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Fix Atomic Heart Crashing, Lagging, Stuttering & Stuck on Loading


Key Takeaways
  • Atomic Heart, a new FPS action-role-playing game, has impressed millions of users, but some are experiencing crashing, lagging, and loading issues.
  • Common troubleshooting methods can easily resolve these issues, such as checking system requirements, restarting the game, updating drivers, and disabling Windows Firewall and Antivirus.
  • Additional steps include upgrading RAM, resetting the game, checking for updates, reinstalling the game, updating Windows, and reporting the issue to developers if needed.

Atomic Heart is a new generation FPS action-role-playing video game released for players. The players have reported that the game is actually very impressive, and they love the game concept that has been implemented into it. More than millions of users have downloaded the game on their systems and started to play the game. However, some users are facing some usual issues with the game.

Thousands of users have reported that Atomic Heart is crashing, lagging, and not loading correctly on their system. The users are not able to play the game because of the issues. However, all of them are common issues, and they can be easily fixed with the help of simple troubleshooting methods. This post will share how you can resolve the issue on your system. Read this guide properly to resolve the issues without any hassle on your device, and start playing the game without any issues.

Why is Atomic Heart Crashing, Lagging, and Stuck on Loading on my PC?

Fix Atomic Heart Crashing, Lagging, Stuttering & Stuck on Loading

Many users have recently downloaded the game and started facing different issues just after installing the game. It might cause due to the bugs in the newly released game, or there are chances that it is a common issue that is occurring due to the issue with your system. There are a lot of possible reasons available for the cause of the crashing, lagging, and not loading issues. We have listed some of them below, so read them.

  • The system on which you have installed the game does not have the minimum specs requirements to run the game.
  • There are some internet connectivity-related issues.
  • The game files are missing some essential files.
  • You are still using the outdated graphics driver on your PC.
  • The Windows Firewall and Antivirus are causing issues in the game’s running.
  • The game is not getting enough required resources to run on your system.

Fix Atomic Heart Crashing, Lagging, Stuttering and Stuck on Loading Errors

Atomic Heart

We hope you now understand why you might be facing different issues with the Atomic Heart on your PC. Now, we will list the simple ways through which you will be able to resolve the issue without any hassle. So make sure to check the ways properly, as by using those ways, you will be able to fix the issues.

Check The System Requirements

Before downloading any game, the users need to check the system requirements. If you have downloaded any game without comparing the game’s system requirements to your PC, you will make a big mistake.


It is because the game which is being released on the store requires high graphics, RAM, the latest drivers, processors, etc. If your PC does not have any of them, you will face different issues with the game, making you likely to get more frustrated. Thus, we suggest you check the system requirements to avoid this type of issue. We have listed the requirements below, so give it a look.

Minimum System Requirements

  • Additional Notes: 30 FPS, 1920×1080 in low
  • DirectX: Version 12
  • Graphics: 4 GB VRAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 or AMD Radeon R9 380
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • OS: Windows 10 (20H1 version or newer, 64-bit versions)
  • Processor: AMD Ryzen 3 1200 or Intel Core i5-2500
  • Storage: 90 GB available space

Recommended System Requirements 

  • Additional Notes: SSD recommended, 60 FPS, 1920×1080 in ultra
  • DirectX: Version 12
  • Graphics: 8 GB VRAM, AMD RX 6700 XT or NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070
  • Memory: 16 GB RAM
  • OS: Windows 10 (20H1 version or newer, 64-bit versions)
  • Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 2600X or Intel Core i7-7700K
  • Storage: 90 GB available space

Restart The Game

If you are using a system with the specs to run the game without any issues and are still getting unexpected errors, try restarting the game. The crashing, not loading, and lagging issues can also occur if the game has not been appropriately started due to the error in the startup files. Thus, try restarting the game and check whether the issue is resolved.

Restart Windows 11 PC

You can also try restarting the system if the issue still occurs with you. The issue might also arise if there are some problems with the startup files of your system. Thus, restart your device and check whether it works or not.

