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How to Fix Youtube TV Oversaturation Issue


YouTube TV is a popular streaming television service owned by YouTube itself which is a better alternative to cable TVs, set-top boxes, etc. Since 2017 this online multi-channel video programming distributor service offering a bunch of live TV channels and on-demand content from more than 100 TV networks. However, some unfortunate Youtube TV users are facing the oversaturation issue.

It becomes quite common and frustrating for the affected Youtube TV users due to the interference with the viewing experience and nothing else. This particular issue mostly troubles NBC users. There are a few possible reasons behind the oversaturation issue that might occur on YouTube TV. It looks like the display settings on your device are either set to a higher color depth or color range.

How to Fix Youtube TV Oversaturation Issue

Why is Content Color Oversaturated on Youtube TV?

If the display settings are configured to a higher color depth or color range instead of the recommended/optimal settings, the visual content might get oversaturated. Whereas it also seems that the content gets oversaturated whenever the specific content isn’t available in HDR (High Dynamic Range).

There is another possible reason for oversaturation on YouTube TV which might be the content itself. If the content has been produced with oversaturated colors, you’ll obviously get the oversaturated colors. This kind of scenario mostly happens with animated content or heavily color-graded content in video editing or production.

Another thing we should mention is that the video encoding on Youtube TV might be an additional reason. When videos are encoded, the colors & other visual elements can be compressed as well as optimized for streaming. If the encoding isn’t correctly done, sometimes it can also result in oversaturated colors and other visual distortions.

How to Fix Youtube TV Oversaturation Issue

Are you facing the same kind of oversaturation issue with Youtube TV? If so, you can check this in-depth article to fix the issue. Here we’ve managed to offer a couple of steps for you to resolve the oversaturation problem.

Adjust the Display Settings on Your Device

One of the primary options for you is to adjust the optimal display settings on your device. It also includes the color depth and color range settings. Most devices do have standard display settings or video settings that can be adjusted according to visual preference. If the content is oversaturated, try reducing both the color range and depth.

Try Setting Up a Different Display Resolution

Another thing you should try is setting up a different display resolution instead of the native resolution and even try switching to a different display refresh rate. While some Youtube TV users have started reporting that switching to a slightly lower display resolution or lowering the refresh rate drastically fixed the oversaturation issue. But that’s not a full solution and Youtube should work on this issue asap.

One thing also to be noted is that those who’re looking to take advantage of high-quality content like UHD (Ultra High-Definition) or 4K, might not find this method useful enough.

Set the Recommended TV Settings

You can also try configuring the recommended TV settings manually to ensure there is no conflict with the color saturation, brightness level, contrast, and other visual elements. Most TVs and Smart TVs do have the proper display settings that can be easily tweaked or adjusted according to visual preference. If the settings aren’t configured correctly, you might not be able to get a better visual quality which also results in oversaturation.

Try Using Other Video Players

Make sure to use other video players or streaming services as an alternative. Some Youtube TV users did report that switching to a different streaming service or video player has done the job quite easily. If we take a quick look at the alternatives to Youtube TV such as Netflix, HBO, Disney+, or Hulu then all of these online streaming services also offer a wide range of exclusive and on-demand content.

So, you won’t be too much worried about the specific Youtube TV or its issues like display oversaturation. You can ditch the Youtube TV subscription and then try using other services. It’s also worth mentioning that this method isn’t a permanent solution or not a suitable solution for sure due to the content streaming limitation or something like that. However, you can try preferring this method as a temporary workaround.

Contact Youtube TV Support

Last but not the least, if none of the above steps resolved the oversaturation issue on your Youtube TV then you should contact Youtube TV Support for additional assistance. It’s most likely that the support team will be able to investigate the issue and provide you with some effective troubleshooting methods. If this specific issue has been reported by other users too, the chances are high that Youtube TV will get patch updates soon to fix the problem.

Display oversaturation on YouTube TV can be really frustrating for TV viewers because it’ll definitely ruin the viewing experience to a major extent. But luckily there are some other workarounds available that should come in handy for plenty of users. Although some of them are die-hard fans of Youtube TV and its content, these methods should be used until the problem gets fixed.

If you’ve any other queries or issues with Youtube TV display quality, you can comment below.


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