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How to Fix Search Menu Keeps Opening Randomly in Windows 11


Key Takeaways
  • Search Menu in Windows 11 is a crucial feature for users to search for apps, files, and web searches, but some users are experiencing the frustration of it opening randomly.
  • The issue may be caused by bugs in Windows 11, touchpad problems, or issues with Search Menu files.
  • Solutions include using the Search and Indexing Troubleshooter, disabling gestures on laptops, ejecting external devices, restarting the Search Host Process, and using the System File Checker tool.

Search Menu in Windows has always helped users in searching for apps, files, web searches, and much more. The users find it very useful when looking for any apps or other things on their system. There are a lot of things that you can do with the help of the Search Menu. But what if it keeps opening randomly in Windows 11 on your PC? Will you find it helpful or get frustrated because of it? We know that you will get frustrated because of it.

There are a lot of Windows 11 users who have reported that the Search Menu in Windows 11 opens randomly when they are using the system. Due to the issue, they cannot use their PC as they want to. They are frustrated with the issue, and now they are looking for a guide to solve the problem without any hassle. We will be going to list out the solution through which you will be able to solve the problem on your system, which is running on Windows 11. So, let’s get started with it.

Why does Search Menu keep Opening Randomly in Windows 11?

How to Fix Search Menu Keeps Opening Randomly in Windows 11

Many users facing this have reported that they cannot recognize the cause of the issue, for the Search Menu keeps opening randomly in Windows 11. Some users who have faced the issue and resolved it have shared the reasons why they were facing the issue. So we are going to list those reasons for you. Along with it, we will also be listing some of the common reasons why you might be facing this issue. You can check them below. 

  • There are some bugs in Windows 11.
  • It is occurring due to your Touchpad. 
  • There are some problems with the Search Menu files. 
  • You have not updated your Windows for a long time. 
  • There are some minor bugs with your system. 

Fix Search Menu Keeps Opening Randomly in Windows 11

If you are facing the Search Menu that keeps opening randomly in Windows 11 and are frustrated with the issue, check out the methods listed below to fix the issue.

Use Search and Indexing Troubleshooter 

The users facing the Search Menu opening randomly on their system should try using Search and Indexing Troubleshooter. The Search and Indexing Troubleshooter is provided in Windows 11 by the developer to fix any issue that you are facing with the Search Menu. Many users have used the Search and Indexing Troubleshooter and have fixed the issue. You have to follow some simple ways to use Search and Indexing Troubleshooter on your PC. For the users who don’t know, the Troubleshooter will start scanning for all the problems that might be ongoing with the Search Menu. If there are any issues with it, then the Troubleshooter will fix it automatically. 

  • First of all, press the Windows + X key. 
  • Select Settings from the menu. 
  • In the System Tab, click on Troubleshoot after scrolling down. 
  • Now, select the Other Troubleshooters.
  • Find Search and Indexing and click on Run, which is just after it. 
  • After it, follow the on-screen instruction that is being shown. 
  • Once you are done with the steps, restart the system
  • Check whether the Search Menu is still opening. 

Disable Gestures

The users getting the issue on the laptop should disable the three-finger gestures if they also face the issue. For those who don’t know, the laptops now come with finger gestures through which you will be able to do various things. So, the gestures are likely causing the start of the Search Menu. Thus, we suggest you disable the gestures on your laptop and, after it, check whether the issue is occurring with you on your system or not. You have to follow the steps which are listed below to disable gestures.

  • Open Settings on your system.
  • Click on Bluetooth & devices.
  • Select the radio button and turn off the gestures.

Eject External Devices

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The Search Menu may be opening on the system due to the use of external devices. It can occur to you if your external devices are malfunctioned. We suggest you eject external devices like Mouse, Keyboard, and others. After it, check whether the issue has been resolved or not. If the issue has been resolved, individually plug in the external devices and check whether the system works properly. If you plug in the device and start getting the issue again, you have to remove the last plugged-in external device and get it repaired, as the issue is occurring due to it.

Start The Search Host Process Again

The Search Menu may be facing some issues due to not properly starting its processes on Windows. We suggest you start the search host process again on your Windows and then check whether the issue you are facing is resolved. Many users have tried the same method and were able to fix the problem by this. To start the Search Host Process again on your system, you have to follow the steps listed below.

  • First of all, open the Task Manager.
  • Now, go to the Details Tab.
  • Select the SearchHost process.
  • Right-click on the process and select End Task.

  • After it, confirm the ending of the Task.
  • Once you have done this, wait for some time, as the processes will be started again automatically.
  • You can also restart your system after the last step.

Use System File Checker

You can also use the System File Checker Tool on your Windows to evaluate if there are any issues which are occurring in the system. We expect that the issue that you are facing is occurring due to bugs or some problems with the files of the system. So if there are any issues with the system files, then they will be detected in the System File Checker, and the issue will be resolved easily. You can also follow the steps which are listed below to use the System File Checker.

  • First of all, open the Start Menu.
  • After it, type CMD and open it with the Administrator Authorities.
  • Now, enter the command which is listed below.
SFC /scannow
  • Once the command is executed, then run the below-listed commands one by one.
DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth
DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth
DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth
  • Wait for the process to get completed. Once the process is completed, then restart your system and check whether the issue has been resolved or not.

Restore Your System

The users facing the issue even after trying the above methods, should try restoring the system to the last properly working version. The backups are created on Windows to ensure everything is working fine, and if anything happens with the computer, then the users can easily restore it. So if you have created a backup of the last properly working Windows version, restore your system to that checkpoint.

Perform a Clean Boot

The users who are still getting the issue on their system can also try the clean boot. In the clean boot, the system is started with basic functionalities. So if there are any issues occurring due to the third-party apps or system files, then they will be resolved.

  • Press Windows + R Key to open Run.
  • Type msconfig and press Enter.

  • After it, click on the Selective Startup
  • untick the Load Startup Items.

  • Go to the Services Tab.
  • Select Hide all Microsoft Services and after it, select Disable All.

  • Click on OK.

Wrap Up

A lot of Windows users are encountering the Search Menu opening randomly issue. They were looking for a proper guide to learn about the cause of the issue and how to fix it. In this guide, we have listed the methods that are required to fix the problem on your system. We hope that this guide will help you in resolving the problem.


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