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Deutsche Telekom Sustainability in the 5G Award At MWC 2020 Barcelona


The green initiative has launched by Deutsche Telekom Sustainability in the 5G award At MWC 2020 Barcelona.

Deutsche Telekom Sustainability in the 5G Award At MWC 2020 Barcelona
Deutsche Telekom Sustainability in the 5G Award At MWC 2020 Barcelona

It’s an international call for business startups, individuals, and for those who have been focusing on 5G network projects and they can submit the project to win a chance big cash prizes. On pitching projects, winners will be invited at MWC 2020 and will be receiving the exciting tech award of 5G on stage. In addition to that – the 1st place winner will not only get the award but also get a chance to create a proof of concept with Deutsche Telekom.

Definitely, its a lifetime opportunity to be present at MWC 2020 Barcelona and getting a double opportunity to get front of green initiative and presenting your project concept with Deutsche Telekom at the Mobile World Congress 2020.

What Is Project Criteria?

There are some main focus criteria for pitching your project for the sustainability tech 5Gaward, one should have good creativity to create unique ideas and presenting the concept creatively.

Check More Here: https://5gaward.hubraum.com/

Must Following Criteria Consider All Of Them:

  • Essential Technical Expertise and Realization.
  • Hands-on Practical with Idealization.
  • Impact of Sustainability.
  • Covering On Visualization, Design Of Concept.
  • Should Be Relevance To 5G Network.

Cash Prizes!

  • 1st Place Winner- 25000€.
  • 2nd Place Winner – 15000€.
  • 3rd Place Winner – 10000€.

What Is Hubraum?

Hubraum is the tech incubator by Deutsche Telekom. Calling all startups at one place and the leading telco companies together, hubraum endeavour innovation transfer into the new business opportunities for startups and individual businesses.

All winners will get special access to Deutsche Telekom networks and platforms including data and knowledge to engage with the paid proof concept together with Deutsche Telekom for constantly developed to the projects.

Submission Timeline!

Project Submission: You can submit your project here https://submissions.hubraum.com/

The Submission Starting At 17.12.2019

How to submit your project:

Create your user account and fill in your data, so we can get to know you

Go to “Projects” > click “Add Project”

  • Mandatory to fill out are:
  • Twitter pitch – explain your project in just 140 characters!
  • The Need – the problem you are tackling
  • The Magic Solution
  • How it works
  • Presentation Slides – a proper pitch deck!
  • You can additionally add photos, links to social media, videos, your own website…the stage is yours!

Deadline Of Project submissions:

26.01.2020 (Mark the date)

Get the early access: https://bit.ly/36C02oR

Shortlisted candidates will presentation video in front of the jury:

31.01. – 03.02.2020

Winners will be announced:


Winners pitch @ MWC 2020 Barcelona:


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The event guidelines are mentioned above with correct information and all the winners will be invited to MWC 2020 for pitching their projects and receive 5G Tech Award.make sure to go through project submission deadlines.

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