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How to Add Miis to the Yuzu Emulator in Mario Kart 8


Key Takeaways
  • Yuzu emulator allows gamers to play Switch games on PCs with custom Miis for a personalized experience
  • Prerequisites for adding Miis include Yuzu emulator, Nintendo Switch NAND, Mii data files, and a powerful computer
  • Steps to add Miis involve downloading and extracting firmware and production key files, and pasting them in specific folders in the Yuzu emulator.

With emulators, we can play video games like never before. Using these programs, you can play games from a variety of platforms on your computer, providing a nostalgic experience or a chance to find titles you missed. It is a powerful emulator that allows gamers to play their favorite Switch games on their PCs using open-source software called Yuzu.

Its Mii characters and customizable avatars that add a personal touch to gaming are some of the most exciting features of the Nintendo Switch. Here, we’ll show you how to add Miis to the Yuzu emulator, enhancing your gaming experience even further.

What is Miis?

How to Add Miis to the Yuzu Emulator

By introducing Miis, Nintendo created and introduced digital avatars or characters. With the unveiling of the Nintendo Wii gaming console, Nintendo introduced customizable avatars that have since become an integral part of the company’s gaming ecosystem. In Nintendo games and applications, Miis allows players to represent themselves, providing a personalized and unique gaming experience.

Prerequisites Before Adding Miis to the Yuzu Emulator:

It is important to have the following before you can add Miis to the Yuzu emulator:

  1. Yuzu Emulator: With regards to your computer, you need to have the Yuzu emulator installed. The official Yuzu website has the latest version available for download.
  2. Nintendo Switch NAND: Miis can be added legally to Yuzu by using a copy of your Nintendo Switch NAND (Internal Flash Memory). There are several steps involved in extracting the NAND, and this guide does not cover them all. To ensure that you remain within the bounds of copyright laws, it’s vital that you obtain your NAND legally.
  3. Mii Data Files: As part of your Nintendo Switch’s NAND, you’ll need Mii data files. To add Mii characters to Yuzu, you need to download these files.
  4. Computer: In order to run Yuzu effectively and play the games smoothly, you will need a computer that is reasonably powerful.

Steps to Add Miis to the Yuzu Emulator in Mario Kart 8 

The Yuzu emulator is ready to be used with Miis now that all the prerequisites are met:

  • The first step is to launch your Yuzu emulator.
  • On the File tab, select “Open Yuzu folder” once it is launched.How to Add Miis to the Yuzu Emulator
  • It will open the folder in which Yuzu is installed.
  • To access the systems folder, go to the and folder. You can now open the registered folder by double-clicking on the contents folder.
  • Here are all the files you need to delete.How to Add Miis to the Yuzu Emulator
  • To install Yuzu, reopen the emulator and follow the same steps.
  • Make sure all the files that you have copied on your desktop are replaced.
  • There are two files you need to download: Firmware and Production key.
  • Here is the link to download the Firmware: Download Firmware
  • To download the production key: Use the Prod key
  • Go to nand > system > contents > registered in the Yuzu folder once both files have been downloaded.
  • Take a copy of the Firmware you just downloaded and paste it here.
  • Zip files need to be extracted within the registered folder because they are compressed. Right-click on the Firmware file and select “Extract Here .How to Add Miis to the Yuzu Emulator
  • You can now delete the zip file.
  • Go back to Yuzu’s folder and select the “Keys” folder.How to Add Miis to the Yuzu Emulator
  • After downloading the Prod file, go to its location.How to Add Miis to the Yuzu Emulator
  • To extract the files, right-click on them and choose “Extract Here.”
  • Copy the Prod file from the extracted folder.
  • Copy this file and paste it into the Keys folder. (It is important to follow the same procedure for the prod key as well as the firmware).
  • After you have finished, close the emulator and reopen it.

What Are The Benefits of Miis?

  1. Customization: It is possible to create Miis that resemble the player, their real-life friends, family members, or characters from fiction. A Mii can be customized in terms of facial features, hairstyles, clothes, and accessories.
  2. Versatility: Nintendo Miis are designed to work on a variety of platforms and games. Some of these games and applications can be found on consoles like Nintendo Wii, Nintendo 3DS, and Nintendo Switch, as well as mobile devices.
  3. Social Interaction: Nintendo games are more enjoyable when you interact with your Miis. Mii parades and competitions are among the activities available to players, including sharing Miis, playing multiplayer games, and using Miis in multiplayer games.
  4. Integration: Micros are often playable characters or non-playable characters in various Nintendo games, or they may participate in in-game events as players.
  5. Personality Traits: Several games allow players to assign personality traits to their Miis. Character interactions and behavior can differ based on what these traits are assigned.
  6. Mii Plaza: Players can visit Mii Plaza on some Nintendo platforms to meet other Miis, participate in mini-games, and collect puzzle pieces to unlock new features.

Is it legal to add Miis to the Yuzu Emulator?

Yuzu Emulator generally serves as a legal method for adding Miis that have been legally obtained from your Nintendo Switch NAND. Nevertheless, it is important to stick to copyright and licensing laws, as well as not using pirated or unauthorized data.

Is it possible to use Miis in any Nintendo Switch game on Yuzu?

There are some Nintendo Switch games that do not support Miis. If you want to use Miis with your games, you will need to check out the compatibility list on the Yuzu website.

What should I do if I encounter issues with Miis not appearing correctly in Yuzu?

In Yuzu, if you find that Miis does not work properly, check the compatibility of the game you’re playing and make sure you added them correctly. If you need help troubleshooting a Yuzu app, you can also use Yuzu’s official forums or communities.

Are there any risks involved in adding Miis to Yuzu?

It isn’t usually risky to add Miis to Yuzu itself, provided that it is done responsibly and legally. Nevertheless, you should proceed with caution when tampering with your Nintendo Switch’s NAND since you may void its warranty and risk legal consequences.

What will happen if I don’t have my Nintendo Switch’s NAND? Is it still possible to add Miis to Yuzu?

Generally, in order to add Miis legally to Yuzu, you need the NAND of your Nintendo Switch. If you attempt to do so without legal access to the NAND, you may violate copyright laws.

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