Are you looking for the best Fitness Managers for yourself? Well, I know that’s why you landed here. Fitness is one such thing that every people is in need of this in 2020. But there are many such things that you need to understand before using any such Fitness Management software or GYM Management software. In this article, we have covered all about fitness management software.

Top 5 Best Fitness Management Software and Apps

Life has become very monotonous for most of the people in the world! They keep worrying about their work and their goals in life. Due to this, they pay very little attention to their health and contribute a negligible amount of time to maintain their fitness. Thus, the latest technology has taken a step forward to keep track of an individual’s eligibility by managing various aspects such as steps taken in a day, calories burned, nutrition, etc.

The various software has been developed for each operating system. Thus, you will find software for smartphones such as Android, iOS, etc. We have made a list of all such useful fitness management software and discussed their features in detail. Stay tuned to know about each software and what it has to provide you with!

Best Fitness Management Software & Apps 

#1 Google Fit

Best Fitness Management Software & Apps 
Googe Fit

As we all know, Google has one of the best developers in the world! Google Fit uses sensors of your smartphone to record activities such as walking or cycling. It then compares the obtained data against the user’s fitness goals to provide a complete view of their fitness. This software also provides recommendations and suggestions to maintain your fitness. This software is exclusively for the Android Operating System and its services are available for free.

You can download this software on your Android device from HERE.

#2 Endomondo

Best Fitness Management Software & Apps 

This is another widely used fitness management software in the world! This software is compatible with a number of Operating Systems such as Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows Phone. The distinguishing feature of this software is that it allows its users to set challenges for themselves and then compare their improvement with their set goals! Another useful feature of this software is that it allows its users to compete with their friends, share pep talks and results, etc.

You can track more than 40 different sports using this software. Some of the most widely used sports are running, cycling, walking, etc. It can also keep track of your heart rate provided, you have a Bluetooth heart rate monitor.

#3 Argus

Azumio is a company that develops software to maintain the fitness of a person. It has released a number of software that can keep a track of a person’s personal fitness and food intake. Argus is one such software that keeps track of the steps taken, calories eaten, and much more. This software is entirely free of cost and uses very little battery percentage while functioning on your device. Other useful features of this software include heart rate monitor, sleep alarm tracker, challenges, and goals, etc.

You can download this software on your Android device from HERE.

#4 Pedometer

As the name suggests, the basic feature of this software is to keep track of the steps walked in a period of time. It then calculates the number of calories burned while walking those number of steps along with other information such as speed, distance, etc.

You can see a graphical representation of the collected data for better analysis. It also stores the data from the past so that you can compare the previous results with current results. Since this software uses GPS to calculate the steps taken by you, the length of your step should be entered accurately for accurate results.

You can download this software on your Android device from HERE.

#5 Fitbit


This is another useful fitness management software that can be used to keep track of steps taken, calories burned, distance traveled, etc. Even this software uses GPS to calculate the steps taken. You can log your daily activities such as workouts, yoga, and food consumed to calculate the calorie intake. Some other useful features include heart rate tracking, daily goals, challenges with friends, etc.

Using this software, you can wirelessly sync your Blaze, Alta, Alta HR, Charge 2, Charge HR, Flex, Aria, One, or Zip tracker to your Android device.

You can download this software on your Android device from HERE.


These were some of the best fitness and GYM management software of 2020 which you can find on your smartphone. You can try them out and know which one suits you the best. Each software is unique in its own way! If you know of any such useful fitness management software, then please let us know about it in the comments section below.

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