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Top 7 Games like Gartic Phone to Play With Your Friends in 2024


Key Takeaways
  • Gartic Phone is a popular browser-based telephone game where friends must draw and guess each other's drawings.
  • Broken PicturePhone, Slither.io, Agar.io, Roblox, Krunker, GeoGuessr, and Skribbl.io are fun games similar to Gartic Phone to play with friends online.
  • These games offer unique gameplay experiences, from drawing and guessing to survival and combat, providing endless entertainment for players in 2024.

Are you looking for games like Gartic Phone to play with your friends? Gartic phone is a popular telephone game that people all around the world are playing. It is a browser-based game where you must first call the person and then text them. The game gets quite interesting, and you and your friends will love playing it. If you are looking for similar games like Gartic Phone, this article is for you.

Games like Gartic Phone to Play With Your Friends in 2024

Here we have compiled a list of some best games, like Gartic phones, to play with friends. 

Broken PicturePhone

Broken Picturephone

This browser-based game can also be played on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. You will have to fill in books of different drawings and phases. You are allowed to draw only one page at a time, and you can view the previous page but not more than that. 

Join a group, or create one of your own. Moderator will give each player a drawing book which you will have to fill with your drawing. It is fun to play with your friends if you are looking for games like Gartic Phone. 



Have you ever played the classic snake game? Well, this one is similar to that. This is a browser-based game with an app for Android and iOS devices. In this game, you will have to slither around like a snake. You will have to eat other snakes and protect yourself from being the end. 

There is no winning in this game; keep eating and stay alive until you reach the top of the leaderboard. You can choose from different game skins. Play with the bots or with friends on the internet. No matter what, you will like playing this game. 



It is also a browser-based game that you can play on Windows, Android, iOS, or macOS. The game is quite similar to Slither.io. You are given a cell that you will have to protect from other players. You must protect yourself from dying and make yourself bigger by eating other players. Stay alive till the end to win the game. The game is fun to play, and you will like playing it if you are looking for a multiplayer game to play with your friends. 



Another good game to play is Roblox. Roblox is unique compared to other games we have listed in this article. You can play the games created by other players or make your own game out of your imagination. Many games are created by people playing the game.

The graphics of the games here are stunning, and you will enjoy every game you play. Not only this much, but you also get to make your own game. 


Games like Gartic Phone to Play With Your Friends in 2022

If you are looking for an action game, Krunker is a good go. You will have to keep yourself safe in the world you are put in. It is a multiplayer game where you must test your combat skills. You can play the game with your friends and family or with random people playing the game. 

You can play the game on your PC as well as on your phone through the browser. There are unlimited mods as well as advanced movements that you will experience throughout the gameplay.



GeoGuessr is another online game you can play with friends and family. This game will show you a location, and you will have to guess what the place is. The game can be played as a single-player or as a multiplayer. You will have to guess the correct answer to win the point. 

The game can be played on Android as well as on iOS. Either visit the website or download the game on your phone. You will have to create an account, and only then will you be able to do so. You will be shown different scenes and locations upon which you will have to guess the correct name of the place. 


Games like Gartic Phone to Play With Your Friends in 2022

Another great game like Gartic Phone is Skribbl.io. It is a great game that you can play. You will be given three options to choose from. You must select one option and draw something from it within 8 seconds. While you are drawing, other players will have to guess the word that was given to you. 

You can either join the room or create one of your own. The room can have up to 12 players. You can also go for private rooms, which will have added features like custom words and custom drawing time. 


These were some of the best games like Gartic Phone that you can consider playing. If you are looking for fun games to play with your friends and family, you will like playing the games we mentioned in this article. There are various other online games you can play with your friends; we have mentioned some really fun games that we could find online.


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