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How to Find Samsung Galaxy CSC Region Code


Key Takeaways
  • Samsung Galaxy CSC region code is important for device origin and customization.
  • Users can find their CSC region code using settings, phone dialer, or download mode.
  • Knowing the CSC region code is crucial for downloading and installing correct firmware.

So now that you have bought your blazing new Samsung smartphone, you may be willing to know about your Samsung Galaxy CSC region code. Although not a lot of users know about this, if you know, you are a tech geek for sure. As a result, when users buy a new Samsung Galaxy, they are intrigued to find the CSC region code to know about its origin.

Some users are not only eager to know about the origin of the device but also to add new features and functions that would require the CSC code. With that being said, here’s our guide to help you find your Samsung Galaxy CSC region code.

How to Find Samsung Galaxy CSC Region Code

What is CSC Region Code on a Samsung Device?

When Samsung makes smartphone firmware, it makes it keeping some specific things in mind. Further, while a Samsung device is marketed, it is targeted at a specific market. This is because if these things aren’t kept in mind, there can be issues with communication, national regulations, regional alliances, etc. Firmware for smartphones and tablets is often tailored to a specific region (and even a specific carrier) for these reasons.

When a user either has a bricked smartphone or when is in the mood of rooting and installing a new OS, the user looks out for the CSC region code so that the correct firmware is downloaded and the device boots up to its actual condition.

In case the wrong firmware is downloaded and installed into the device, the language may change to RTL, and it will be another headache to bring the phone to its original condition. Think of it this way if Arabic gets installed on your English smartphone! This makes the CSC region code on Samsung Galaxy devices extremely important.

How to Find Your Samsung Galaxy CSC Region Code?

As of now, there are two methods to find your Samsung Galaxy CSC region code. We have discussed both of them.

Method 1: View your CSC Region Code Using Settings

This is an easy option and doesn’t need any kind of expertise. Just follow these steps and you will be able to see your CSC region code:

  1. Pull down the notification panel and tap on Settings. How to Find Your Samsung Galaxy CSC Region Code?
  2. Scroll down and tap on About Phone. How to Find Your Samsung Galaxy CSC Region Code?
  3. Now tap on Software Information. How to Find Your Samsung Galaxy CSC Region Code?
  4. Again scroll down a bit and tap on the Service provider software version.
  5. Here, the last three Alphabets represent your CSC region codeHow to Find Your Samsung Galaxy CSC Region Code?

However, this isn’t a surefire way to view the CSC region. If you have bought a preowned smartphone and the previous guy was a person who knew about rooting and custom ROMs, he might have changed it. As a result, you need some more solid proof to know that.

Method 2: Using the Phone Dialer

Using the phone dialer to identify the Samsung Galaxy CSC Region is another way of doing it, but it is, in fact, far more secure. Moreover, Custom ROMs cannot modify it, so it way safer and authentic.

  1. Open the phone dialer. How to Find Your Samsung Galaxy CSC Region Code?
  2. On the number pad, type *#1234#.
  3. As soon as you press #, you will see the dialer menu disappear with a firmware window opening. How to Find Your Samsung Galaxy CSC Region Code?
  4. On the firmware window, you will see the list of software information about the device.

As seen in the screen the shot above, the region code shown here is VCE. As a matter of fact, VCE is the generic CSC of all Samsung devices manufactured in a certain state or country. You can look out for your CSE in the list provided below.

Method 3: Using the Download Mode

Using the Download Mode on your device is the surefire way to identify your Samsung Galaxy CSC region code. Remember, this method requires caution so don’t do anything unless specified. Because one mistake and your phone will be formatted. Follow these steps carefully:

  1. Turn off your Samsung Device by holding the power button for 3 seconds and tapping Power Off.
  2. If you have a Bixby-enabled device, press the Volume Down button and lock key together and then tap on Power Off.
  3. Press all the three keys – Volume Up, Down, and Power Key together and content your Samsung device using a USB cable to the PC.
  4. When the blue screen appears, press Volume Up button to continue to Download Mode. How to Find Your Samsung Galaxy CSC Region Code?
  5. Your phone will either enter Safe Mode or Download Mode. If it enters safe mode, follow the steps again and make sure you enter the Download Mode.
  6. If you are stuck in Safe Mode, don’t worry, just restart your Device and don’t tap anything until your device starts, and safe mode will close.

As of now, there are tons of Samsung Devices with different methods to open Download Mode. Another method is to use the ODIN Flash tool, which is rather difficult to operate if you don’t know a lot about rooting and FRP bypass.

List of CSC Region Codes for Samsung Devices 

Here is the list of all Samsung Galaxy CSC region codes. When you find your code, make sure to look out in the list to know where your phone is from:

