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Discovery Plus On DirecTV, Availability, How To Watch


Quick Overview

  • So, as DirecTV jumps on the bandwagon, a new streaming service is likely to be introduced on DirecTV’s network in the near future.

January 4 marked the launch of Discovery Plus streaming services. With Discovery Channel on Demand, all Discovery Channel networks are now aggregated on a single streaming platform. As a result, you can directly watch all Discovery Channel networks, including Animal Planet, HGTV, TLC, and more for $4.99 to $6.99.

And, perhaps you already have subscribed to DirecTV and wonder if it includes Discovery Plus. Here are all the details about Discovery Plus channels on DirecTV.

Discovery Plus Channel on DirecTV 2024

Discover Plus is a new streaming service. In 2021, the platform was launched in an attempt to gain market share by the Discover brand.

With Discovery Plus, you can watch streaming content at a very affordable price. It comes with a subscription plan with ads that costs only $4.99 per month while the premium subscription plan without ads costs only $6.99 per month.

Users can access most if not all Discovery Channel networks on this brand new streaming service. By using a single platform, you can access all of the content you desire.

Is Discovery Plus Channel available on DirecTV?

Discovery Plus offers independent streaming services. DirecTV, on the other hand, is a satellite television platform that allows users to view an array of channels.

Satellite television streaming platforms like DirecTV do not offer Discovery Plus as of right now. Due to this, even DirecTV subscribers cannot stream Discovery Plus.

There has been no announcement of whether Discovery Plus will collaborate with satellite or cable providers to deliver the streaming platform. Thus it is unclear if DirecTV will be able to offer Discovery Plus in the future. Discovery Plus and DirecTV may announce their collaboration in the near future but we will have to wait until then.

Discovery plus still does not appear to be included in other providers’ utilities that allow access to streaming services. In order to use this feature, users of Dish must have the latest smart boxes.

So, as DirecTV jumps on the bandwagon, a new streaming service is likely to be introduced on DirecTV’s network in the near future. Currently, no information is available about that.

Discovery Plus App Pricing

This app is subscription-based and customers can choose from different packages. Users can choose between two subscription plans.

There is an advertisement-supported Discovery Plus subscription available in the U.S. for $4.99 per month. All content in this package is accompanied by advertisements.

Subscriptions to the second plan cost users $6.99 monthly. The difference is that the second plan does not contain advertisements. It will cost you more money if you don’t want to see the annoying ads. The trial period for the app service is seven days.

Final Words

This is all we know about Discover plus accounts on the Direct Tv till now. The Discovery Plus streaming service is definitely new. Viewers are still learning about it. In any case, if you are a fan of Discovery Channel programming, this platform is worth considering. Moreover, it’s cheaper than most other streaming services.


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