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Fix PayPal Email Confirmation Not Sending or Working Issues


Key Takeaways
  • PayPal requires email confirmation to verify accounts for transactions, but users may face issues with email not sending or working
  • Causes of email confirmation problems include incorrect email address, email in spam folder, filters, technical issues, or outdated browser
  • Solutions to address the issue include checking email address, spam folder, email filters, browser cache, using different devices, and contacting PayPal support if necessary.

PayPal is a widely known and trusted payment system used by millions of people worldwide. It provides a range of services, including online shopping, sending and receiving money, and more. There are times, however, when users have problems with their PayPal accounts, such as the inability to receive an email confirmation. There’s no doubt that this can be a frustrating situation to deal with, but it is not insurmountable. In this article, we will discuss the causes of the PayPal email confirmation not working problem and offer some solutions to resolve it.

What is PayPal Email Confirmation?

It is necessary to confirm your email address when you create a PayPal account. To do this, click the link PayPal sends to your email. When you click the link, your email address is verified, and you can send and receive money using PayPal.

Why is PayPal Email Confirmation Not Sending or Working?

Why is PayPal email confirmation not working?

It is possible that your PayPal email confirmation is not working due to several reasons. Some of the most common causes are:

  1. Incorrect email address: PayPal will not send you a confirmation email if you enter an incorrect email address.
  2. Spam folder: PayPal’s confirmation email can sometimes end up in your spam folder. If you receive an important email from PayPal, make sure you check your spam folder regularly to ensure you don’t miss it.
  3. Email filters: Your PayPal confirmation email might be filtered out and sent to a different folder if you have set up email filters.
  4. Technical issues: PayPal may encounter technical difficulties from time to time, resulting in faulty email confirmations.
  5. Outdated browser: You might have trouble receiving email confirmation if you’re using an outdated browser. Update your browser as soon as possible.

Fix PayPal Email Confirmation Not Working or Sending Problem

Here are a few solutions you can try if your PayPal email confirmation is not working:

Check your email address

Check your email address

Double-check that you have entered the right email address when signing up for PayPal. Make sure you update your email address in your PayPal account settings if you’ve made a mistake.

Check your spam folder

You should check your spam folder if you don’t see the confirmation email in your inbox. Whenever you find an email from PayPal in your junk folder, mark it as not spam so that future emails from PayPal will not be placed there.

Check your email filters

Ensure that PayPal’s confirmation email does not get filtered out if you have set up email filters. Make sure PayPal’s emails are not filtered by adding them to your whitelist.

Use a different browser

You may encounter problems with email confirmation if you are using an outdated browser. You should make sure that you are using the latest version of your browser or that you are using a different browser.

Clear your browser cache and cookies

Technical issues that may be preventing the email confirmation from working can be resolved by clearing the cache and cookies in your browser. In your browser settings, select clear cache and Cookies to clear your cache and cookies.

Disable browser extensions

Disable browser extensions

PayPal’s email confirmation process can sometimes be interfered with by browser extensions. See if disabling your browser extensions fixes the problem.

Try using a different device

Using a new device may help you receive the PayPal confirmation email if you still cannot receive it. By doing so, you can determine if the issue is with your device or PayPal.

Whitelist PayPal’s email address

Adding PayPal’s email address (service@paypal.com) to your email whitelist or approved senders list will ensure that you receive PayPal’s confirmation email.

Check your email storage

Your email inbox may be full if there are no new emails. Ensure that your email account has enough storage space for new emails, and delete any old or unnecessary emails.

Verify your email address with PayPal

Verifying your email address again after signing up for PayPal but not receiving a confirmation email is possible. You can do this by logging into your PayPal account, clicking on the gear icon in the top-right corner, choosing “Account Settings,” and then clicking on “Edit.” Follow the prompts to verify your email address again.Verify your email address with PayPal

Try a Different Email Address

Using a different email address can help you receive the confirmation email if you’ve tried all of the above fixes. Ensure that the new email address is valid and accessible.

Wait and try again

It is possible that the confirmation email will be delayed or will not be sent due to temporary technical issues. Wait a few hours or days if you still can’t get the email after trying all the above fixes.

Contact PayPal support

Contact PayPal support

When all of the above solutions have been exhausted, and you are still unable to receive the confirmation email, you can contact PayPal customer service. You can get assistance from them in troubleshooting the issue.

From Author’s Desk

You can try a few fixes to resolve the PayPal email confirmation not working issue caused by a variety of factors. Do not hesitate to contact PayPal support if you have still not received the confirmation email. So, that’s how to fix the PayPal email confirmation not working problem. We hope that this guide has helped you. Moreover, in case you need further help, comment below and let us know. 


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