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How to Fix Google Chrome STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION Error 2024


The STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION error on Google Chrome is a fairly common browser issue that affects users of stable versions of the application. It can also be seen in other browsers. However, Chrome is the most commonly reported. Because Google Chrome is a demanding browser by default, it performs well on a variety of machines. However, the problem occurs even on machines with 32 GB of RAM, indicating that memory needs are not the cause.

It is essential to understand the error code to identify a solution and understand why it occurs. The STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION problem is the focus of this article. Let’s discuss why it appears and how to avoid it.

How To Fix Google Chrome STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION Error In 2023

What Exactly is a Status Access Violation Error? 

STATUS ACCESS VIOLATION is one of those irritating error messages that might come at any time while browsing on Chrome or Edge. An error occurs when an unspecified program code registers for memory without the necessary approval or authority. We attempt to browse a web page and get this message, indicating that we are unable to access and view the information.

These failures might be extremely frustrating. Sometimes it is a temporary problem that goes away after a few minutes or when the page is updated. However, it can also be persistent and last for a long period without understanding what to do to get rid of it.

This failure specifically creates a blockage on the web page that we are going to view. The content will not be visible to us directly. It should be noticed that it primarily occurs in Google Chrome, which is currently the most popular browser and affects many people. However, it can also be found in other applications, such as Microsoft Edge.

This is not a big issue, and the fixes are simple. Nonetheless, there are multiple causes for this problem, which is why we will suggest a variety of options that you can try in Google Chrome.

Why Does this Problem Appear

When an error of this type occurs, it is essential to fix it, but it is also essential to understand why it occurs. This can help us not only resolve the issue and understand why it occurred but also prevent it from happening again or something similar in the future. We will look at the most common causes of this.

Excess Extensions

One of the primary causes is that we have too many extensions installed in the browser. Today, we may add a variety of add-ons that allow us to obtain various features and functions that are not standard in the application.

However, it should be noted that the software we install, especially when we have too many extensions, may cause conflict. This is what happens whenever the STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION error occurs. Sometimes it appears because we have too many add-ons installed, which causes a conflict.

This usually happens when we have a lot of them installed, but it might happen with just one. If we recently installed a plugin, for example, it could be the cause of the website blocking issue.

Pages Filled with Banners and Plugins

It is also possible that the site we are browsing is loaded with banners, advertising, and other add-ons that they have included. As in the previous case, all of this could lead to a conflict at some point, resulting in this error code.

It is common for this to occur when our browser is unable to resolve all of the content of that site correctly. It commonly shows on overloaded websites. For example, many picture banners, add-ons, or different portions of that website.

Unspecified Program Code

Another thing to remember is that the STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION error may happen if an unspecified software program is registered in memory and if the required authorization is not provided. This would cause another conflict, resulting in failure and prohibiting normal navigation.

This is not the most common cause, but it must be considered. It is best to be aware of the major causes at all times to prevent them from happening again.

General Bugs in the Browser

On the other hand, the browser may contain general problems and errors. For example, the version we’re running isn’t stable (try Google Chrome Canary), or the program has been infected with adware, which might create errors like this.

These problems, which can occur at any time, are usually responsible for blunders like the one described in this article. They may have an impact.

Fix Status_Access_Violation Error on Chrome

We have discussed the main factors behind this problem’s emergence. Now we’ll review the actions we can take to fix this issue. We will demonstrate everything from the most basic to those that will require minor adjustments. The same purpose applies: to avoid the STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION error.

1. Refresh the Page

The most basic and straightforward solution is to refresh the page simply. It’s sometimes as simple as pressing F5 to get to that page that’s having trouble reloading. And certainly, we can fix certain issues and ensure that the browser functions correctly. However, it is not always sufficient.

To update this web page more “completely,” we can forcefully clear the cache and refresh it. To do so, press the key sequence Ctrl + Shift + I, and the developer tools will appear. We can also go to the More Tools menu and select it from there.

Afterward, we must click the “update” icon in the browser bar with the second mouse button. To force a reload, click “Empty the Cache“.

2. Make Sure your Browser is Up to Date

Is the most recent version of the browser installed? This is a critical point. This will avoid a wide range of issues. If we have the most recent update, we can boost browsing performance while also preventing intruders from entering and compromising security.

As a result, one of the most important steps to avoid the STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION error is to ensure that the browser is up to date. It’s highly visible in Chrome, for example. We must navigate to the three-point menu above, select Help, and then provide Google Chrome with information. It will automatically start seeking a new version and show us the one we have installed.

3. Disable Extensions or the Most Recently Installed

We observed before that one of the causes of this problem could be one or more extensions that are causing conflict. As a result, this is what we will consider to resolve the issue and restore regular website performance.

We will look to see whether we have recently installed an extension that is causing a problem. This is a rather common occurrence that could occur at any time. However, we can temporarily disable all plugins to see whether that resolves the issue.

4. Change the .exe File Name 

We may also fix this error by modifying the name of the Chrome EXE file. It is a simple and quick process. Sometimes name conflicts occur, and we can easily resolve them without the need to install or set up anything. Here’s how it’s done:

  • Press and hold the Windows + E keys to launch File Explorer.
  • Paste “c: Program Files (x86)GoogleChromeApplication” into the File Explorer’s location bar.
  • Search for Chrome.exe. Right-click it and select Rename.
  • Rename the file to Chrom.exe or another name other than Chrome.
  • Restart the app to see whether the issue has been fixed.

If it is still not fixed, proceed to the next step

5. Switch To a Stable Version of Chrome

.Canary versions of Chrome, sometimes known as unstable versions, have bleeding-edge features that sometimes cause this error. If you’re using this version, upgrading to a stable version may resolve the problem. Here’s how it’s done:

  • To open Run, press and hold Windows + R.
  • Enter app appwiz.cpl  in the Run box and press OK.
  • Select Chrome and then uninstall it in the Control Panel.
  • Install the most recent version of the stable Chrome browser.
  • Check to see if the error has been resolved after installing.

If you’re already on a stable version of Chrome, try the following fix:

6. Reset Browser Settings

Resetting the browser to factory settings is an alternative to everything we’ve covered. If the previous methods have shown no beneficial effects, we may always reset the browser settings as they were when we initially installed them.

To reset Google Chrome, follow these steps:

  • In the address box of Google Chrome, type chrome:/settings.
  • To open the Settings menu, press Enter.
  • Scroll down to the Advanced Settings section.
  • Scroll down to find the Restore settings to their original defaults button under this section.
  • Simply click on it.
  • The window titled “Reset Settings” will appear on your screen. Select the Reset Settings option.

Google Chrome will now be reinstalled from scratch.


Hopefully, some of the above troubleshooting options have resolved your status access violation error code. If not, you can use other browsers until Chrome releases updated versions that fix the problem. The itechhacks.com team is doing all possible to assist users in locating the best answers to their problems.



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