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Google Quantum Computers and Classical Computers Difference?


In Short Hacks: Recently, Google has announced that it attains quantum supremacy. You may read about quantum supremacy in recent times but don’t have a clear idea about it? Don’t Worry! We made it super clear to understand Google Quantum Computer and how it is different from classical computers.

Google Quantum Computers and Classical Computers Difference?
Google Quantum Computers | itechhacks

 If you are one of this person who doesn’t know about what is quantum supremacy and how Google’s quantum computer differ from other classical computers? All you need is this one article. In this article, we tried our best to explain all these jargon concepts in a simple way. So, do read this article completely for better understanding. 

What are Quantum Computers?

So what is a quantum computer? 🙄 This is the first question most of you have in your mind. Isn’t it?

Let me clear that first. To understand how the quantum computer works, just think about how all of our classical computers work? Our laptops, PC, Smartphones and also many supercomputers of this generation fall under this classic computer category.

They don’t know anything but 0’s and 1’s – Using some information which is encoded by zeros and ones, our classical computers can do all the arithmetic and other operations. Using this Alan Turing’s techniqueWiki we can do millions of calculations per second which is enough for our day to day use.

Google Quantum Computers and Classical Computers Difference?

But there are many scientific calculations and problems which is highly impossible to solve using classical computers. The solutions to these problems cannot be easily determined by using classical computers or by using our supercomputers.

But recently Google has announced that they find a solution for a problem that is considered to be impossible to solve within a whopping 200 seconds.

Do you know how much time it takes to solve this same problem using our latest supercomputers? Let us know in the comment section before reading the answer. 

It takes a minimum of 10,000 years to solve the same problem using our latest supercomputer. You read that correctly, it is 10,000 years of computation, not 10,000 seconds or hours.

Google Quantum Computers and Classical Computers Difference?
Processing on Quantum

That is why the problem is considered to be impossible to solve. This computation capacity is called quantum supremacy.

Now, you have many questions in your mind. We will explain how Google achieve this much amount of computation power and all other sorts of things below. So, yeah let us look into deep about quantum computers by google from which they achieved quantum supremacy. 

First of all, let us look at how quantum computers work.

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How Quantum Computers Works?

Like classical computers, quantum computers have 0’s and 1’s state and an extra state called superposition state. These states help quantum computers to process instantly better than any other classical computers. Also, they have Qubits which also helps to carry some information that results in increased processing power. Have you guys ever studied LOGIC GATES in your academics? More precisely, AND, NOR, NOT, NAND, EXNOR, etc. I’ve studied these basic gates in my school. Anyway, Comment below if you ever read about such terms. Google Quantum Computers and Classical Computers Difference?

Using quantum computing it is possible to brute force millions and millions of combinations of data to obtain a solution. It is highly difficult to create millions and millions of combinations in classical computers. 

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What problem does google take to show off their quantum processing power?

Google shows its quantum computing power by generating a very large list of random numbers and checking their values million times which takes at least 10,000 years to complete if we use any supercomputer. Actually, this problem literally has no use other than show off their processing power to the world. Yes, It is kind of showoff as soon as IBM Announced their concept behind Quantum Supremacy.

Now, Google shows a solution to a problem which doesn’t mean these computation power can be used anywhere to solve any complex problems. It is just a technology that shows calculations can be done other than classical computers by using qubits and other states.

Quantum supremacy power is here, but using this computation capability to all of our complex problems takes years and years of research. 😛 So, using these technologies to solve real-world issues takes some time but the technology is there for us. Also, it is not an overnight process – Google has researched these for more than the past 10 years.

Many people have been told that using this high computation capability, Google can dig through our data more effectively and with very high accuracy. It may sound creepy but it can be done. If that happens there won’t be any privacy for us.

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Watch Google AI Based Quantum Supremacy


So, that’s pretty much it for Google Quantum Computer and how it is different from classical computers article. If you find this article helpful do share this article with all your friends and family which helps us to grow bigger than ever. What’s on your mind about these quantum computers? Let us know in the comment section which is down this post. 🙂

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