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Top 10 VIPBox Alternatives to Watch Live Sports Online


Key Takeaways
  • VIPBox is a top streaming site to watch major sports events for free, but there are other websites like goATD, Fox Sports Go, and SuperSport that offer similar features.
  • Alternative sites such as SportLemon, MyP2P, and FirstRow Sports provide diverse sports streaming options without registration.
  • Platforms like Batmanstream, StreamWoop, and ScoresInLive offer free live sports streaming with user-friendly interfaces and additional features for an enhanced viewing experience.

VIPBox is one of the best streaming sites to watch major sports events. For free, you can stream live matches, highlights, football, UFC, Rugby, NBA, NFL, Boxing, etc., for free. Although, it’s not the only website to provide maximum entertainment when it comes to sports. There are several other streaming websites like VIPBox that offer the same features. In this post, we have compiled a list of VipBox alternatives to watch sports online.

Best VIPBox Alternatives 2024

Below are some VipBox Alternatives to Watch Sports Online:

goATD.meVipBox Alternatives

goATD is the first VipBox alternative to stream sports online. It is a very easy-to-use sports streaming website that provides real-time sporting events. The homepage only shows games scheduled for the current day.

Various sports, including basketball, golf, tennis and soccer, are available. goATD has millions of users worldwide, and it’s relatively known to the majority of streamers. One good feature is that it doesn’t have unnecessary ads that hamper the viewing experience.

Fox Sports Go

Fox Sports

If you like watching motorsports events more than any other sports event, this website is for you. It is free to access, and there are many handy features available. One unique feature is the time zone setting. Using this feature, you can monitor the time of events held within the native time zone.

This website works with different sports channels from different countries. If you aren’t into motorsports, other sports such as Ice Hockey, Basketball, Tennis, NBA, etc., are also available.

SuperSportSuper Sport

It is another website that is very identical to VipBox. SuperSport is very convenient as users can easily find their match by selecting which club it belongs to. Also, the website has WWE and UFC among their sporting events.

All these things together make this website more entertaining than others. Its homepage shows all the games currently being played in the world. You can also watch cricket, hockey, and much more.

SportLemonVipBox Alternatives

SportLemon allows you to watch live matches, TV channels and other sports for free. You also don’t need any kind of registration to access the content of this website. Apart from watching different sports and movies, you can also listen to songs.

There are more than 130 channels available for live streaming. You can watch different sports like boxing, badminton, rugby, football, handball, basketball, tennis, etc.


MyP2PMyP2P allows you to watch live sports events anywhere on any device. You can access your free sports events in high quality for free on this website. Its interface is user-friendly, and streaming on the website is very easy.

Like most other sites, it also offers various sports categories like tennis, football, soccer, baseball, etc. In each category, there are different stations to stream. You can also watch your favourite sports live.

FirstRow Sports

VipBox Alternatives FirstRow’s user interface is very identical to VipBox. You can stream sports events of high quality. It allows you to adjust the website’s time zone to get more accurate time references. You can also keep track of the score of a match by clicking on the live scores option on the homepage.

The website streams sports events regularly so the users can enjoy their favourite sports live stream. You can click on the reload button to navigate to the news feed. Besides, this website offers you are scheduled according to your location.


BatmanstreamBatmanstream is one of the oldest running VipBox alternatives. On this website, you can watch live streams for free without any ads and enjoy your free trial period. You can also share your favourite live streams on your social media accounts.

Various professional league major sports competitions are available to watch live on this website. It also has an APK that you can install on your Android phone and enjoy streaming. Another interactive feature is the live chat that allows you to communicate with other sports fans worldwide.


SteamWhoopStreamWoop is another very popular sports streaming website. This website will connect you with different Sports and TV channels for free. Although if you don’t register on the website, you can unlock various features. Its clean and attractive web design and layout makes it easy to use for almost anyone.

One demerit is that you will have to register yourself to get the latest updates. The website’s service is absolutely free; you will just need to register yourself using your email ID. Once done, you can stream your favourite sports effortlessly.


ScoresInLiveScoresInLive allows easy streaming of different sports events. It is extremely easy for the user to find the sports event they want to watch due to the website’s easy to use user interface. Every day’s streaming schedule is posted on the website’s home page.

As itself aggregator website, it doesn’t host streams directly. This website provides links to existing websites that offer the live stream facility. When you click on the link, you will be redirected to a different website that streams your favourite game.


StrreamhunterStreamhunter is the last one of the VipBox alternatives on our list. It is a very popular and reliable live streaming platform with various features. Its extremely clean and straightforward user interface makes it easy to use among people of all is groups. All the available content is very well organized, making searching for your desired content much easier.

All live streams are available in very good video and sound quality. The video quality is very crisp and details. It also offers a notification feature that notifies you about the updates of ongoing matches. A ton of other advanced features are also available to make you enjoy your sports entertainment.

Is VIPBox Shutdown?

Vipbox.tv is UP and working fine when checked on isitdownrightnow, VIPBox typically displays the domain live. Internet Explorer users will be taken to VIPRow Sports when they click that link. The domain name has been switched and redirected to the new address, and there have been a few tweaks made to the code.

Wrapping Up

These were the top 10 sites like VipBox to watch sports online for free in 2022. Although, VipBox’s services aren’t illegal. It’s better to know some other options due to the implementation of regional laws, as sometimes it might get difficult to gain access to this site. From the above SportsRAR.TV and goATD.me are two platforms we recommend you to use. Do let us know which of the above-mentioned you will use.


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