  • AFG: Afghanistan
  • AFR: Kenya
  • AIO: USA (Cricket)
  • ALE: Ecuador
  • AMN: Spain (Orange)
  • AMO: Spain (Orange)
  • ANC: Argentina
  • ANP: Ireland
  • ARO: Argentina
  • ATL: Spain (Vodafone)
  • ATO: Austria (Open)
  • ATT: USA (AT&T)
  • AUT: Switzerland
  • AVF: Albania (Vodafone)
  • BAT: Mexico
  • BGL: Bulgaria
  • BHT: Bosnia and Herzegovina (BH TELECOM)
  • BMC: Canada (Bell Mobile)
  • BNG: Bangladesh
  • BOG: France (Bouygues)
  • BRI: Taiwan
  • BST: USA (Boost Mobile)
  • BTC: Libya
  • BTU: United Kingdom
  • BVO: Bolivia
  • BVT: Bolivia
  • BVV: Bolivia
  • BWA: Canada (SaskTel)
  • CAC: Uzbekistan
  • CAM: Cambodia
  • CAU: Caucasus Countries
  • CCT: USA (Xfinity Mobile (Comcast))
  • CDR: Dominican Republic
  • CEL: Israel (Cellcom)
  • CGU: Guatemala (Tigo)
  • CHA: USA (Spectrum Mobile (Charter))
  • CHC: China (Open China)
  • CHE: Chile (Entel PCS)
  • CHL: Chile (Claro)
  • CHM: China (China Mobile)
  • CHN: China
  • CHO: Chile
  • CHR: Canada (Chatr Mobile)
  • CHT: Chile (Telefonica)
  • CHV: Chile (VTR)
  • CHX: Chile (Nextel)
  • CNX: Romania (Vodafone)
  • COA: Romania (Cosmote)
  • COB: Colombia (Movistar)
  • COE: Colombia (ETB)
  • COL: Colombia
  • COM: Colombia (Comcel)
  • COO: Colombia
  • COS: Greece (Cosmote)
  • CPA: Panama (Claro)
  • CPW: United Kingdom (Carphone Warehouse)
  • CRC: Chile
  • CRG: Croatia
  • CRM: South America (Moviestar)
  • CRO: Croatia (T-Mobile)
  • CTC: China (China Telecom)
  • CTE: Honduras
  • CTI: Argentina (Claro)
  • CTP: Paraguay (Claro)
  • CTU: Uruguay (Claro)
  • CWT: Taiwan
  • CWW: Jamaica
  • CYO: Cyprus (Cytamobile Vodafone)
  • CYV: Cyprus (Vodafone)
  • DBT: Germany
  • DDE: Germany (Congstar)
  • DHR: Croatia (Bonbon)
  • DNL: Netherlands (Ben NL)
  • DOO: Dominican Republic
  • DOR: Dominican Republic (Orange)
  • DPL: Poland (Heyah)
  • DRE: Austria (3 Hutchison)
  • DTM: Germany (T-Mobile)
  • EBE: Ecuador
  • ECT: Nigeria
  • GBL: Bulgaria
  • ORO: Romania (Orange)
  • GCF: Global Certification Forum
  • LYS: Libya
  • MXO: Mexico
  • GLB: Philippines (Globe)
  • HUT: Australia (Three/Vodafone)
  • OPS: Australia (Optus)
  • MSR: Serbia (Telenor)
  • MOT: Slovenia (Mobitel)
  • NPL: Nepal
  • O2C: Czech Republic (O2C)
  • ONE: Austria
  • KDO: Canada (Koodo Mobile)
  • MTZ: Zambia (MTN Zambia)
  • PHB: Belgium
  • ILO: Israel
  • HTS: Sweden (Tre)
  • ORX: Slovakia
  • KSA: Saudi Arabia
  • MOB: Austria (A1)
  • PGU: Guatemala
  • JED: Saudi Arabia
  • PHE: Spain
  • ORN: France
  • MWD: Morocco (MWD)
  • MBM: Macedonia (T-Mobile)
  • IDE: Poland (Orange)
  • MED: Morocco
  • MOZ: Switzerland
  • LUX: Luxembourg
  • NZC: New Zealand
  • PNT: Peru (Nextel)
  • ICE: Costa Rica
  • MAX: Austria (T-Mobile)
  • O2U: United Kingdom (O2)
  • KDO: Canada (Koodo Mobile)
  • PGU: Guatemala
  • ONE: Austria
  • KEN: Kenya
  • KTC: Korea (KT Corporation)
  • PHN: Netherlands
  • MAX: Austria (T-Mobile)
  • ORX: Slovakia
  • PBS: Panama
  • IRD: Slovakia (Orange)
  • ORS: Slovakia
  • O2C: Czech Republic (O2C)
  • OPS: Australia (Optus)
  • JDI: Jamaica
  • MTB: Canada (Belarus)
  • ORC: France
  • MSR: Serbia (Telenor)
  • PNT: Peru (Nextel)
  • PGU: Guatemala
  • PBS: Panama
  • PAN: Hungary (Telenor)
  • INU: India
  • ONE: Austria
  • MRU: Mauritius
  • O2C: Czech Republic (O2C)
  • PNT: Peru (Nextel)
  • PRO: Belgium (Proximus)
  • HUT: Australia (Three/Vodafone)
  • ITV: Italy
  • LUC: Korea (LG Uplus)
  • MAX: Austria (T-Mobile)
  • MM1: Singapore
  • OPS: Australia (Optus)
  • MID: Iraq
  • PAN: Hungary (Telenor)
  • KDO: Canada (Koodo Mobile)
  • PLS: Poland (PLUS)
  • O2U: United Kingdom (O2)
  • PCW: Panama (Cable & Wireless)
  • MOZ: Switzerland
  • IRD: Slovakia (Orange)
  • ORO: Romania (Orange)
  • INS: India
  • ORA: United Kingdom (Orange)
  • KEN: Kenya
  • KTC: Korea (KT Corporation)
  • LUC: Korea (LG Uplus)
  • NEE: Nordic countries
  • NZC: New Zealand

Well, these are all the CSC region codes for Samsung Galaxy devices. If you don’t find your CSC code on this list, let us know in the comments section, and we will find it out.

The Bottom Line

Well, that’s how you can find your Samsung Galaxy CSC region code. We hope you found this guide helpful. We have also mentioned the codes resembling their region for your ease of use. If you still have any doubts or queries, comment below, and we will address them as soon as we can.



  1. Hello, I found the codes SM-S918BZEVLTM and SM-918ULGFXAA (in Amazon Mexico), but haven’t found any data about these models / supposed to be the 512GB ones


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