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How to Create A Custom Profile Picture For Netflix


Key Takeaways
  • Netflix allows users to create up to 5 profiles in a single account, each with its own unique name and profile picture, enhancing personalization.
  • To set a custom profile picture on Netflix, users can use a Google Chrome extension called "Custom profile picture for Netflix" available in the Chrome Store.
  • After installing the extension, users can upload a custom profile picture for Netflix on their desktop, with the limitation that it won't sync with mobile or TV devices.

Netflix is the most popular streaming service across the globe. It offers subscription plans according to different user requirements and budgets. But, their prices are expensive for a lot of people. Therefore, many friends group up together and buy a single Netflix account and use it on multiple devices.

And, even Netflix promotes this by allowing the creation of 5 different profiles in a single account. Therefore, multiple users can use a single account by creating a separate profile by themselves. And, these profiles can have unique names and profile pictures.

So, if you are looking to set up a custom profile picture for Netflix then this article is for you. Here is How to Create a Custom Profile Picture for Netflix.

Create a Custom Profile Picture for Netflix

There are a maximum of five profiles per Netflix account. All profiles can be customized and come with their own recommendations.

Netflix puts a default profile picture on your profile when you create it. You may choose an avatar from a library of Netflix-approved pictures. However, you cannot choose your own image.

But, you can use a google chrome extension to do so. Let’s know more about it.

Get A Custom Profile Picture For Netflix

Google Chrome is required for setting a custom profile picture on Netflix.

After that, you must install the Chrome extension called Custom profile picture for Netflix. To do so, go to the Google Chrome Store. Search for the extension. And click “Add to Chrome“. From the popup window, choose “Add extension“.

After you install the extension, you will be redirected to your profile page tab, if you have already signed into Netflix. Otherwise, just sign in to your Netflix account. Once Netflix loads the profile page, just stay there.

On your Google Chrome tab, click the Extensions icon to set up your profile picture. Select “Custom profile picture for Netflix“.

The next step is to choose the profile for which you want to upload a custom profile photo.

If you click “Select image” next to the picture, you will be directed to your computer folders.

Locate the picture that you are looking for. Click on “Open” after selecting your new photo. Make sure the image size is less than 5MB.

Using the icons in the “Alignment” section, you can crop your image once it has been uploaded. When you are satisfied with how it looks, close the extension and reload Netflix. The new image should appear.

However, the Google Chrome browser is the only one that supports this customization. Unfortunately, it won’t sync up with your TV or mobile device.

This is all about How to Create a Custom Profile Picture for Netflix. You can only add a custom profile picture on your Desktop but it won’t show up on mobile devices.


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