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How To Watch Star Wars Rebels all Seasons Online


Key Takeaways
  • Star Wars Rebels, a show with action and adventure, had four seasons ending in 2018; not available on apps like Netflix but will be on upcoming platform Disney+
  • Full series available for purchase on iTunes, YouTube, Google Play, and Prime Video; prices range from $1.99 per episode to $89.99 for the full series on iTunes
  • Options to stream the show include Disney Plus (launching soon), DirecTV (for free with account), and Disney XD (with cable or satellite provider sign-in)

Are you searching for Star Wars Rebels Online? All the fans of the animated series Satr Wars Rebels are searching for the show online. The first universe Star Wars novel first came was 1978’s Splinter of The Mind’s Eye, which has Luke and Leia on the swampy planet. Originally the book was conceived by George Lucas.

How To Watch Star Wars Rebels all Seasons Online?
How To Watch Star Wars Rebels all Seasons Online?

Star Wars Rebels is a show mixed with colorful action and adventure with so many great characters and dark themes. The show had four seasons and then it came to an end in 2018. At present, the Star Wars Rebel is not available to stream on any apps like Netflix. However, it will be shown on the upcoming platform Disney+ with a new season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Watch Star Wars Rebels Online

Season 4 of Star Wars Rebels will be found on DisneyNOW TV. However, if you want to watch the full series online then you need to buy it from iTunes, YouTube, Google Play or Prime Video. At present only these options are available to catch the full series.

However, it totally depends on the platform you choose. The single episode can cost $1.99 or more. And the full season price can start from $19.99 to $39.99. If you want you can buy the full series from iTunes by paying $89.99.

You can buy Starwars Rebels for Blu-Ray/DVD from here

How To Watch Star Wars Rebels all Seasons Online?

Star Wars Rebels Seasons List

Below is the list of all star wars rebels seasons 1-4 with their episodes names.

Star Wars RebelsRelease DateTotal Episodes
Season 1201415
Season 2201522
Season 3201622
Season 4201715
Season 5Expected Release Date 202024

 Stream Star Wars Rebels Via Subscription 2020

1. Disney Plus

At present, most of the Star Wars series is not available on the streaming network. However, soon Disney is going to launch Disney Plus, which is its own streaming platform. Here, full of Star Wars content will be available.

You can watch the first six Star Wars movies and Rogue One on this platform when it is launched.

2. Direct TV

DirecTV allows users to stream content on-demand to watch it live on TV. If you have a DirectTV account, then you can watch Disney’s anime series Star Wars Rebels for free without paying any money. It has the complete fourth and final season on it. So, if you want to watch the whole series then you need a DirectTV account.

 3. Disney XD

There is another option to watch Star Wars Rebels and that is Disney XD. Go to the Disney XD Page, and Sign in with your cable or satellite provider. Once you are done you can watch the final season of Rebels. You can also watch recent Star Wars Resistance anime series which is available on Disney Now app or Disney XD website.

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Watch Star Wars Rebels Online Free

The best legit way to watch star wars rebels for free that i personally use to stream all the episodes in a month is YouTube TV. Yes! You can stream all seasons 1 to seasons 4 for free in 2020 on your mobile devices and desktop on over 70+ networks.

Steps to Watch Star Wars Rebels Online

Step 1: First you need to create your account on YouTube TV. (Now if you are going to comment that there is 49.99$/month charges for this subscription then you let me again tell you that you can try it for free for just one month.)Steps to Watch Star Wars Rebels Online

Step 2: After signup, It will ask you Where do you live? and enter your ZIP Code. This will help YouTube TV provide the right local networks for your area.Steps to Watch Star Wars Rebels Online

Step 3: Choose the channels and start watching star wars rebels.

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Star Wars Rebels Season 5 Leaks & Release Date

The expected date of releasing the trailer of season 5 is 2020. But there’s no certainty about this news. As the team is working on their other projects i.e Star Wars: The Clone Wars on Disney+. But yes there is certainly a big hope that Star Wars definitely going to release its final season 5 very soon and with that said Sabine and Ahsoka will continue their hunt for Ezra in the eternity.

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