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How To Fix FIFA 23 Early Access Not Working on Steam


Key Takeaways
  • FIFA 23 offers HyperMotion2 Technology with men's and women's World Cups, female club teams, cross-play, and authenticity.
  • Users reported FIFA 23 early access not working on Steam, despite no developer-acknowledged issue.
  • Solutions include rebooting system, verifying game files, checking servers, internet connection, repairing or reinstalling Steam client, and contacting support if issues persist.

Using HyperMotion2 Technology, the World’s Game will have both the men’s and women’s FIFA World Cups available post-release, along with female club teams, cross-play, and more. You can play FIFA 23 with over 19,000 players, 700+ teams, 100 stadiums, and 30 leagues, and you will experience an authenticity unlike any other.

But unfortunately, there are many users who started reporting that the FIFA 23 early access is not working on Steam for them.

However, the reason behind this issue is still unclear, as the developer says there is no problem from their end—nonetheless, nothing to worry about as we are here to help you with this. Hence, if you are bothered by FIFA 23 early access not working issue on Steam, then make sure to be with us until the end. Thus, let’s get started with it.

Fix FIFA 23 Early Access Not Working on Steam

How To Fix FIFA 23 Early Access Not Working on Steam

Regarding FIFA 23 Early Access, it seems that EA and Steam failed to communicate with each other. These are just excuses since FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition’s Steam page already contains information on early access. It’s also worth pointing out that EA and Steam failed to communicate effectively about FIFA 22’s early access last year. But, no worries, as we have some basic troubleshooting methods that have the potential to resolve the error for you. So, let’s check them out:

Reboot Your System

There are chances that the problem is occurring from your device end because of some random cache files and bugs. Therefore, it is better to reboot your device once to make sure that these files get flushed. This will surely help you resolve the FIFA 23 early access not working error in case this problem occurs due to these problems.

Verify Game Files Integrity

The game files may also have been damaged, which prevents your system from reading them. Depending on your preference, you may need to repair the files or reinstall the game.

The files should be repaired before reinstalling the game if you want to reinstall it. The game files should be repaired using the game launcher you use (Steam Client or Epic Launcher). Here are the steps you need to follow if you are not sure how to start the repair process:

  1. Start by opening Steam and going to the Library.
  2. Right-click on your FIFA 23 game.
  3. Once that has been done, click on Properties.
  4. You’re done. Select Verify Game File Integrity from the Local Files menu.Verify integrity of game files

Therefore, once your game files are verified, it automatically repairs any damaged files. In order for the game launcher to fix your game files, you must have an internet connection, as, without it, your device may not be able to connect to the Internet.

Check The Server

Do the FIFA 23 servers work? It is highly likely that the FIFA 23 early access servers are down, which prevents you from logging in to Steam.

But how can you confirm whether the game servers are down? No worries! It would be helpful if you could go to the DownDetector/FIFA23 and see if any other people have reported the same.

Check The Server

For further updates on FIFA 23, you should follow the official Twitter handle, FIFA 23, since the officials are always updating their users on any type of ongoing issues or events related to the game.

Check Your Internet Connection

Make sure the internet connection on your PC is working properly. In some cases, games may not be able to connect to the server or fetch data if you are connected to the Internet slowly or unreliable. The problem might be related to the wired connection if the network connection fails to work when you switch to a wireless connection.

There is a possibility that FIFA 23 early access on Steam will not work if your internet connection is slow. You will not have this problem if you use the Google DNS address. In addition, you can perform a speed test on the Speedtest.net website to determine if your Internet is working.

Fix High Ping Issue

Nevertheless, if you observe that your ISP is not providing the proper speed, contact them and ask them to fix the local network issue. You will find that FIFA 23 early access not working on Steam will be automatically resolved once the connection issue has been resolved.

Repair Steam Client

The Steam launcher on your PC may need to be repaired if there is corruption or a persistent cache blocking the removal of data.

  1. Initially, from the Start menu, open the Control Panel.
  2. On the next screen, click Uninstall a program.
  3. Now, locate the Steam Launcher from the list.
  4. Then, right-click on it and select Repair. Follow the instructions to repair it.Repair Steam Client
  5. Finally, wait until the process is complete, and then reboot your PC to apply the changes.

Reinstall The Steam Client

Steam’s client is involved in the issue, and it can only be solved by uninstalling and reinstalling it on the PC, according to some FIFA 23 players. You can reinstall the Steam client instead of completely uninstalling it by not deleting the SteamApps folder. Here’s how to do it:

  1. On the PC, locate the Steam folder.
  2. You should now move the SteamApps data folder to another hard drive (for backup purposes).
  3. Using Win+I, access Windows Settings.
  4. On Steam, locate Apps> Apps & Features and tap on the three-dot button.
  5. After that, click Uninstall.Reinstall The Steam Client
  6. You can now reinstall Steam on your PC and log in using your credentials.
  7. After that, return the SteamApp data folder to the installation location by closing the Steam Client.
  8. You will then see your previously installed game in the Steam client. So, now open FIFA 23 and check whether the Steam early access not working issue is resolved.

Reinstall The FIFA 23

It is your only option to reinstall FIFA 23 early access on Steam if it is not working. Therefore, you should reinstall your game to see if that helps. As a result, your PC will lose any game data you have stored there. Give it a shot if you’re okay with that.

Contact Support

Do you still have the same problem? It’s okay! If this issue still persists, you have an option that you can use to resolve it easily. If you’re experiencing this problem, you can reach out to the official support team of Steam, whichever you’re using. It is likely that they will come up with some great fixes after that to fix the FIFA 23 early access issue.

Wrapping Up

So, that’s it on how to fix the FIFA 23 early access not working issue on Steam. Please accept our sincere thanks for reading this guide, and we hope that the fixes discussed above have helped you resolve this issue. Also, feel free to suggest other potential solutions to this problem using the suggestion box if you happen to know of any.


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