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How to Fix ChatGPT Is at Capacity Right Now Error


ChatGPT is getting famous day by day after its release. The reason behind the shocking growth is none other than the unique idea of answering the query of the users in a very straightforward way. ChatGPT is capable of doing a lot of things for users. It can suggest a movie and write a whole new code for your question. All these things have made users constantly open the website.

In a concise time, the website has more than 616 million page views. It is not easy for any new website to achieve this. However, the company is paying a lot of expenses to make it free for the users, which is not easy at all. Millions of users are constantly accessing the website anytime, due to which there are a lot of users who are facing issues.

Many users who tried to access the ChatGPT and use it were getting the error message “ChatGPT Is at Capacity Right Now.” There are various reasons available behind the issue due to which you might face it. Sometimes, the users get an error message while using the ChatGPT, which makes their experience wrong with the website. However, you can easily fix this issue with the help of methods we will list below in the article. Check them properly if you want to fix the issue and start using the website again.

Why Am I Getting “ChatGPT Is at Capacity Right Now” Error on Mobile/PC?

How to Fix ChatGPT Is at Capacity Right Now Error

Thousands of users are trying to use ChatGPT on their Windows with the browser’s help. However, they see the error message that ChatGPT is at Capacity. This message will be displayed on your device if millions of users are already using the website and there are no more servers to handle those users. Apart from it, there are other reasons the users might face the issue. We have listed them below, so make sure to check them.

Fix “ChatGPT is at Capacity Right Now Error” on Windows 2023

Many users are stuck with the Capacity error message. Due to the issue, the users are not able to use the website and ask their queries which is making them sad. We are here with how you will resolve the issue, and after it, you will be able to use the ChatGPT without any issues.

Try After Sometime

ChatGPT is a new AI tool that will tell you the answer to the query that you have asked to it. It is a new type of experiment that the developers are doing to make things easier for the users. Thus, the users are excited to explore the website. Many users are opening the website for legitimate reasons or want to know the answer to their query, which they cannot find. But millions of users are opening the website of ChatGPT only to explore things and ask unnecessary questions to the bot, which is not even required.


Many users are trying to access the website, even if it is not essential. If you are one of them, we suggest you try using the website after some time. The servers are already busy, so they will not be able to process your request; thus, you can try reaccessing the website after 1 or 2 hours. Try out this step and check whether the Capacity Error message is still being displayed or not.

Reload The Page

ChatGPT Open AI

When you get the error message, reloading the page is the first thing you can try to resolve the issue. By reloading the page, all the components will be loaded again, and if the issue has been resolved, it will start working correctly. Sometimes, the users get the capacity error message if the components are not working correctly or if it has not been refreshed. Try reloading the page at that time to resolve the issue.

Check For Server Outages

Wait For it to Become Available in Your Country

If the ChatGPT Server faces server outages or gets too many queries on its platform, the capacity error message will be displayed whenever you try to use it. In that case, we suggest you check for server outages on the website. It is because the website has been released recently and received over 616 million traffic in a short time.

This can be one of the reasons why you are getting the capacity error message. Check the server outages for the website with the help of third-party websites or through their website of OpenAI and social media accounts.

Clear Browser Cache’s Data

If you have opened the website and getting the ChatGPT capacity error messages constantly, even after refreshing the page, then clearing the browser’s cache can help you fix the issue. It is because the browser saves the caches through which they can open the website fastly.

This might cause you issues because often, the web browser saves the cache and keeps opening the same page due to some problems in the response received from the server. Clearing the web browser’s cache can resolve the issue quickly.

Log In To Your Account Again

There are chances that the issue might be occurring due to some login issues with your account. We suggest you try logging into your account again after logging out. If you cannot log out, try clearing the browser’s cache and then try to login again.

Turn Off VPN

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If you are using VPN on your PC, we suggest you try using the website after turning it off. Yes, if you are using a free VPN, it might cause issues in the website’s running. Try out the step and check whether it works.

Use ChatGPT In The Incognito Mode

You can run the ChatGPT in incognito mode to check if there are issues in running it in the general tab. Sometimes, this type of error is caused due to data tracking. But when you will access the ChatGPT in the Incognito mode, there are chances that the issue will not occur after doing this as your data is not being tracked in the Incognito mode.

Try Different Account


Try using a different account to access ChatGPT. Yes, if there are any issues with your account or you have asked too many queries, you may get the Capacity error message due to it. We suggest you try using a different account to access ChatGPT at that time. You can also create a new account if you want to search for some important queries. The ChatGPT gives more preferences to the newly made account.

Don’t Use ChatGPT During The Peak Hours


If you are getting the Capacity Error message in the ChatGPT, we suggest you not use it at peak hours. The peak hours mean the time when most of the users are trying to access the website at that time. You can try using the ChatGPT when there is less traffic, like in the morning or in the afternoon.

Use Different Browser

The issue might also occur due to some problems in supporting the website elements on your web browser. Yes, it happens many times. Thus, we suggest you try accessing the website on your PC using a different browser.

Buy a ChatGPT Plus Subscription

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If you are a regular user of ChatGPT and want to use it without any error messages, then you can buy the ChatGPT Plus subscription. Yes, OpenAI has launched subscription-based services for those users who want to use ChatGPT without any issues. The ChatGPT Plus subscription has been launched for $20 in the United States and will soon be available for users in other countries.

Report The Issue To Open AI


Many users have reported that they are getting the Capacity error message anytime they try trying to use it. It is likely due to some bugs, so do report the issue to OpenAI. They will indeed work on fixing the issue.

Wrapping Up

ChatGPT is a famous AI-based website that can resolve our queries without searching the internet for a long time. Millions of users are trying to use the website, and it is not easy to handle the traffic simultaneously. Thus, the website displays the “ChatGPT Is at Capacity Right Now.”

Due to the error message, the users cannot use the website. Through this post, we have explained everything about the error and how you can fix it. So try out the above listed steps to fix the issue of ChatGPT Error.

FAQs – ChatGPT Is at Capacity Right Now Error

1. How to fix ChatGPT Network Error?

There are a lot of users who are facing the ChatGPT Network Error. You can try the above methods to resolve the Network Issue. However, if you still face the issues, click here to go to our separate article on the ChatGPT Network Error.

2. What is ChatGPT Capacity Error? 

The users are getting the “ChatGPT Is at Capacity Right Now” Error. This error will appear on your screen when there is no capacity to handle more user queries. Millions of users are accessing the ChatGPT website to ask questions. However, it is difficult for the website to handle this much traffic. That’s why they limit the requests and show capacity error messages.

3. How do I fix ChatGPT Capacity Error

Many users are getting the error message of ChatGPT Capacity while trying to use the website. This issue will occur due to various reasons listed in the post above. We have also listed the various ways you can quickly resolve the issue. If you want to fix the issue, try out those methods.


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