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How to Convert YouTube to MP3 on Android/PC


We all know those times when we want to listen to music on the go. However, what to do when you do not have a wifi connection? In that case, you can pre-download Youtube Videos into MP3 Files and keep them stored in your device’s storage.

So, by using simple tools, you can now watch YouTube videos offline, such as music, interviews, and other videos. Here are simple methods for converting YouTube videos to MP on Android/PC.

How to Convert YouTube to MP3 on Android/PC

Convert YouTube to MP3 on Android/PC

It is possible to accomplish this in many different ways. But, to get started, you will need a converter that is compatible and functional that is compatible with your device. There are converters that work with different kinds of operating systems. But, there are bound to be a few that aren’t reliable when you search online for them.

In fact, you may be at risk of losing your personal information if you do so. There are also a lot of scams online, so you need a converter that offers an easy-to-use service that’s also effective. Fortunately, Android is pretty easy to use in this process. In addition, you have a variety of options to choose from. So you won’t have to rely on one source for everything.

You might find it a little confusing if you’ve never used a converter before. Nevertheless, plenty of Android & PC converters make it seamless.

Keep in mind that not all converters work the same way. The audio quality of some may be better than that of others. Now, let’s find out how to convert YouTube to MP3 on Android and PC below.

Convert YouTube to MP3 on Android

Firstly, remember that it is against YouTube’s terms of service to download and convert videos without permission.

So, it is recommended to check whether YouTube downloads are allowed for films, songs, or podcasts. And, in the case of commercial reuse of these videos, citing their source is also a good idea.


YouTube to MP3 converters come and go all the time, so it’s always a good idea to have some backup options.

It is a good idea to have VidMate on hand. There are many people who are fond of it.

It is easily compatible with Android devices. Various video-sharing apps, including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and others, allow you to generate MP3 files from videos.

The application is free and can be used at your discretion. And, the user interface is pretty simple, making it easy to navigate.

It is free, but you can upgrade to the premium version for a seamless experience without ads. And, the success rate is excellent, so most users are happy with it.

This is a YouTube video downloader that supports a wide range of file formats, including MP3. Each and every download is claimed to be fast by the company.

Getting started with VidMate is pretty simple since you don’t need to create an account.

And, in order to avoid any roadblocks, they also provide plenty of instructions on how to convert YouTube to MP3 on Android.


It’s a great place to start if you are looking for a reliable converter that consistently produces good results.

YouTube videos can be downloaded in audio format as well. In addition, you can generate MP3s from more than 1,000 websites.

And, despite being able to download MP3 files, this service offers much more.

The program also supports HD/4K video downloads, SD card saving, batch downloading, and a wide variety of file formats.

Their Android app is free to download. You can get started right away with their instructions.

In the app itself, you can manage every step of the download process once the app is registered and updated.

A YouTube video link is all it requires, and the app takes care of the rest. It is completely free to download their app. And, along the way, you won’t encounter any hidden fees.

iTubeGo is popular in part because of this. Its user-friendly app makes it stand out from similar services.

There’s a lot of information on the FAQ page about their app if you have any questions. In addition to learning how to use their services, they also have many tutorials.

The company makes it pretty simple to contact them if you have any questions. So, throughout the process, you’re covered.


No matter how simplistic their services may be, this company takes a professional approach.

Whether you’re looking for YouTube to MP3 converter for Android or YouTube to MP3 converter for PC, Videoder has you covered.

Their app has been downloaded over 40 million times. Additionally, you’ll be able to download MP3 files from more than 50 other websites.

The application is extremely intuitive and modern-looking, performing smoothly and consistently.

And, there is also a possibility that you are looking for high-quality MP3s. They do offer a few features in their Android application, however.

Also included are high-quality YouTube videos, ad blocking, and a YouTube playlist downloader for bulk downloads.

There is no charge for Videoder’s services. And, to get started, you will need to download an APK file like many other Android conversion services.

With the Android application, you can convert all your videos within the app once it is up and running.

The ‘Unknown Sources’ section in your Android settings can be used to grant the app access if your phone rejects it because it’s not from the official Play Store.


