A vinyl record is a flat disc that stores music and sound to play in a gramophone. It was the primary medium to listen to music in the 20th century. But the way has changed a lot over the years and become easier. However, some people still listen to the gramophone.

So, cleaning and removing the dust and debris from it becomes necessary. But, if you don’t follow the right path, the record might get damaged. So, keep reading the article to know how to clean vinyl records correctly.  

How to Clean Vinyl Records The Right Way: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Clean Vinyl Records 2023: A Step-by-Step Guide

There’ll be two ways to clean vinyl records, one is to remove the little dust, and another is to deep clean. Both are different and need to use different accessories for that. But you shouldn’t worry about that, as I have shared the method below and explained it in simple words so that you can easily understand that.

Clean Minor Dust 

How to Clean Vinyl Records the Right Way: A Step-by-Step Guide

To clean minor dust in your vinyl record, you can use many different accessories such as canned air, microfibre cloth, carbon fiber brush, record cleaning arm, static gun, sticky roller, etc.

Before you use any of them to clean your vinyl record, place the record on the turntable, as it’ll securely hold the record throughout the cleaning process and ensure you apply minimal force to avoid any external damage.

Removing the dust from the vinyl records using canned air is easy; all you need to do is hold it a little bit away so that the air doesn’t put much force on them. Sometimes you may also see water coming out of the can, so use a dry and soft cloth to clean it.

The microfibre cloth is also a great way to clean the vinyl record easily. You can purchase the cloth from any general store and softly rub it on the record to easily clean all the minor dust.

Cleaning Vinyl Record With Micro Fibre Cloth

The carbon fiber brush is only used to clean vinyl records; you can purchase it from any nearby music store. You just need to hold it gently on the record and start moving it slowly; it’ll surely help you clean all the dust from the record.

The record cleaning arm is another great tool that you can use to clean the vinyl record. It gently applies the brush on the record and cleans the dust as it rotates.

A static gun is a tool that removes static electricity from the surface so that it doesn’t attract dust. The same thing goes with vinyl records. You need to hold the gun in the right direction and aim it directly at them to neutralize the electricity.

Sticky rollers are available online and offline in music stores and can be found to be a great way to clean the record easily. You just need to roll it over the record and ensure no dirt is left on it. Later, you can clean the roller with water.

Deep Clean Vinyl Records

How to Clean Vinyl Records the Right Way: A Step-by-Step Guide

Apart from these soft cleaning methods, you can use the deep cleaning technique to get better results. But you need to be more careful as the damage chances also increase.

For this, you need to make a cleaning solution first but don’t worry, that’s easy. In a bowl, take ¾ cup water(prefer distilled water to avoid impurities), ¼ isopropyl alcohol, and 5 to 10 drops of detergent or dishwasher liquid.

If you can’t make this solution, buying a packaged solution from nearby stores will be better. But, before buying it, ensure it has all the elements mentioned above for better cleaning, and you should avoid using hard soap or anything you use to clean other products.

Now, place your Vinyl Record on a soft and dry cloth, keeping it on the turntable if you don’t want to clean it.

Then, gently apply the solution over the record and be smooth in the whole process. Use it on the whole part except the record part, as it might get damaged.

Now, use another soft cloth, clean the liquid, and keep it untouched for some time before using it.

Few Tips To Protect Your Vinyl Record

Here are a few tips you should know so that you can protect the vinyl record in a better way:

  • Always keep the record dry and away from water or other liquid.
  • When you need to touch it, hold it gently so it doesn’t get scratched.
  • When you’re not using the record, keep it inside the archival sleeves.
  • You should avoid keeping it horizontally and keep it vertically.


So, these methods are the best way to clean vinyl records easily. Hopefully, you have understood each easily and successfully removed the dust and debris from it. If you still have anything to know, drop your queries in the comments below.


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