Check The Internet Connection

Those who want to avoid lag issues while playing the game should ensure that they are connected with a fast and secure internet connection that provides great bandwidth, download, and upload speed. The Atomic Heart is a big game with thousands of components requiring an internet connection to run properly.

Internet Health Test

Do you think the game will work properly if your system is not connected to a high-speed internet connection? Obviously, no. Thus, we suggest you check the internet speed with the help of an internet speed tester. You can also visit this post and learn how to check the internet connection speed.

Update The Outdated Drivers 

We always keep postponing the updates that we get on our Windows. Whether it’s a driver update or major windows update, we must update to the latest version to avoid crashing, lagging, and not loading issues and keep on playing the game without any issues.

Fix Generic PnP Monitor Problem On Windows 11

The Network and Graphics drivers are among the most important drivers that must be updated to run the game without lags. Those who have not updated the graphics or network driver on their PC for a long time should try doing this. You can easily do this with the help of the steps we listed below.

  • Open the Device Manager on your system.
  • Now, double-click on Network / Display Adapters.
  • You will see different drivers there.
  • Right-click on the driver and select Update driver. That’s it.
  • Now, follow the on-screen instruction to update the driver. After it, wait for the process to get completed.
  • Do this for both network and graphics driver, then restart the PC.
  • Again check whether the game is working properly or not.

Close Background Processes

The Atomic Heart requires much RAM, graphics, and disk usage to run the game properly. If the resources of your system are not free, then the game will not work properly, or even there are chances that it will start crashing. This is because there are a lot of background processes that keep on running in the background of our system. They keep on running so that we can get a seamless experience on our system.

Task Manager

However, the background processes might take a lot of resources, due to which the game will not work properly. We will suggest that whenever you are going to start the game, before starting, close all the unnecessary background processes which are running. You can easily do this with the help of a task manager. So do this and check whether it works for you or not.

Check Game Settings

If you are using high graphics settings on the game, then it might also cause lagging issues. It is because there are chances that the graphics settings that you have chosen for the game might not be compatible with your system. This issue can occur even if your system has recommended system requirements. Thus, we suggest you try changing the game’s graphics setting. You can try changing it to avoid lag issues. Also, when changing the graphics settings, regularly check which settings suit you more.

Check Server Outages

If you are facing Freezing or not loading issues, then it might also occur due to the server or backend problems of the game. The Atomic Heart has been released for players recently. Millions of users have been downloading the game. There are chances that due to the high traffic, the game might face server outages, and you might face a crashing or not loading issue.

If this is the case, we suggest you keep checking the official social media accounts and websites of the publishers, as they will surely update you about it there. They will also post about the problem and when it will be fixed. So keep on checking for updates to know the status. These issues are generally fixed within 24 hours, so you don’t have to worry more.

Disable Windows Firewall and Antivirus

Turn Off Windows Defender Firewall

Many users are reporting crashing issues with the game. However, the other reasons you might face the issue are Windows Firewall and Antivirus. If you don’t know, the Windows Firewall checks the responses received from the server of the third-party websites.

If the Windows Firewall has found some issues or negative responses from the server, it will block the game from receiving any further response, so you will face this issue. Thus, we suggest you try disabling the Windows Firewall in this situation. You can check this guide to disable Windows Firewall.

How To Disable Antivirus on Windows 11/10

If, after doing this, the game starts working correctly, then the Windows Firewall was making some conflicts with the game. However, you must disable the Antivirus if the game is not working. Antivirus is the software we install to protect the system from online threats and viruses. Thus, the antivirus will also block the app from receiving responses, and you will face the issue. You have to disable the antivirus on your PC to resolve the issue. To do this, you can check out our dedicated guide.

Upgrade Your RAM

Alternatively, you can try to resolve the issue by upgrading your RAM. If your system has less than the recommended or equivalent RAM on your PC, we suggest you upgrade the other free slots to resolve the lagging and not loading issue. These issues are also caused due to insufficient RAM. So try upgrading the RAM and check whether the issue has been resolved or not.

