooth may not work because of a problem with your app. There are so many apps today that stream music that trying another app might be the best option for you. It is, however, a time-consuming solution.

It’s likely that you pay a fee for the music streaming app you use, and it’s most likely your preference. It is essential to try a different app, even if you do not use your favorite one if you want to listen to music with your BlueLink.

The most popular streaming song apps include Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud, Pandora, iHeartRadio, Tidal, and others. If you are using a different app than the one you were previously using, download it.

Some of these apps offer a free version, but you can also purchase an upgraded version. Depending on your needs, you can use either the free version with an account or upgrade to the paid version.

BlueLink issues are temporary, and you will be able to use your preferred app again, so stick with the free service. Otherwise, you can choose another app you want.


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