With Snaptube, you can easily and quickly download MP3 files from YouTube videos using a free Android app.

Known for their easy-to-use services and transparent platform, they have gained a reputation for themselves.

Moreover, they offer a variety of APK versions. So, in this way, you can select the one that is best suited to your Android OS.

The process of downloading MP3 files is as simple as five steps. All users have to do is install the APK and copy the URL of the YouTube video they want to convert.

In the Snaptube app, paste the URL. Then, select the format you would like. And, you’re good to go now.

It is completely free to use their service. They don’t seem to be planning to charge anytime soon.

In addition, they are pretty consistent with updates for new Android OS updates to ensure flexibility and adaptability.

Snaptube seems to be very responsive to their community, even though they aren’t making any money. And, this is a good thing to see.

Since Snaptube has been in operation for years, it appears that they’re here to stay.


There is an Android app and a web-based conversion platform offered by this company. You can not only download MP3 files from YouTube videos, but also from more than 100 other websites.

They have a relatively simple website. An application link and a FAQ answer to some of the most frequently asked questions are provided.

Choosing Snappea is a great choice if you don’t want to jump through too many hoops. The quality of their services is consistent.

There seems to be very little downtime for updating their website, and it is always available.

Moreover, they do not require users to register. Additionally, you won’t have to pay for their services.

Their application doesn’t have any paywalls either. As a result, it is one of the most efficient converters available today and is easy to use.

Convert YouTube to MP3 on a PC

It is possible to download videos from YouTube using a YouTube to MP3 converter. You can save the audio in the following formats: mp3, wav, m4a. You can also listen to them offline whenever you want.

Software converters are preferred over online tools because they process files faster. In addition, it is capable of converting multiple tasks simultaneously.


YouTube audio files can be easily downloaded using 320YTmp3’s YouTube converter. Here’s how 320YTmp3 can help you convert YouTube videos to mp3.

1. Go to 320YTmp3’s website. To convert a video or song to mp3, copy and paste the Youtube URL. Then, click on “Search“.

2. Your screen will now automatically display MP3 download options. And, the download speed can be selected by clicking on the dropdown menu.

High download speeds are possible if your wifi connection is good. Keep your speed at 64 kbps otherwise. Then, click “Convert” after selecting your download speed.

3. The conversion to MP3 may take some time, depending on the video’s size.

You can download the converted video by clicking on the “Download” button once it has been converted. And your video will be saved.

4. Choose the “Audio” tab if you want to save your video in another audio format, such as webm or m4a.

And you can then download your preferred format by clicking the “Download” button.

With this YouTube mp3 converter, you can download your favorite music and listen to it offline.


It is a good idea to use Myconverters.com to convert your YouTube videos to Mp3, especially if you intend to use them for a long time.

You can download your YouTube podcasts and music videos as MP3 files and listen to them offline.

The following instructions will guide you through the process of converting YouTube videos to MP3s using Myconverters.

1. You can find MyConverters.com there. In the box, paste the Youtube URL for the song or video you wish to download as an mp3. Click on “Convert”.

2. The Audio tab is where you can download only audio. Simply click “Download” to begin.

Please keep in mind that your download may take some time, depending on your file size and your internet connection speed.

3. A pop-up notification will appear once the download is complete. And save the file by clicking the “Download” button.

As well as downloading audio from YouTube, this free converter allows users to download audio from Facebook, Vimeo, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Soundcloud, and other websites.


Its simple interface makes YTMp3 one of the easiest-to-use online mp3 converters. This MP3 converter allows you to convert 90-minute videos for free.

YouTube videos can be converted to mp3 with YTMp3.

1. Visit YTMp3. Below the blue bar, select Mp3. And you can convert YouTube videos to MP3 by copying and pasting their URLs. Click “Convert” now.

2. The converted mp3 file can be downloaded by clicking the “Download” button.

Final Words

You can now convert your YouTube videos to mp3 using these simple methods. Lastly, convert your favorite tracks and podcasts into MP3 files so that you can play them offline.


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