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How to Watch Local Weather Channels on DirecTV


Key Takeaways
  • DirecTV offers satellite television and streaming services in the United States, with channels under various categories owned by AT&T.
  • AccuWeather can be found on channel 361 and the Weather Channel on channel 362, providing necessary weather forecasts for users.
  • More than 100 local weather channels are available on DirecTV, with specific channels determined by the user's ZIP code.

Do you currently use DirecTV services? Then you probably already know the topic of today’s DirecTV Weather Channel broadcast. In the United States, DirecTV offers satellite television and streaming services. In addition, DirecTV offers channels under various categories in the United States. DirecTV is owned by AT&T, as we all know.

Many DirecTV users have forgotten the Weather Channel’s channel number and category as DirecTV offers just a few channels. Do you happen to be one of those users? If so, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will direct you on How to Watch The Weather Channel on DirecTV? So let’s jump right in.

Watch The Weather Channel on DirecTV?

There are currently two weather channels available on DirecTV. It may be familiar to existing DirecTV subscribers. It’s AccuWeather and the Weather Channel. AccuWeather can be found on channel 361. Weather Channel can be found on channel 362. The information provided by these two channels is sufficient to provide you with the necessary weather forecast. AMHQ is the Weather Channel’s most prominent feature. Mr. Sam Champion hosts the show.

The Weather Channel VS DirecTV

DirecTV removed the weather channel when it and the company were unable to agree. They wanted a pay raise from DirecTV. Back then, the weather channel 13 sent a per-subscriber payment.

DirecTV did not accept this. This is why DirecTV removed the weather channel. It has now been resolved after three months. It is back on channel 362 on DirecTV.

Local Weather Channels

More than 100 local stations are available on DirecTV. Your local ZIP code can be used to determine the weather channel number. Visit the DirecTV website to see if local channels are available.

How To Watch Local Weather Channels on DirecTV

Final Words

On DirecTV, you will find these two weather channels. Hopefully, these two channels will remain on DirecTV permanently. However, if you know of any other specific weather channels on DirecTV, please let us know in the comments.


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  1. I just wanted to know why I don’t get Local on the 8s for Hazlehurst, MS. I get the 362 channel with no problems but when I got for the local, all it says, temporarily unavailable. We haven’t had the local for over 3 weeks now. So, what gives.

  2. All they show on. The 2 weather channels is the eastern side of the US there is a western population that could care less about florida and the gulf, it would be nice to see what’s going on in our backyard too. “DAH”

  3. You guys need a simple version for he older folks, everything is just too damn complicated anymore,
    You can’t even watch a football game, or figure out how to record 1 wtf is a cloud!!


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