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How to Fix Adobe Illustrator Stuck On Processing


Key Takeaways
  • Adobe Illustrator is a popular graphic design application used for creating vector graphics for various design purposes.
  • Users have reported that Adobe Illustrator gets stuck on processing while exporting files, leading to frustration and inconvenience.
  • To fix this issue, troubleshoot by ensuring a stable internet connection, deleting corrupted config files, or downgrading to a previous version of Illustrator.

Why Illustrator is stuck? Looking for the answer to the same question? Adobe Illustrator is a popular graphic design application used to create vector graphics. Many professionals and artists use this for designing logos, clip art, blueprints, etc. Adobe Illustrator provides you with some useful tools for different works, such as Selection, Paintbrush, Pen, and Pencil. These tools help you easily select, create, and manipulate objects or artworks. Overall, this is one of the best graphic designing that one can use. 

Recently, users have reported that whenever they try exporting Illustrator files, they are not able to do so. They have said that Adobe Illustrator gets stuck on Processing and does not move any further. If you have been facing this issue, this article will guide you with the troubleshooting steps to fix it. 

How To Fix Adobe Illustrator Stuck On Processing

Why Is Illustrator Stuck On Processing?

If you have been searching for why Illustrator is stuck on processing, then know that there can be various reasons behind that issue. You are likely to encounter this issue due to reasons such as-

  • Third-party apps are interfering with Illustrator.
  • You might be using an outdated version of Adobe Illustrator.
  • The updated version has some bugs. 
  • This issue might arise due to an unstable network connection.

Fix Adobe Illustrator Stuck On Processing

Now that you know what’s causing this issue let’s discuss some troubleshooting steps to fix it.

Ensure Stable Connection

You will face this issue with an unstable internet connection. You need to have a stable internet speed to use Adobe Illustrator. Check your internet speed if Adobe Illustrator is stuck on processing. You can check the speed of the internet by visiting Speedtest

If the internet is stable, move to the next troubleshooting step in the article. However, if there is some issue with the network, then troubleshoot it by following the steps given below-

  • Reconnect to the network that you are connected to. 
  • If you are using a router, restart it and connect to it again. For a mobile hotspot, restart your hotspot. 
  • Try connecting your PC to your router using the cable.
  • If none helps, then contact your ISP to check for network outages and fix the issues with your internet. 

Delete Config Files 

If the config files of Adobe Illustrator are corrupted, you will have to delete them to fix this error. When you delete the configuration files, they will build up on their own when you use Illustrator the next time. This will fix the issue and prevent Adobe Illustrator from getting stuck on processing. 

The steps for the same can vary for Windows and macOS. We will be discussing the process for both of them ahead. 


To delete config files on Windows, follow the steps given below-

  • Open File Explorer on your PC by pressing the Windows + E key combo. 
  • Now, click on the View option present at the top of the menu bar. Now, click on Show and then click on Hidden Items
  • Head to the following location in File Explorer-
    • C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Adobe Illustrator 26 Settings\en_US\x64
  • Now, select and delete the .runConfig and .runConfigRobin files. 
  • At last, you have to restart Adobe Illustrator and then check if the issue is fixed or not. 


  • Firstly, launch Finder in your system and press CMD + Shift + . key combo to view the hidden files.
  • Head to the following location now-
    • /Users//Library/Preferences/Adobe Illustrator 26 Settings/en_US
  • Herem delete .runConfig and .runConfigRobin files
  • Once done, check if the issue is fixed o not. 

By Downgrading Adobe Illustrator

If you started facing this issue after updating to the latest version, it might be because of the bugs in the newer version of the app. You should try downgrading the app and then check if you still face the issue or not. To do so, follow the steps given below-

  • Firstly, open the Creative Clouds app and select Adobe Illustrator. 
  • Click on the More (…) next to the app and then click on Other Versions. 
  • Under the Older Versions section, click on the Install button next to the version you want to install.
  • This will downgrade Adobe Illustrator, and you should now not face this issue again. 


If Adobe Illustrator is stuck on processing, this article will help you fix it. We have listed some troubleshooting steps that have worked for users facing the same issue. You can try following the steps above and check if that works for you. If you still face any problems, you can let us know in the comment below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) –

Why Is My Illustrator Stuck?

There can be various reasons why Adobe Illustrator may be stuck. It may be because of unstable internet, outdated apps, bugs with the latest version, etc. 

How Do You Unfreeze Adobe Illustrator?

If Adobe Illustrator keeps on freezing, then you will have to end the task from the task manager and close all the other apps consuming high CPU resources. To do so, follow the steps given below-

  • Press Ctrl + Shift+ Esc to open Task Manager. 
  • Under the Processes tab, select Adobe Illustrator and click on End Task. 
  • Close all the unnecessary apps running on your PC. 
  • Restart Adobe Illustrator, and you should now no longer face the issue. 

Can You Run Adobe In Safe Mode?

The safe mode is already enabled in Adobe by default. To specify the settings, click on Edit and then click on Preferences. Click on the Security (Enhanced) option under the Categories section. This is how to run Adobe in safe mode.


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