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How to Convert YouTube Videos to WAV


Key Takeaways
  • YouTube offers various categories of videos, including music videos from top companies like T-Series. Converting YouTube videos to WAV allows for better audio quality.
  • Online converters like Ontiva.com and Docspal provide free services to convert YouTube videos to WAV, as well as other formats.
  • Mobile apps like Freemake Video Downloader and desktop tools like KeepVid Pro offer convenient methods to convert YouTube videos to WAV, ensuring easy access to high-quality audio files.

YouTube is one media streaming website where you will find numerous categories of videos. Some of the categories are movies, video songs, tutorials, etc. One of the most useful categories is music videos. Many leading music companies such as T-Series, Zee Music Company, have their YouTube account where they upload their latest music videos for the people. So in this article, we have discussed all, youtube to Wav converter and youtube to MP3 converter.

How To Convert YouTube videos to WAV, MP4, AVI Online
How To Convert YouTube Videos to WAV, MP4, AVI

Convert YouTube to WAV & MP3: However, downloading these videos from YouTube is not possible. You can save some videos to watch offline but, you cannot share them with your friends or pay them using any other media player. You need to download them in order to share them with your friends and pay them using your favorite media player.

Thus, we have provided you with different methods using which you can convert YouTube videos to WAV. WAV is an audio format whose full form is Waveform Audio File Format. This audio format was developed by Microsoft and IBM, which has much better audio quality than mp3 format. So let’s get started with the different methods to convert YouTube videos to WAV.

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How to Convert YouTube to WAV 

#1 Using an online converter

Convert YouTube to WAV, MP4, AVI Online 2018
Convert YouTube to WAV, MP4, AVI Online

In this method, you do not need to download any software on your device. It is advisable for those people who do not need to convert YouTube videos to WAV very frequently. For frequent conversions, try the methods listed after this method.

1. Ontiva.com: This is one website that you can use to convert YouTube videos to WAV. You need to paste the link of the YouTube video on this website and click on covert. Then, you can download the converted file from the link provided. Using this website to convert videos is entirely free of cost. It is not only restricted to WAV files and you can convert youtube to MP3 converter in many other formats such as WMV, MVK, AVI, FLV, and MP3.

2. Docspal: This is another website where you can convert YouTube videos on WAV but, it does not support all the other formats. Some of the supported formats are JPEG, AAC, WMA, and AC3. Also, it is free to use and can also convert e-books and documents.

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#2 Using an app to convert YouTube videos to WAV file

For converting the YouTube videos into WAV, one can also use an app whose name is ‘Freemake Video Downloader.’ This app is available for Android as well as iOS devices. To use this app, follow the steps listed below:

Step 1- Download and install Freemake Video Downloader on your smartphone.

Step 2- Copy the video URL you wish to convert from YouTube and paste it into this app.

Step 3- Now, select WAV as the format in which you want to convert the video and click on ‘Convert’ to begin to process.

Your YouTube video will be successfully converted to WAV format and you can save it in your smartphone.

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#3 Desktop Methods: youtube to WAV converter

The above methods used online tools and smartphone apps to convert YouTube videos to WAV. In this method, we will be discussing the desktop methods for converting a YouTube video to WAV.

However, it is not free of cost and will prove to be a reliable method. KeepVid Pro is an application that can convert YouTube videos to WAV format on a desktop easily. It costs around $20 for a yearly subscription to this application.

The cost might change with time. You can also buy a lifetime membership by paying a sum of $30. This application is available for Mac as well as Windows PC/laptop.

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Final Words:

These were three of the methods using which you can successfully convert your YouTube videos to . WAV format. If you have any queries regarding the methods or the steps, please let us know in the comments section below. Youtube To WAV Converter 

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