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Top 5 Ways to Fix Oculus Controller Not Working (2024)


VR headsets from Oculus allow you to completely immerse yourself in the virtual world. To track your movements, Oculus uses controllers, which you must hold in your hands. When playing games or doing other activities, these controllers track your movements and implement them in the virtual world. Oculus is one of the most well-known businesses in the virtual reality (VR) sector, and its devices are robust and give an immersive VR experience. Even though the devices are robust, you might expect occasional problems. Recently,  Oculus users have claimed that their controllers are not working.

Oculus Controller Not Working Fixed

If you’re having trouble with this, you can follow the instructions in this article to help fix the Oculus controller not working.

Use New Batteries

The very first thing that you should try doing is reinserting the batteries. The Oculus controller uses AA batteries. If the battery life is over, the Oculus controller probably won’t work. You should remove the old batteries and then use new batteries.

Oculus Controller Not Working - How To Fix

To use new batteries, you will first have to remove the old ones. Push down from the top from where you hold the controller. This will open the compartment for the battery. Remove old batteries and insert the new ones. After doing so, try using the Oculus Controller, and it should probably start working. If you still face the issue, move to the next troubleshooting step in this article.

Re-Pair The Controller

You may also face the issue with the Oculus controller because of connectivity issues between the controller and the headset. You should try unpairing the controller and then re-pairing it again. You will need the Oculus app to re-pair the controller. To do so, follow the steps given below-

  • Open the Oculus app on your phone.
  • Select the Controllers option in the app and tap on Unpair to unpair the controllers. You will have to do this for both the controllers individually.
  • Once done, restart the Oculus app.
  • Now, select Controllers and then tap on Pair to pair the controller.

This should most probably fix Oculus controlling not working issues.

Restart The Headset

Oculus Controller Not Working - How To Fix

Another troubleshooting step for you to follow is restarting the Oculus headset. If the Oculus controller is not working properly, then you should try restarting the headset and then check if you still face the issue or not.

Firstly, hold down the power button on the headset to completely turn off the controller. Wait for all the indicators to turn off. Once all the indicators are off, press the power button again to turn on the headset. After doing so, the issue should be fixed, and you should now be able to use your Oculus controller without any problem.

Factory Reset The Oculus

Factory Reset The Oculus

If you still face the issue, you should try factory resetting your Oculus headset. Resetting your Oculus will probably fix the problem if none of the above steps helps you. Try factory resetting your Oculus, and use your device seamlessly.

Contact Oculus Customer Support

If you still encounter the Oculus controller issue, you should try contacting Oculus customer support. You can contact the support team of Oculus by clicking on this link. Contact the team and tell them about the issue you have been facing. They will guide you with the troubleshooting steps and help replace the controller if it is faulty.

Final Words

This is how you can fix the Oculus controller if it is not working. Most probably, you may face issues with the Oculus controller due to technical glitches or hardware issues. If your Oculus controller is not working, follow the steps mentioned in this article, and your issue will be fixed.


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