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How to Fix LG Smart TV WiFi Keeps Turning Off Automatically


There is a problem with LG TV WiFi being turned off that you might have heard about or know about. Or is there a problem connecting the TV to the Internet? To troubleshoot a network issue, the first step is to check its status. If you don’t check the network status, you won’t be able to fix it. The LG TVs offer an excellent user experience that is accessible and efficient.

During a binge-watching session, it can be frustrating if your TV’s WIFI turns off while watching a show. The information in this article will help you resolve this problem on your own.

How To Fix LG Smart TV WiFi Turned Off

How To Fix LG Smart TV WiFi Keeps Turning Off Automatically

The first thing to check if your LG TV WIFI is turned off is whether your WIFI settings are enabled.

Also, make sure you have a strong WIFI signal. You might not be aware that someone turned it off. It is possible that your TV software is not up-to-date if that is not the case. Some TVs can update themselves automatically.

There is also a chance that incompatibility might be your issue if you fall into the second category. Some software bugs can also cause the underlying problem. Moreover, incorrect date, time, and DNS settings can also interfere with the turn-on of LG TV WIFI.

It should be possible to convert the web address name into a web address IP with the help of a DNS server. Otherwise, there might be a problem with the hardware on your LG TV if none of the solutions work.

Try Turning the TV Off/On

There is no hard reset button on modern LG TVs. Here are the steps you need to take if you suspect software problems:

1. Disconnect the TV from the power outlet physically.

2. Allow about two minutes for the process to complete.

3. Reconnect the TV.

Soft resetting or power cycling are other names for this method. Our recommendation is based on its high effectiveness. The TV has been reset. The reason we start with this is that it’s simple and doesn’t require any technical skills.

In addition, software bugs are primarily responsible for this connectivity issue.

Check Your WiFi Settings

It may be possible to fix the problem by turning on your LG TV. And you should also verify that you have entered the correct network name and password to connect to your LG TV if that does not work.

The power switch for your TV and router may need to be turned off for 30 seconds. After that, turn on the power switch again. There is a common issue when it comes to whether your WIFI is turned on or not. So, ensure that it is turned on. And. Check to see if your WiFi network is active.

You can do this by selecting Settings from the Home screen. Go to Network and then scroll down. The left arrow button will take you to the Network menu if it does not appear.

Select the WIFI connection. Among the available networks, select the WIFI network you wish to use. Now, please enter your password. And click Connect.

Restart LG TV

From the comfort of your living room, you can enjoy your favorite shows, movies, and more on smart TVs. But, unlike other smart devices, Smart TVs are prone to software bugs that can be fixed by rebooting. The reset button is no longer found on many modern smart TVs. The following steps will show you how to reboot a smart TV without a reset button.

Here are the steps you need to follow in order to reboot your new LG television:

  1. Plug the power cord into the wall outlet and unplug it. Wait two minutes, and then repeat.
  2. The power cord should be connected to the wall outlet. And wait two minutes, and then repeat.
  3. You can turn on your LG television by pressing the power button on the remote or on the panel. Using the power button on your TV’s side panel is also possible if one is available.

Check your Router

Is your LG TV’s WiFi turned off? There might be a problem with your WiFi router.

  1. The internet connection of your other devices can be checked.
  2. Make sure the WiFi password is correct.
  3. Also, ensure you aren’t using another WiFi frequency that could be causing this issue.
  4. If the TV WiFi connection is still not working, check whether your router is blocking it.

Your WiFi router needs to be restarted. As a result, the network address will be refreshed and, in most cases, the problem will be resolved.

Set DNS Settings

It is also possible to fix the WIFI turned off by setting your DNS. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. You can access the menu by pressing the Menu button. On the TV screen, select Settings.
  2. Then, click on All Settings.
  3. And click on the Network button.
  4. Now, click on the WI-FI connection button.
  5. And click on Advanced WI-FI Settings.
  6. Then, click on Edit.
  7. In the IP address field, enter an IP address from your router’s range. In the Subnet Mask field, enter the router’s network mask.
  8. Now, in the DNS Server field, enter the DNS address.
  9. And please press the Connect button.

There can be problems with DNS servers, just like any other server. The solution is to manually set the DNS location if your DNS is not working and nothing else seems to work.

Free DNS servers and are available from Google.

The same procedure should be followed when using Once you have selected the DNS Server, enter and save the settings.

Change Time and Date Settings

In addition to a generic bug, auto-update issues, and changing the system time, there are several reasons why your LG TV has the wrong date and time.

Here are the steps you need to follow to set your LG TV’s date and time correctly.

The following steps will guide you through changing the time and date on your LG Smart TV:

  1. Go to the Settings page. Then, select General. And select Date & Time from the menu.
  2. If you are connected to the Internet, then select Automatic.
  3. You can select Manual if your LG Smart TV has no Internet connection. Also, make sure the time and date are set correctly.
  4. Then, click the OK button.

Now, you need to set the time and date on your Smart TV accurately. You can find the settings menu on your TV. And make sure to adjust the date to yesterday or today.

Also, make sure the time is correct as well. In addition to the time zone, you can manually set the AM or PM as well.

Change Country Setting

It is sometimes possible to fix the issue by changing the country setting. You can do this by following these steps:

  1. Click on General. Country of LG Services.
  2. The bullet for Set Location Automatically should be unchecked.
  3. And, choose a country other than the one you previously selected.
  4. Then click “Yes

Restart the TV now. You should also confirm that you can connect to the WiFi without any problems.

Factory Reset LG Smart TV

The LG smart TV needs to be factory reset if none of the troubleshooting methods work. Your TV will be reset to factory settings if you do a factory reset. Additionally, it removes any corrupted or wrong data files. And as a result of this process, your device will also be updated with the latest software.

Many problems can be resolved by factory resetting. You can use it if you cannot fix the problem using other methods.

The following steps will guide you through factory resetting your LG television:

You can now manually change your country setting back to the original one. And, make sure that the Set country automatically setting is unchecked.

Resetting your LG TV to factory settings is as easy as following these steps:

1. On your remote control, press the Power button.

2. Then, on the home screen, tap the Settings icon.

3. Now, choose General. And select “Factory Data Reset.

4. Please select Yes. And you can now reset your LG TV by following the instructions on the screen.

Once your LG TV has been factory reset, turn the TV off and on again after a few minutes.

Update the Software

Go to the Settings on your TV to see if any new updates may fix your WiFi problems. Check for updates and install them if they are available.

  1. Select General from the menu.
  2. Please scroll down. Select About this TV from the menu.
  3. Then, make sure that Allow automatic updates are enabled.
  4. Now, to check for updates, click Check for updates.

Install any updates that are found by following the instructions on the screen.

Updates may be available, so install them if you find them.

Final Words | LG TV WiFi Turned Off

These are all the working methods to Fix LG TV WiFi Turned Off. You can try them according to your error and check if the problem still persists.


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