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How to Fix Halo Infinite Achievements Not Unlocking


We have finally arrived at the Halo Infinite campaign. It has been an exciting experience for fans. Fans of the beloved Spartan 117 franchise have been eagerly anticipating the open world and the fantastic one-liners.

After a bit more time in the oven, the game was cooked to perfection. Still, players continue to encounter bugs and issues. A specific bug still needs to be resolved with regard to achievements in Halo Infinite as opposed to in-game activities. And for those hoping to display their gamerscores, they’re starting to get flustered.

In Halo Infinite, the main problem is that some achievements are not unlocked. Here, we will discuss the Halo achievements, not working situation, and any possible fixes we have.

Fix Halo Infinite Achievements Not Unlocking

Players are reported to be experiencing Achievements bugs at random. The Weekly Achievement Task will not register in the BP progression despite the completed tasks. Especially if you are facing the most tedious challenges without any Challenge swaps left, this can get quite frustrating. Read on to find out how to solve it.

Fix Halo Infinite Achievements Not Unlocking

How To Fix Halo Infinite Achievements Not Unlocking

So, if you’re having difficulty completing achievements in Halo Infinite, here are some suggestions to help. You may receive delayed achievement notifications or they may not appear at all. As far as we know, the issue cannot be fixed.

The best thing you can do is to wait. The achievement will appear eventually if you unlock it successfully. We are just not sure when. You could wait for 30 seconds or you could wait for 30 minutes. In either case, it would unlock.

Final Words

This was all about How to Fix Halo Infinite Achievements Not Unlocking? You can easily unlock the achievements if you play Halo Infinite on PC and run the Xbox app simultaneously. This will reveal the achievements instantly.

Xbox consoles have an issue where achievements appear much later. At the moment, it doesn’t seem there’s a way to fix this. To solve the issue with Achievements not unlocking for Halo Infinite, we must wait for a fix by the game developers.


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