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How to See Deleted Reddit Posts and Comments


If you want to see deleted Reddit posts, you are in luck. Here’s our guide to explain how you can see deleted Reddit posts free of cost and in the easiest way possible. Founded in 2005 as a small social networking site, Reddit has now grown into a giant microblogging platform. To be true, Reddit is the largest community of nearly everything.

Unfortunately, Reddit moderators have a bad habit of deleting posts without letting the readers know what was actually written. As a result, more and more people are always looking for ways to read those deleted posts. This guide will help you do exactly that.

How To See Deleted Reddit Posts and Comments

As of now, there’s no standalone method to view Reddit Posts. However, with the help of certain online tools, it is quire possible to view deleted Reddit posts. It is worth noting that most of these apps allow reading old posts only if the Moderator did not delete the post. With keeping that in mind, let’s begin/

1. Revvedit

How To See Deleted Reddit Posts

Revvedit is one of the best websites to see deleted Reddit posts. The website offers a minimal look. You can see only a single text field. In that field, you need to specify the subreddit name, and boom. You will be shown the deleted Reddit posts.

You can also browse through the results and find anything. The cache is stored for more than a year, so you can see every removed post from Reddit for the last 1 year.

However, the posts removed by the moderator cannot be seen. In other words, you can only see the removed posts if the original author has removed them.

Another best feature of Revvedit is that you can substitute Revve instead of Red, making it Revvedit and leaving the URL as it is to show the deleted posts.

2. Unddit

How To See Deleted Reddit Posts

After Revvedit, Unddit is the most convenient tool and is feature-rich. We are saying feature rich in the sense, it offers color coding for different posts. The color coding is used to denote who deleted the content. Unlike Revvedit, you can see posts that are deleted by either the moderator or the author.

It’s not difficult to use Unddit. Drag the red Unddit button from the website to the bookmarks bar by simply going to unddit.com.

Now that the page has fully loaded, click the Unddit bookmark from the bar after opening the deleted Reddit thread you want to read.

Alternatively, you can simply substitute “unddit” for “Reddit” in the thread’s URL to go to the same Unddit web page.

Unddit pulls information from the Pushshift archive and displays it in an outdated Reddit-like interface. Since 2015, Pushshif has been tracking and collecting social media data, and has archived Reddit data completely.

For color coding, information deleted from Reddit by the moderator is red, while when the content is removed by the author, it is denoted in blue color.

3. Archive.Org

How To See Deleted Reddit Posts

Archive.Org or popularly known as Wayback Machine, is a great tool for seeing deleted Reddit posts. Interestingly, unlike the aforementioned websites, the Wayback machine captures the whole internet instead of just Reddit.

So, if you want to search for something other than Reddit, Archive.Org is your best option. However, for seeing deleted posts on Reddit, you can but a little late.

For instance, if you want to see a Reddit post that was posted today, you cannot see it today. But if you know a Reddit post has been deleted a few months back, you can only if it was cached by Archive.Org.

All in all, this is a workable method if you don’t want to use the above websites. Other than that, we don’t find the Wayback machine so much useful.

4. Resavr

How To See Deleted Reddit Posts

Resavr, as the name suggests, is a reserve tool for Reddit. Although it may not be the best tool to read deleted posts, it is for sure the best tool to read deleted comments on Reddit.

The only issue here is you cannot just use thread links to search for something specific. This website is best for someone who wants to kill some time by reading deleted comments because it keeps track of recently deleted Reddit comments.

To understand the thread’s context, you can go ahead and view the entire post, including a link to the original deleted Reddit thread. In other words, when you visit the website, you will see all recently deleted comments that you can read easily. But you will have to search a lot if you want to find one specific comment.

The Bottom Line

Well, that’s how you can see deleted Reddit posts and comments. We hope this guide has helped you. Unfortunately, there were better tools like Un-Delete Reddit and Credit, but they are no longer working. If you have any doubts or queries, make sure to comment down below.


Can you see Deleted Reddit Posts?

You can see Deleted Reddit posts by using any of the websites mentioned above, such as Revvedit, Unddit, and Resavr. You can also use Wayback Machine if you wish to read pretty old Reddit posts.

How Do You Recover a Deleted Reddit Post?

If you wish to see a deleted Reddit post or comment, it is possible by following the guide above. However, if you are a Reddit user and your post has been deleted by a Moderator, it is not possible to recover that.

How Long Does Reddit Keep Data Deleting?

According to Reddit’s Privacy Policy, it keeps data for a maximum of 100 days. However, it is not possible to recover something if it has been deleted by a Moderator. Although if you are the author, you can see the reason why it has been deleted.

Are Deleted Posts Gone Forever?

Yes. Reddit post deletion is permanent and irreversible. Further, if you delete your profile, after 100 days, it will be gone forever.



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