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How To Block Unwanted Or Spam Phone Calls/Texts On Android & iPhone


In Short Hacks: Each one of us is fed up with the company texts and fake calls. Also, there are always some irritating people around you who somehow lay hands on your contact number and keep texting and calling you from time to time. So to protect you or help you to make your Personal mobile phone experience great we have listed top 3 ways on How can you Block unwanted or fake phone calls/texts on android and iPhone as well.

How To Block Unwanted Or Fake Phone Calls/Texts On Android Device. 
How To Block Unwanted Or Fake Phone Calls/Texts On Android

There are situations in which people receive fake SMS and calls. These bogus callers get people’s number from different social media sites and other websites where you enter your personal information.

I am pretty sure you must be craving for methods using which you can block such unwanted or fake SMS and calls! And this is the only reason which inspired us to search for easy and convenient methods which will help you in blocking these annoying contacts. Hence, below we have listed some methods using which you can block unwanted SMS and calls on your Android device. So have a look at them and make use of the one you feel is convenient to you.

Method #1: How To Block Unwanted Phone Calls On Android?

First we start off with the very basic and traditional method which can be executed from your dialer itself without any dedicated app.

Step 1– Launch the dialer which you use for calling.

Step 2– Navigate yourself to the menu.

Step 3– Here, select ‘Blocked Contacts‘.

Step 4– Then, tap on ‘Add Callers to List‘.

Step 5– Select the contacts which you wish to block.

In this manner you can block any contact you want. In case your Android device does not allow you to add contacts to your blocks in this manner then, execute the following steps;

Step 1- Save the number you wish to block in your contacts list.

Step 2– Then, go to that contact in the contacts list.

Step 3 – Then, tap on the vertical dots and select ‘Block‘ from the drop down box.

That’s it! Your desired contract will be successfully blocked and you won’t be disturbed any more by that contract.

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Method #2: Block Calls/Text On Android & iPhone Using Mr. Number

#1 Another method which you can use requires an app to be installed on your Android device which is named ‘Mr. Number‘ from the Google Play Store and for iPhone use Apple App store

For Android: [appbox googleplay com.mrnumber.blocker&hl=en]

For iPhone: [appbox appstore https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/mr.-number-call-block-reverse/id1047334922?mt=8]

#2 This app allows you to block calls and SMS from a single person or from a particular area or from the whole world! Also, you can report spam calls and texts so that other users get warned.

#3 It provides with an automatic caller lookup using which you can decide whom to block from all the numbers on your phone’s history.

#4 You can add ‘Suspected Spam‘ to your block list so that Mr number blocks them automatically. This app can be effectively used to block unwanted calls and texts on your Android device.

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Method #3: Block Unwanted Calls/Text On Android Using BlackList

#1 This is another very good option for those people who wish to block calls or texts in their Android device. This app is available for free on Google Play Store! But it clearly mentions that Kit Kat and lollipop users will need am xposed framework to block SMS on their Android device.

[appbox googleplay com.vladlee.easyblacklist&hl=en]

Best Features of BlackList:

This app provides you with different options such as blacklist, exception list and configured blocking. Some of the remarkable features of this app are discussed below:

  • Configuration: You can hide this app’s icon and dial ‘5555’ or ‘##5555’ to launch this app. Also, you can enable or disable block notification, backup and restore blacklist settings here.
  • Managing Blacklist and Logs: This feature provides you with an additional option which allows you to ‘pick up then hang up‘ which can be enabled from the app’s settings. Also, you can block all numbers which might prove useful when you are attending an important meeting or sleeping. And the blacklist can be turned off whenever you want!
  • Exception list: This list contains the contacts of people whom you never wish to block. When you block all numbers excluding the exception list, you will be in contact only with selected people of yours which might be useful when you are on a family outing or on a vacation.

Method #4: Using TrueCaller

You Can use TrueCaller App. This App let you know about the unknown numbers calling or texting you as well as helps you to block the spam calls easily. This App is officially available on Android as well as iOS Platform. You can download the app from the below links:

For Andriod: [appbox googleplay com.truecaller&hl=en_IN]

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Wrap Up: So these were some of the very effective and efficient techniques which you can use to block unwanted calls or SMS on your Android device. Hence, make use of any method listed above and never be frustrated over such unwanted or fake calls and SMS. We hope that you will be able to do so easily once you have read the whole article. Still if you encounter any difficulty or if we have missed any of such useful technique, please let us know in the comments section below.

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