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How to Change Highlight Color in Adobe Acrobat Reader


A PDF document can embed multimedia content, has security features, and is cross-platform compatible. Furthermore, they can be viewed on a variety of devices, making them ideal for sharing and distributing. PDFs are versatile and easy to use, so for those who want something convenient, PDFs are the way to go.

However, in order to open a PDF file, you need software such as Adobe Acrobat Reader. It enables you to open, read, and print PDF files and fill out PDF forms. If you work with PDFs or need to convert them, consider purchasing or subscribing to Adobe Acrobat Pro.

In this software, it is also possible to change the text color in a PDF, which is today’s main topic. Here you will learn the methods to change the highlight color in Adobe. So, let’s get started with the guide.

How to Change Highlight Color in Adobe Acrobat Reader

Steps to Change the Highlight Color in Adobe Acrobat Reader

Currently, PDF files are the most popular for digital documents because they provide a similar reading experience to a book. This is because it provides features such as annotations, bookmarks, and text highlighting. When marking texts within a PDF, highlighting the text is essential for retrieving them later on. So, let’s check out the steps:

#1. Using the Preferences Menu

In case you want to change the highlight color in Adobe Acrobat Reader, then you can use the preferences menu, as this is the easiest way to do so. Therefore, let’s check out the steps to do so:

  • Initially, open any PDF file using Adobe Reader.
  • On the Menu Bar, select Edit, then Preferences.
  • Use the shortcut Ctrl + K for the above step.
  • On the left side of the Preferences window, you’ll find the Categories header.
  • Select Forms from that list.
  • With the color picker, you can now change the fields highlight color and Required fieldsWhat Are The Needy Steps You Need To Take to Change Highlight Color in Adobe?

#2. Using a Keyboard Shortcut

Suppose in case you find the above method quite challenging to perform, then you must try out the keyboard shortcuts to do so. Therefore, let’s check out the needy steps in order to do so:

  • Using Adobe Acrobat Reader open any PDF document or book.
  • From the Quick Tools toolbar, select the Highlight Text tool.
  • Press Ctrl + E to open the Properties Bar. 
  • You can also activate the same option by right-clicking on the Quick Tools menubar.
  • Then, to change the highlight color, click on the color picker.
  • Additionally, the highlight color can be changed by adjusting its opacity.  

#3. Using The Comment Tool

You can use the comment toolbox in order to change the highlight color in Adobe. So, in case you don’t know how to do so, check these steps:

  • Launch the Adobe Reader app and open the target PDF document.
  • On the Menu Bar, click View and then hover your mouse over Tools. 
  • You would now be able to edit PDF files, Comment on them, combine, compress, Edit, etc.
  • Click on Open after hovering over Comment.
  • Comments will appear on the left side of the document, and the toolbar will appear at the top of the document.Using The Comment Tool
  • On the Comment toolbar, select the Highlight Text tool again.
  • To change the color and opacity, click on the board pin icon or the color and opacity changer on the right.Using The Comment Tool

#4. Using The Context Menu

In case you still want any other option to change the highlight color in Adobe, make sure to use these steps:

  • To highlight text, select the existing or default tool.
  • Within the document, highlight a small section of text.
  • Right-click the highlighted text section.
  • Upon right-clicking, a context menu will appear. 
  • Then, select the Properties option to open the Adobe Reader Highlight Properties window.
  • Now you can choose a different color palette by clicking on the color picker.
  • To change the transparency of colors, you can also use the opacity slider. Using The Context Menu
  • It will automatically update existing highlights as well as future highlights.  

From Author’s Desk

So, that’s how you can change the highlight color in Adobe. We hope that this guide has helped you. Meanwhile, in case you need more help, comment below and let us know. 


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