Samsung TVs have been the flag bearer of the company for a long time. However, these excellent TVs have their own quirks. As it turns out, many users have been recently facing a peculiar issue as they say the Samsung TV screen is dark on one side. Well, this is really peculiar. A TV is meant to be watched by the entire family, and with one side dark, it is of no use. Nevertheless, if you are suffering from the same issue, here’s a guide to help you.

What Causes Samsung TV Half Screen Darker From One Side?

How to Fix Samsung TV Half Screen Dark on One Side

Samsung TV dark on one side can be caused due to multiple reasons. The first being that your TV was incorrectly turned off, like the electricity went off, or you pulled the plug forcefully. If this is the case, your need to take your TV to the service station because the TFT might be destroyed or IC is fried.

If some kid played with the remote, it is possible that the settings have been tweaked and nothing serious has happened, so you can reset the settings and get it back running. And the last reason is that some external device is causing issues, as seen in the case of Hisense TVs. Well, whatever the reason, here’s a complete list of fixes that will get your TV back up and running.

How to Fix Samsung TV Dark on one Side Screen 2023

Here are some of the potential fixes that will resolve your Samsung TV’s dark on-one-side issue. We recommend that you go through all the fixes because that way, you can figure out whether you need to go visit the service center or not.

Restart Your TV

One of the easiest fixes to resolve the Samsung TV screen dark on one side is to restart it. But this restart is not a regular one. Turn off your TV, remove the power socket and wait for 5 minutes until you turn it back on.

Keeping it disconnected for 5 minutes will ensure that there residual power is removed and your TV is back up and running. If this didn’t help, follow up with the next fix.

Check External Connections

Fix Samsung TV Screen Dark On One Side

If you are using your TV with a help of a wired connection, disconnect it and connect it back. If you are using an HDMI cable from your computer, check whether the cable is fine by using it somewhere else.

Disconnect your Set-Top box (If using one) and then turn on your TV to check whether the issue persists. You can also remove every additional component and run it free to check. If the issue is still there, move to the next fix.

Use the Remote

If the above fixes haven’t helped, it is possible that the issue is caused by the remote. To troubleshoot your remote, remove the batteries from your remote and press the power button for 1 minute. Now put the batteries back, turn on the TV and check whether the half side is still dark or not.

Reset Your TV

You are already facing dark on one side of your TV, but if you can see something on your TV, it is worth giving resetting a shot. Resetting will fix your issues depending of what has happened, as it will restore your TV to factory condition. Follow these steps to reset your TV.

  1. Using your remote, open Settings.
  2. While you are in General, scroll down and go to Reset.
  3. It will ask you for your PIN. If you haven’t changed your PIN, the default PIN is 0000.
  4. Once you click Reset, your TV will take a few minutes and restart.
  5. In case your TV is purchased before 2018, go to Settings>Support>Self Diagnosis.
  6. This process is similar to resetting and will also take a few minutes.

When the process is complete, your TV should be working fine. If not, your LCD or TFT is destroyed, and you need to take it to the Samsung service station.

The Bottom Line

Well, that’s all we have here about how you can fix the Samsung TV screen dark on one side issue. We hope this guide has helped you. Suppose the above solutions don’t help you and you need to go to a Service Center. In that case, we recommend that you repair your TV at an authorized dealer and not anywhere else because that way, you will get an additional warranty on the replaced item.



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