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Top 15 Best WatchSeries Alternatives in 2024


Key Takeaways
  • WatchSeries offers free streaming of TV shows and movies with high demand, leading to server downtime.
  • Crackle, SolarMovie, and FMovies are among the top WatchSeries alternatives, offering free streaming of TV shows and movies with a wide range of content.
  • Popcornflix, Primewire, and Vumoo provide free access to movies and TV shows, with Popcornflix supporting multiple platforms and Primewire offering IMDB ratings.

WatchSeries is the place to go to catch up on all of your favorite TV shows and movies. It allows you to watch and download the most recent movies and TV shows. WatchSeries is well-known around the world, and people from all over the world watch its content. Because of the high demand, the servers may become overburdened, resulting in downtime.

WatchSeries provides free streaming of TV shows and series for users. Despite being free, this site provides similar content and features as premium websites. With tens of thousands of titles, they offer an enormous selection of TV shows and series, all in full HD quality. But, there are many users who think that this website is not legal.

Well, of course, it is not properly legal as it delivers a pirated copy of the content. That’s the reason why users are looking for some best WatchSeries alternatives that they can use to watch their favorite shows or series. So, if you are searching for such kinds of sites, your search is now over! Here we have mentioned some of the best alternatives for WatchSeries.

Top 10 Best WatchSeries Alternatives In 2023

So, here is the complete list of some of the best-in-class WatchSeries alternatives you can use to watch new movies, web series, etc.


Best WatchSeries Alternatives In 2022

The very first WatchSeries alternative we have on the list is Crackle. The site is backed by Sony Pictures and is completely free to use. Crackle has a wide range of content in its library, which you can browse through and stream. You can access the content without signing up on the platform. Though the platform is free to use, you may get various ads on it. 



As an alternative to TheWatchSeries, SolarMovie offers entertainment services such as film and TV series. On this website, you can watch a wide range of popular TV shows and movies that are entertaining and popular.

Moreover, everything on Solarmovie is free of charge. In addition, you do not even have to register in order to use the website. This website will always provide you with the desired results, regardless of whether you are a fan of watching documentaries, animations, or science fiction.

Navigation is also fairly simple and understandable on this website. Another reason why it is the perfect alternative is that there is a search bar to search for movies and series you want to watch.


Best WatchSeries Alternatives In 2022

The very next content streaming platform is Fmovies. Fmovies lets you stream the latest movies and TV shows. It allows you to stream content of the best quality. The best part about using this platform is its easy-to-use interface. You can easily search for the movie or the show you are looking for and start streaming. The platform is free to use, and you won’t see a lot of ads when you play the content. 



The Popcornflix streaming service gives you access to movies and TV shows without paying a monthly fee. But, recurring advertisement is inserted into the viewing experience as a form of exchange for the free content offered by Popcornflix.

In addition to free viewing, it’s also a subsidiary of Screen Media Ventures, one of the biggest independent distributors of motion pictures to television worldwide. Also, you can enjoy your content anywhere, anytime, as it supports multiple platforms.

For free content on Popcornflix, you don’t need to create an account. Therefore, you don’t have to share any personal information as you do while creating your account. So, in my opinion, it is one of the best WatchSeries alternatives available in 2023.



Primewire is also one of the best alternatives to WatchSeries. The interface of the site is quite simple, and on the homepage, you will see the search box and the featured movie. You can search for the movie or the show from the search box or play the content from the featured content. Moreover, the platform also shows the IMDB rating of the content you are watching. If you watch the content based on their IMBD rating, then you can check that directly from this site before streaming the content. 

Like WatchSeries, PrimeWire offers free streaming of TV shows and movies which was previously known as LetMeWatchThis. On PrimeWire, you can watch thousands of movies and series that would normally be paid for.

Despite its many advantages, PrimeWire does have some serious disadvantages. One of the service’s features is that it works with pop-up ads, which can range from regular to pornographic ads.

Moreover, clicking on the wrong link could result in the download of malware, such as a data-stealing program. Using PrimeWire poses several risks, but it is still better than the WatchSeries.


