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How to Get a Map in Satisfactory and Reveal Map


Key Takeaways
  • Satisfactory is a popular factory simulation game where beginners have to explore without a map initially.
  • To get a map, players need to unlock the Molecular Analysis Machine by completing a field research challenge.
  • The map, once unlocked, helps players navigate the game world and locate various resources and structures efficiently.

Satisfactory is a first-person 3D open-world factory simulation game launched in 2019. Since its release, it has gained immense popularity because of its quality gameplay experience.

As a beginner, the game lets you explore the world and find resources; thus, it doesn’t provide you with a map. But you’ll surely get that after the game progresses a bit more.

The map is an important part of all the games for easily navigating the in-game world. So, you should have a Satisfactory map too.

If you don’t know how to get a map in Satisfactory, don’t worry, I’ll guide you through the entire procedure and help you unlock the map in the game.

How to Get a Map in Satisfactory and Reveal Map

How to Get a Map in Satisfactory?

The map makes things easier and more pleasant for the users in the game, as it’s one of the most useful additions to the game.

Using the map, you’ll know that the total area in the game is about 5.4KM x 5.4KM and it takes approximately 45 minutes, depending on the transportation mode you use to go from one end to another.

It also helps you explore different places in the game and set up bases. You’ll notice no map available when you first start playing the game. But you can get the map after researching in Molecular Analysis Machine.

For this, you need to unlock the machine first by completing the field research challenge you get in tier 1 in the game.

Molecular Analysis Machine (M.A.M) is helpful for the users as it provides better research items as you progress in the game. Though, it all depends on the resources you have in your account currently. You can search for different quarts with the resource scanner after you complete tier 2 successfully.

After you have the necessary resources, you can start the chain and research in the Quartz tree and later collect the nodes and mineable deposits. You can kick off the chain by placing a regular miner on the deposits and collecting the quarts. You’ll need 10 crystal oscillators and 10 beacons to complete the research chain.

The map is the 5th item you’ll unlock in the research chain.

How Does The Satisfactory Map Work?

Once you have unlocked the map, it’s time to use it properly. The process is straightforward; you need to press “Z” to view the map and easily view the reasons you explored.

It also has some other characteristics, and it shows you the following things:

  • Current Position.
  • Dropped Crates.
  • Hub Locations.
  • Vehicles Locations.
  • Power slugs.
  • Creatures.
  • Resource nodes.
  • Resource Wells.
  • MAM.
  • Pioneer.
  • Death Crates.
  • Truck Stations.
  • Train Stations.
  • Radar Towers
  • Drone Ports.

You’ll get information on resource nodes and wells permanently and not for just 25 seconds after scanning.

It provides additional information about the game’s radar towers within your range.

Although the power slugs, some sloops, Mercer Spheres, and Crash Sites’ total amount is displayed properly, it doesn’t show the locations.

You should know that the map doesn’t show a few things, and those are as follows:

  • Poison Gas.
  • Cracked boulders.
  • Accurate location of power slugs, some sloops, Mercer Spheres, Crash Sites, etc.
  • Resource Deposit.

How To Use The Satisfactory Map Properly?

Now you know the procedure to get the map in satisfactory, but you should know to use that properly.

It offers some cool features that’ll help you ease your gameplay.

Markers & Stamps

You can easily placemarks and stamps on the map to help locate various elements.

Markers provide personalized names, sizes, and icons for objects such as homes, vehicles, water, etc.; for example, the water is marked as blue.

You can place the stamps by pressing the alt button and marking using your mouse; you don’t need to open the map.


You also get a filter option in the map that helps you change icons for different items and you can configure it for both the map and the compass.

If you aim at any location, you’ll see the X & Y coordinates, and you can insert that to point to any particular location.

Players Structures

The map also shows the basic details of factory plans or any other buildings placed by other players.

You’ll be able to view the factory plan by uploading the saved files to the map.


Is there only 1 map in Satisfactory?

Yes, Satisfactory has only 1 map, but you’ll get various biomes in that single world.

What is the best starting map in Satisfactory?

People normally pick the grass field as the starting point because it’s probably the most beautiful place in the game.

How big is the Satisfactory map?

The Satisfactory map is very big to explore; its area is over 5.4KM2.


This was the process to get a map in the Satisfactory game. So, follow the steps and get that in your account to make the gameplay easier. If you still have queries, drop them in the comments below.


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