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How to Fix Dead Space Texture Not Loading in Game


Quick Overview
  • Dead Space is a new sci-fi/horror game with a growing player base, but some users are experiencing texture loading issues.
  • Possible reasons for the texture loading problem include graphics settings, third-party apps, startup files, missing resources, and corrupted game files.
  • Solutions to the problem include restarting the game, turning off DLSS mode in NVIDIA, using DirectX 11, adjusting texture settings, changing in-game graphics settings, repairing game files, updating the graphics driver, and updating the game itself.

Dead Space is a newly released sci-fi/horror game performing well in the game store. The game is based on the series Dead Space, and the players give much love to it. Millions of players are actively playing the game, which suggests the game is interesting. As the game has been released recently, there are chances that the game will have some bugs and issues.

Many players have reported texture not loading in the Dead Space, causing them issues. Due to the issue, the players are unable to play the game. But don’t worry, as we got your back. Here we are with the solution to this issue, through which you can resolve the issue on your PC.

Why is Texture Not Loading in Dead Space?

How to Fix Dead Space Texture Not Loading in Game

The players are reporting that when they open the game, the texture is not loading into it. Due to this issue, the users cannot play the game because they are facing graphical issues by which the whole gaming experience is getting spoiled. However, there are different types of reasons available for the cause of the issue. We are listing them below, so check them.

  • There are some issues with the graphics settings.
  • Third-party apps are causing issues in running the game.
  • There is some startup files problem.
  • The resources are not available on the system.
  • There might be some corrupted files in the installed game’s files.

How to Fix Dead Space Texture Not Loading in Game

We hope with the above-listed reasons; you will be able to analyze the cause of the issues. If you have found out why the game is not loading texture on your PC, then it’s time to check out how to resolve the issue.

Restart The Game

Dead Space,Fix Dead Space Texture Not Loading

If you are facing any issues with the game, the first thing you can try restarting your game. This is one of the simple troubleshooting methods through which you can fix many minor bugs and issues. It has helped many users resolve issues, so if you are facing issues, try doing this.

Turn Off DLSS Mode in NVIDIA

If you have a PC with dedicated NVIDIA graphics, try resolving the issue by turning off the DLSS mode. The DLSS Mode settings might conflict with the game video settings, due to which you might face the issue. So turn off the DLSS Mode in NVIDIA and again run the game.

Use DirectX 11

The Dead Space requires DirectX 12 to run the game properly. Still, users are facing many graphics glitches. Thus, we suggest you install DirectX 11 on your PC. DirectX 11 works perfectly with the game’s graphics settings, so the Dead Space will also work perfectly. Install DirectX 11 on your PC, and check whether the issue is resolved.

Adjust Texture Settings

If you have changed the Texture settings in the Dead Space, this might be a reason for the cause of the issue. However, you can easily fix this by changing the settings below.

  • Open the game launcher.
  • Start the game by going to the Library.
  • Go to the Settings of the game.
  • Click Display. Now, set Textures to Epic.
  • After it, Set Texture Streaming Poolsize to 7000. If this setting is already there, change it to any random number, and again set it to 7000.
  • Now, check whether the game’s graphics have been improved.

Change The In-game Graphics Settings

Fix Dead Space Texture Not Loading

There are chances that the texture not loading issues might be occurring due to some graphics settings of the game. We suggest you try changing the game’s graphics setting and check whether the issue is resolved after this or not. When changing the graphics settings, try changing the shadows, anti-aliasing, etc. This will surely make some impact on the graphics of the game.

Repair The Game Files

Fix Dead Space Texture Not Loading

Even after following the above methods, if the issue is still occurring with you on your PC, there are chances that some fault is with game files. We suggest you try repairing the game files through which the game will also be scanned. If there are any issues, then it will be fixed after scanning. You have to follow the steps which are listed below to do this.

  • Open the Game Launcher.
  • Go to the Library.
  • Right-click on the game.
  • Open Properties, and go to the Local Files.
  • Now, select the option of Verify the integrity of game files.
  • Wait for the process to get completed. If there are any issues, they will be fixed with the help of the process.

Update The Graphics Driver

Fix Generic PnP Monitor Problem On Windows 11

The other reason you might face the issue is your outdated graphics driver. If you have not updated your graphics driver for a long time, the issue will occur on your PC. We suggest that you should check for updates on the graphics driver. You can easily do this by going to the “Device Manager.” There you will find the option of Display Adapters. Expand it, and update your graphics driver. Once the process is completed, restart the PC, and check whether the issue is resolved.

Update The Game

Fix Dead Space Texture Not Loading

If the issue occurs due to any bugs in the game’s component, then the developers will work on fixing it. We suggest you keep checking for updates regularly to resolve the issue. If they are working on fixing the issue, they will release the update anytime. Keep on checking for updates from the game launcher. Whenever there is any patch fix, download it.

Wrapping Up

The players are impacted by the texture not loading issue. Due to this issue, the whole graphics of the game is getting spoiled, causing a bad user experience. The players are confused about how they can fix the issue. To help the players with this issue, we listed the methods in the post through which the issue will be resolved. Implement them correctly if you want to fix the issue.

FAQs – Dead Space Texture Not Loading Issues

1. How do I fix dead space on my computer?

We have listed the methods to resolve the texture not loading issues. If you are facing any other issues, check our website for the fixes.

2. Can my PC play Dead Space?

Yes, if your PC meets the minimum system requirements of the game, then you will be able to play the Dead Space game.

3. How to fix Dead Space on PC?

There are a lot of issues that are occurring with the Dead Space game. This post listed some methods to resolve the texture not loading issues. If you face any other issues, check our website for the fixes.


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