Best WatchSeries Alternatives In 2022

Vumoo has a huge library of content with all the latest movies and TV shows to date. The site is easy to navigate through and you can easily search for the content by the name you are looking to stream. Not only you will get the movie/ web show by the name but the site will also show you the search result consisting of similar content that you may be interested in. Moreover, the site also shows information including IMDB rating, release date, runtime, and various such information. 

There is a wide range of animation pictures, books, and movies available on Vumoo, which is absolutely free. The category includes entertainment, sports, and films. You can even enjoy the Korean, Chinese, and Japanese content with English subtitles.

Moreover, just like the other platform, you do not need to sign up or spend your hard-earned money to get a subscription to enjoy the latest content.

In addition, the overall user interface of this platform is very easy; you can access its large library and enjoy your content without getting too many advertisements as the ads are limited.


SideReel is a popular site to stream TV shows. You can search through the library categorized by Calendar or Genre. You can either enter the name of the TV shows you want to watch in the search box, and the site will display the web series including all the related search results. Before watching, you can see through various information related to the TV show like ratings, total episodes, and such. 


123 Movies

123 Movies has a number of options for entertainment in terms of both movies and TV shows. It has everything from Indian movies to American shows. In addition to the line of duty, many TV shows and films are also available, such as the big bang theory, Grey’s anatomy, Money heist, etc.

Even the latest releases of 2023 are available, and everything is free of charge. In addition, there is no requirement to register to view something.

Meanwhile, you only have to open the website and type your search term to get what you’re looking for. Due to such factors and benefits, 123movies is an ideal platform for TV series and movies, and it should therefore be considered one of the best alternatives to Watchseries when watching TV series.

TV Muse

Another great WatchSeries Alternative we have on the list is TV Muse. You will find most of the TV shows and movies on the library of TV Muse which you can stream for free. The site is free to use and you will be able to watch content for free without registering on the site. However, the only thing that will irritate you are the ads. You will get ads now and then, even when you click on any link on the site. We would suggest you go with an ad blocker extension or a browser with ad blocking if you stream content on TV Muse. 



Most people know about Hulu, but how many are aware of its full potential? Hulu is one of the most impressive streaming platforms, although it also has disadvantages. Most subscribers will appreciate the cost-effective features of the service.

The streaming service Hulu has been around for some time, but many users still do not use it. It might be worth a try for more people, though. No matter what you’re looking for, there won’t be a shortage of new TV shows or movies on Hulu.

You get all the streaming content you would expect from Hulu. Additionally, it offers live TV, original content developed by Hulu itself, and a variety of television shows and movies. Also, using Hulu on your device is one hundred percent legal.

Share TV

Share TV is also one of the best places to watch TV shows and movies online. Just like other sites we have mentioned on this list, Share TV is also free to use. You can watch a variety of movies or TV series on this platform. You will get all the popular movies and TV shows on this list including anime. Well, there are few ads on the platform, but going with an ad blocker will keep you away off from the disturbance caused by the ads. 

BigStar Movies

BigStar Movies

There are many award-winning Independent movies, foreign films, documentaries, film festival winners, shorts, and more available in this application. You can find and allow to select your content from the thousands of movie titles for free.

But, this app isn’t for those looking for Hollywood movies. Also, in our opinion, the BigStar Movies are one of the best WatchSeries alternatives available in the market.


Last but not least, UWatchFree is also a great platform to watch movies and TV series online. You can search for content based on the categories, including TV shows, genres, and language. You can either search the content by the name or the IMDB ID. You will get all the HD links for the movie or TV shows. You will get the link for the content in the languages you prefer on this site. 



This site, PutLocker, doesn’t put any locks but provides wonderful free TV shows and web series. You can watch entertaining movies with Putlocker in addition to shows and sitcoms. There are dozens of things to watch on this site, including the old classics and the latest releases, without spending a penny.

Whether you want to watch sad or funny movies, Putlocker is perfect for every mood. However, it is important to note that this website does not host any movies or TV series on its server but instead utilizes third parties to provide them.

This website is user-friendly, easy to use, and, most importantly, FREE. Although you may need to click from one link to another, other than that, it is very easy to use, user-friendly, and incredibly convenient.

Final Words

So, that’s our recommendation on some of the best WatchSeries alternatives 2023. We hope that you find our suggestion helpful. But, in case you need more information about the applications or websites we have mentioned earlier in this article, comment below and let us know.


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