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Top 10 Liveleak Alternatives to Try in 2024


Key Takeaways
  • Liveleak, a unique video-sharing platform known for real footage of war and politics, was banned in 2021 due to its graphic content.
  • To satisfy the demand for similar content, various Liveleak alternatives exist in 2024, such as Xfinity Video, Leaked Reality, and EngageMedia.
  • These alternatives provide uncensored content in various genres, offering users a range of options to continue accessing similar content to Liveleak.

Liveleak was a video-sharing platform based in the UK that hosted real footage of the war, politics, and many others. This website wasn’t like the regular video-streaming platform and was not for timid persons.

But, this unique video content-providing website grew rapidly among people who liked watching graphic violence.

In 2021, it was banned worldwide, but the quest for the same content remains. So, people search for Liveleak alternatives. If you’re one of them, you’re at the right place; here, I’ll share some of the best alternatives to quench your thirst for the same content.

Top 10 Liveleak Alternatives to Try For News in 2023

Top 10 Liveleak Alternatives to Try in 2024

You’ll find many similar sites like Liveleak but not all provide the same features and interface as Liveleak.

So to help you find the best alternative, I have made a list of 10 sites and apps that’ll surely compensate Liveleak.

1. Xfinity Video

Xfinity Video

Xfinity is the first on my list and the best alternative to Liveleak, providing endless content without censorship.

This platform has an easy-to-use interface allowing you to navigate various options and watch anything easily.

It contains content from popular news channels like CNN and Fox, and you can use it to stream sports from ESPN. You’ll also get content from other genres, such as entertainment, lifestyle, etc.

All the content inside is categorized systematically, so you can easily find anything you want.


2. Leaked Reality

Leaked Reality

With a clean and simple UI, Leaked Reality can be another great alternative to Liveleak.

Its homepage is similar to that of YouTube, so you’ll feel used to it, and the homepage categorizes the videos into three parts: Must-See Videos, Latest News and Featured. You can also use the filters such as Most Recent, Most Commented, Public, Private, etc., to sort content.

You’ll surely love this platform if you’re fond of watching graphic content, as it includes content from various genres such as cops, robbery, crime, and many others.


3. EngageMedia


EngageMedia is free and open to all platforms where anyone can share their videos. It can compete with Liveleak and be one of the best alternatives.

This non-profit platform focuses on promoting human rights and freedom of speech. It also partnered with Canadian TV to nourish social justice and democracy in Media platforms and still doing the same.

You can stream the videos on any device of any operating system and can share videos just by creating an account.


4. Veoh


If you need a website that can entertain you by providing quality videos, Veoh is the choice.

You’ll find videos, music, movies, channels, etc. tab on the top bar to quickly select the category you want to watch.

This platform provides tons of content from genres such as comedy, horror, anime, etc.

Other than this, you can watch the content uploaded by other users and upload your videos to the platform by creating an account.


5. D Tube

D Tube

D Tube’s interface is similar to YouTube, so it’ll be easier to locate various options and watch content. But the features are different, making it unique and one of the best contenders for the alternatives to Liveleak.

This decentralized platform shows you explicit content on its homepage without any limitations.

You must create an account on this website to watch and share content.

D Tube rewards you for the videos the users’ upload, and you can also earn that. It pays the amount in crypto, so you can easily redeem it in any wallet. 


6. AOL Video

If you’re searching for a platform with tons of videos like YouTube and Liveleak, AOL Video is suitable for you.

It has many features and a simple interface that will enhance your watching experience.

AOL Video not only contains videos uploaded on its platform but also hosts videos from other platforms.

It provides you with various options such as shows, My Queue, Explore, and many more, helping the users categorize content easily.

The best feature of this platform is that it allows you to view all the content without registering.


7. OMG News

If you like to watch debates and controversies, you’ll surely find your desired content here in OMG News.

You’ll see videos like a scientist who can’t challenge the prevalent theories, warning parents that their children have watched violent videos, etc.

This platform wants to take advantage of the online phenomenon and astonish users with the videos so that they share them on social media and make the platform more popular.


8. Ebaum’s World

Ebaum’s World

Ebaum’s World features videos and pictures worldwide to entertain you; thus, it can be an alternative to Liveleak.

It has comprehensive video content from different segments such as news, viral video, or funny. You’ll also see NSFW videos on this platform, so you should be careful enough while surfing it.

This website will show you random funny, shocking, horror videos, so you may get astonished while scrolling through them.


9. ItemFix

Another probable contender and alternative to Liveleak is ItemFix, which contains videos worldwide, allowing you to explore more.

This platform normally contains people performing random acts or showing any issue within a country; you’ll surely love that watching.

It has a simplistic interface so you can navigate the options easily. But it may take time to let you move if the video takes time to load.

You can also create videos and share them on ItemFix easily on your account.


10. Daily Mail Online

Daily Mail Online

This platform is the last on my list, but you can use this platform as an alternative to Liveleak.

After clicking Video, you get access to tons of videos of all genres, such as News, Sports, Family, Science, political events, celebrities, etc.

Although you won’t get a chance to complain about its content, you may find the interface bit unattractive, and you won’t get similar feelings to Liveleak.



So, these were some of the best liveleak alternatives in 2024 to watch unlimited videos. I hope you have selected one from the above list. If you want to share any similar website or feedback, drop in the comments below.


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