Reset The Game 

One of the other ways you can fix the crashing and not loading issues is resetting the game. It is a useful feature that has been provided in Windows. With the help of this feature, you can set the settings and files to their default version, which you have got after installing it. You have to follow the steps listed below to reset the game.

  • Open the Installed App by going to Settings > Apps.
  • Once you have opened the installed apps, scroll down and look for Atomic Heart.
  • When you have found the game, you will see three dots icons on the right side.
  • Click on the Three dots and select the Modify option.
  • Now, scroll down and look for the Reset Game option.
  • Once you have found the option, select it.
  • Wait for the process to get completed. After it, restart the PC and check whether the game is working properly or not.

Update The Game

Atomic Heart

The game has been released for the players recently, and there are chances that it will contain some bugs. As the issues are being reported to the developers, they might have started working on fixing them. We will suggest you keep on checking for updates regularly with the help of the game launcher to avoid this issue. As the developers are working on fixing the issue, then they will be releasing it soon so that the players can again play the game without any issues. Keep checking for the updates to download whenever a new update is available. You can check for the update with the help of the steps which are listed below.

  • Open the game launcher, and go to the Library.
  • After it, select the game and right-click on it.
  • You will see the option of updating there.
  • If any update is available, you will get to see it. Also, you can enable to Auto Update feature to avoid checking for updates manually every time.
  • Whenever there is a new update available, download it.
  • Once you have downloaded it, check whether it is working correctly or not.

Reinstall The Game

Another method that you can try to fix the issue is installing the game again. There are chances that some important files of the game are missing or there are some other issues with it, due to which the game is not loading. In this case, you can install the game again to resolve the issue. There are a lot of cases where the game launcher has not installed the game files properly, due to which the users face some issues. Thus, we will suggest that you should also try reinstalling the game to try to fix the issue.

Atomic Heart

To do this, first, uninstall the game from your PC. Once you have uninstalled the game, open “%temp” and delete all the temporary files. When you have deleted all the temporary files, then restart the system. After the system is restarted, try installing the game again on your system. Once the game has been installed, then it will start working without any issues.

Check For Windows Update

The other reason behind the cause of the issue is your outdated Windows. If you have not updated the Windows for a long time, the game will likely not work properly. All the latest games the developers are releasing require the latest windows to run without issues. If your system is running on old windows or you have not updated it to the latest version, some issues will likely occur.

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Thus, we suggest you check for the Windows update on your system to avoid the issue. You can easily do this by going to Settings and selecting Windows Update. If any update is available, download it, and restart the PC to install it. Once the process is completed, rerun the game and check whether it is running correctly or not.

Report The Issue

The game has been released recently, and the users will likely face different issues. If you are facing the issue, even after trying all the above fixing methods, you need to contact the developer’s team to fix this issue. You have to tell them about the issue you are facing and the device details. Once you have contacted them, they will undoubtedly reply with some solution. If you are still facing it, report the issue to them.

Wrapping Up

Atomic Heart is an action role-playing video game based on new technologies. The game’s graphics are much high, so the users are getting crazy about it. After its release, the game was downloaded by millions of users. They all have started playing the game, but some report crashing, lagging, and not loading issues.

This issue started after they had installed the game and started to play it for some time. However, it is not a big issue that you should worry about. In this post, we listed how you can resolve the issue. Make sure to implement them properly to resolve the crashing issue. That’s it.

FAQs – Atomic Heart Crashing Issues

1. How do I fix a game crash?

We have listed plenty of ways through which you will be able to fix the game crash issue. The only thing you have to ensure is implementing the steps correctly.

2. How do I reduce lag in Atomic Hearts

Thousands of users are facing lag issues on Atomic Hearts. You can easily resolve the issue by following the steps listed in the post above.

3. Why am I facing lag issues in Atomic Hearts?

Many players have reported facing lag issues with the Atomic Hearts. However, it might occur due to a lot of reasons. We have tried to list them in the above post. Do check them to know about the possible reasons.


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