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Top 5 Best Plex Plugins of 2024


Do you think it is possible to maintain and handle more digital libraries? No, it is not possible to maintain more extensive digital libraries. Then what is the solution for this? Yes, PLEX provides you the solution to handle more extensive digital libraries into your computer system.

It is easy to build digital libraries, but managing and moving from one computer system to another is difficult. Plex lets you access your entire digital library on your computer, mobile phones, or even on streaming devices without the need to transfer files manually.


Now let me explain to you what PLEX is about. Plex media server is a digital media player,(Digital media player-It is an electronic device that allows you to connect home network to your stream media such as music photos or digital videoand it is an organizational tool that will enable you to access pictures, videos, music, and videos which are stored in any other computer devices or the mobile phones. Which platforms does it support to install?

You can install this plex media server software in windows, Linux, or Mac, and you can also install this in your NAS. (Network Attached Storage is a file storage device connected to the network that allows multi-user to store and retrieve data from a central location only for the authorized network users and valid clients. These devices are flexible because you can add to what you have already if you want extra storage. Those on the local area network can share their data via ethernet, and this device does not have a monitor, keyboard, and mouse.)

What can you do with Plex Plugins?

Best Plex Plugins of 2021: Worth to Try & Download

It can use any compatible devices for watching movies, listening to music, and viewing the4 pictures stored in your computer running in a plex media server. You can access these media files held in the plex media server computer remotely via the internet. Is it possible to give access to your friends? Yes, your friends and family members can access your movies via the internet.


Plex is free to download and use, but certain features have been locked under the premium subscription. But don’t worry still, you can do a lot with this free version; all the locked features can be unlocked if you subscribe to premium, monthly, yearly, and lifetime subscriptions. Features like mobile sync and live Television are locked behind the premium plex service.

Premium subscription allows a lot of features to use than a free version, like 

Premium music: You can get the lyrics for your songs that you stream and generate all the playlists like Spotify.

Premium photos: It allows you to sort and access the images that you’re looking for. You can also get the option that will upload new photos from your mobile automatically, and it also includes auto-tagging of your photos.

Live Tv: It includes a digital video recorder feature, and it allows us to receive local HD television channels.

Offline sync: It allows you to download movies and music from a mobile device no longer connected to the internet.

Why do people choose a Plex plugin?

Yes, most people choose the plex plugin because of its elegant interface and the ability to handle more libraries of music, movies, pictures, etc. But plex can also do more than stream download. With the help of a plex plugin, it’s easy to get your favorite web series on your Television and even mobile devices.

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1. WebTools

It is an unofficial plex app store with the plex server, and it allows you to download all the previously listed apps directly into your plex. It will also allow you access to all the unsupported app stores to download most of your plugins. Web tools is a web portal that is accessed by a separate IP address. When you click on the plugin, it will be displayed. By default, the plex media server will not assign any username or password to your account in this web tool, so you should set up the username ad password.

Download WebTools

2. FlimOn

Do you want to experience media streaming to another level? Then, flimon gives you another level of experience by integrating free TV channels; this plugin is viral because it has the availability of SD and HD channels from different countries. The category in which you can access the media are sports, comedy, horror, etc. It streams the tracks from other countries irrespective of their geolocation. More than 600 live Tv streams available in film, and it has remote DVR capability.

Download FlimOn

3. Ombi

Ombi is one of the essential plugins, and you should use it only when you get frequent requests from the users to download the movies or upload the contents on your plex server. It offers a unique web portal and allows you to manage web requests via the plex server. Using this plugin is straightforward. The first step involves the request from the user, and once the user uploads the content, they will be notified automatically via email. This plugin is quite versatile, and it also allows the user to report issues.

Download Ombi

4. IceFlims

This plugin is exclusively for its vast movie collection.IceFlim will give access to thousands of movies worldwide to their user. This plugin’s most important feature is updating their content based on their trends and latest movie collection, and blockbuster movies. This plugin provides you the option to set up your email id so that it can notify you when your desired show or films are available.

Download IceFlims


This plugin is mainly used to provide a cable-like experience to the user. It can access a wide range of content online, and it also produces an array-like streaming option for the user. This includes movies, sports, etc.

Download IPTV

Final Words:

I hope you find this article useful and you get some information about the best plex plugins. Try out each plugin because each one offers you different features, so use them and let me know your feedback. If you have any suggestions on this article, please contact us using the contact us page.

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