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How to Get Zoologist NPC – Terraria Zoologist Unlock Guide


Terraria’s Journey’s End update, also known as Terraria 1.4, added a new NPC called the Zoologist. So, now the Zoologist has a variety of new items players can purchase from her.

But, the fans will have to wait for her to spawn before they can browse her wares. And, that will require two specific criteria to be met. Here’s how to get a zoologist NPC.

How to Get Zoologist NPC - Terraria Zoologist Unlock Guide

How to Get Zoologist NPC

Along with Journey mode powers, the Zenith Sword, and the Bestiary, Zoologist is a brand new addition to the game.

And, a Bestiary contains information on all the enemies and NPCs you encounter during the game. Terraria opens a new page when you encounter something or someone new. It allows you to discover new aspects of whatever you’ve encountered.

And, this book unlocks the Zoologist only if you have this book.

There are 52 entries in the Bestiary, so you need to complete 10% of them. And, NPC conversations and defeating a variety of enemies will give you entries.

Next, you will need to find a house for Zoologist. You will be able to interact with the Zoologist once you unlock 10% of the Bestiary. Now, in Terraria, you can talk to him to receive pets, kites, minecarts, and more.

Final Words

Last but not least, Terraria 1.4’s Zoologist’s favorite biome is Forest, and her favorite neighbors are Golfers and Witch Doctors. In contrast, she also dislikes Deserts.

And, she also prefers to keep her distance from Anglers and Arms Dealers. Zoologists’ happiness is impacted by these details, so knowing them is helpful. It is ultimately up to her whether or not she will sell Forest Pylons. Fans should simply set up an empty house if they want to host the Zoologist. Then they should start filling their Bestiaries.

And, it is possible to accomplish this objective with any critter, but players that wish to add the new bosses in Terraria 1.4 to their Beast Book may want to tackle them.


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