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Top 10 Best Stock Market Simulator and Games App


Practice makes a man perfect,” right? Trading requires a lot of practice to achieve successful and profitable results, just like the stock market. However, 90% of people lose in the stock market and waste their hard-earned money due to a lack of practice and proper knowledge. When asked, technical analysts, the so-called professionals, often say that you might be using the wrong stock market simulator, or you haven’t practiced enough to take on such capital risks. So, undoubtedly, we are here to serve you with the Top 10 Best Stock Market Simulators and Games Apps for both Android and iOS.

Top 10 Best Stock Market Simulator and Games App 2019
Best Stock Market Simulator and Games App

Stock market is a market where you can invest in companies from all around the world. The brokers have made a profession out of this business! It is because the stock market requires some strong knowledge, and some decision-making skills to gain profits.

However, if you receive proper training, and guidance, you can start trading fire yourself and save the commission you give to your broker. Also, you will feel responsible for your profit or loss.

Thus, here we are with the list of some of the best stock market simulation apps, which you can use to virtually learn how to trade with minimum loss and maximum profit. In these apps, virtual-fund is used to simulate real-time money.

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Best Stock Market Simulation Apps 

#1 Stock Trainer: Virtual Trading (Stock Markets)

Stock Trainer
Stock Trainer

This is one of the best apps for all stock market beginners. It uses data directly from the real market to give an experience to its users. But, you need to log in with your Google account to use this application on your smartphone. Another useful feature is that it can be used by beginners as well as professionals!

Key Features:

  • Automatic daily backups on fault tolerant Firebase Cloud.
  • Top gainers and top losers information provided.
  • Account summary with great looking graphics.

#2 Trading Game: Forex & Stock Market Investing.

If you are searching for apps with Professional Forex, Stock, Oil, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Gold trading, this is the simulator you need! It is completely safe as you do not have to invest your money in it. Also, you will be taught the basics of trading so that you can apply it in the real market.

Key Features:

  • Line & Candlestick chart
  • Competition with Friends & Users Worldwide
  • Daily, Weekly & Overall Rankings

#3 Wall Street Magnate: Best Stock Market Simulator

Wall Street Magnate: Best Stock Market Simulator 2019
Wall Street Magnate

Not many people know about this app but, it is one of the best stock market simulators which you can have on your device. Even this app uses real-time data to bring a realistic touch to this simulator. Also, you are offered with $100,000 in simulated cash to start trading. The all-around experience of this app is amazing!

Key Features:

  • Accounting for both dividends and stock splits in a real-time environment.
  • Enabling instant messaging and social club play where people can collaborate

#4 TradeHero: CFD Social Trading.

This is a unique app since it provides with an option to trade virtually or in real-time. Learning to trade via virtual market is free of cost while you can start real-time trading with as low as $50 as an investment. You can also join its community to share or receive knowledge about trading.

Key Features:

  • Start off virtual trading with a USD 100K portfolio.
  • TradeHero LIVE offers a wide range of CFDs on Stocks, Commodities, Forex, Indices
  • TradeHero cares about your risk!

#5 Stock Market Simulator 

As the name suggests, this app is dedicated to simulating the real-time stock market so that beginners can learn how to trade in order to increase their profits. This app is not only for beginners. Even efforts can use this app to enhance their knowledge related to the stock market.

Key Features:

  • Single search bar with voice search for stocks.
  • Latest prices of Sensex, NIFTY, India VIX.
  • Monitoring your portfolio across Stocks, Mutual Funds

#6 TD Ameritrade Trader: Stock Market Trading Simulator.

This app is useful for both investor and trader! A unique feature is that it uses data from the real market to train its users. It supports trading in more than 10 countries such as the US, India, Australia, etc. Learning stock market trading becomes quite simple due to its simple design, targeted strategies, etc.

Key Features:

  • Track Orders, Transactions and modify your watchlists.
  • Push notifications
  • Chat with a trading specialist in real-time

#7 The Game of Stocks.

In this game, you are given $22,000 at the start as an investment. You then need to analyze the data of various companies and invest in them to start trading! The process of trading is exactly the same as the real-market. A unique feature of this trading app is that you can import or export your game file if migrating from one device to another.

Key Features:

  • Real stock companies.
  • Penny stocks supported

#8 MarketWatch: Stock Exchange.

If you have a new business strategy in mind, you can try it in this app without investing or losing your money. If successful, you can try it in the real-time market. Here, you can deal with more than 50,000 real-time stocks. This is a well-organized app, which clears almost every trading query or doubts!

Key Features:

  • Market data center with access to stocks
  • Track your stock picks and see related MarketWatch stories

#9 TradeStation


TradeStation’s stock market simulator is a perfect app which includes all types of research tools, stock chart indicators, and access to the community forums where you can exchange ideas with other traders. You can try this app for sure.

Key Features:

  • Monitor Market Depth and Trade from the Matrix
  • Get Mobile Alerts on Price and Volume Swings
  • Place Orders with Ease and Split-Second Precision

#10 Stocks, Forex, Finance, Markets

This Stocks, Forex, Finance, Markets best Virtual simulator stock market app is fair and collaborative in every manner. This stock game app focuses on providing easy and affordable access to high-quality financial information to all users. Invite your contacts to chat and form chat clubs with them. You can easily Customize your watchlist to view the data you want to without any trouble.

Key Features:

  • Add your favorite financial instruments and their holdings to your portfolio.
  • Track major global indices, stocks, bonds, commodities, Forex, interest rates, futures, and options.

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These were some of the best stock market simulators which we could find for you! Also, almost all these apps are available on Google Play Store and are entirely free to use. You might be interrupted by some ads but, they do not stay for long. This, you can try them out and know which one suits you the best. Once you learn to trade, you can move on from these simulators to real-time stock market apps.

If you know of any such stock market simulator, which is not listed above, then please let us know about it in the comments section below.

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