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How To Root Android Device Without Using Computer/PC


Quick Overview
  • Rooting an Android device allows for customization, installing unapproved apps, firmware replacement, and deleting bloatware, unlocking the full potential of the operating system by eliminating restrictions.
  • There are methods to root Android devices without a PC, including using apps like KingoRoot, Framaroot, and iRoot.
  • Each app has specific steps for rooting the device, ensuring ease of use and potential warranty voiding if not done carefully.

People who always want something more than what the stock provides them, they opt for rooting their device. Rooting an Android device allows you to install unapproved apps, replace the firmware, delete unwanted bloatware, update the OS, basically you can customize everything on your Android device on rooting it since, rooting unlocks your operating system to its full potential eliminating all the restrictions.

How To Root Android Device Without Using Computer/PC (100% Working)
How To Root Android Device Without Using Computer/PC (100% Working)

There are two major categories using which you can root your Android device. The first category makes use of your PC to Root your Android device while the second category allows you to root your Android device without using your PC. There are many different methods under both the categories which can be executed to get the Android device rooted.

Here, we are going to discuss the different methods under the second category which doesn’t make use of the PC. But, you need to be well aware of the fact that, if your device is under warranty and if you root your device, your device may get void of warranty and if anything goes wrong your service center won’t accept your device for any repair hence, rooting your device is totally at your risk. If you are confident enough then, follow the methods listed below and execute them in order to get your Android device rooted without using a PC so that you can enjoy all the modifications.

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How To Root an Android Device Without Using Computer/PC.

Method #1: Using An App Named ‘KingoRoot

This app roots your Android device within seconds.

Step 1: Download and install this KingoRoot App on your Android device.

Step 2: Launch the app on your Android device.

Step 3: on the main page, you will notice an option which will ask you to root your device. Click on it.

Step 4: Once you have clicked on it, your device will be rooted within no time. Unrooting your device is as easy as rooting it. This app claims that the warranty of your device won’t be void once you have unrooted your device which is a great news in case you encounter some problem in your device after rooting it. One precaution you need to have is that you will have to keep optimizing the root from time to time.

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Method #2: Root Android Using Framaroot

This is another quick method which you can use to root your Android device within seconds.

Step 1: Download and install this app on your Android device.

Step 2: Launch this app on your Android device. Then, select ‘Install SupperSU’ from the drop down options and click on ‘Boromir‘. Then, you will get a notification which will tell the success and all you to reboot your Android device.

This reboot will take a bit longer so please have patience. Once your device is rebooted, your device will be successfully rooted.

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Method #3: Root Android Phone Using iRoot

This is another great app which will root your device in no time.

Step 1: Download and install this app on your device.

Step 2: Launch this app and uncheck the box which will be located near the ‘I Agree’ option.

Step 3: It will first check your root and if it is not rooted, am option ‘Root now’ will appear. Click on this option.

Your device will be rooted in no time and you will receive a message which will inform you about the same.

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Wrap Up: Using either of the methods listed above, you can easily Root your Android device. Apart from the above-listed methods, there are numerous other methods available and rooting by using the PC is also a reliable option if you somehow fail to root your device without using the PC. So now you can eat your Android device confidently and make use of every customizable option which is unlocked once your Android device is rooted.

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