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Top 5 Best Game Controllers For Pixel 3XL Gaming


Quick Overview
  • Mobile gaming is popular with smartphone users who enjoy playing their favorite games; now, even smartphones like the Google Pixel 3 XL can be used as gaming devices
  • This article provides a list of the top best game controllers for Pixel 3 XL, enhancing the gaming experience on the smartphone
  • The list includes controllers such as the Bionik VULKAN Advanced Wireless Gaming Controller, SteelSeries Stratus+ Bluetooth Gaming Controller, PowerA Moga Pro Power, Razer Kishi V2 Mobile Gaming Controller, and GameSir X2 Type-C Mobile Game Controller, each offering unique features and benefits for gaming enthusiasts.

Mobile gaming is addictive; smartphone users love to spend time playing their favorite games. Many users love to play their favorite games on gaming consoles. Did you know you can utilize even your smartphone to play your favorite games? 

Smartphones come with high graphics and compatible memories to play the latest games just like gaming consoles. This article is for you if you use Google’s Pixel 3 XL smartphone. 

This article shares the list of the Top Best Game Controllers for Pixel 3 XL. It will help you pick the most suitable gaming controller to get the best gaming experience right on your Pixel 3 XL smartphone. 

Let’s jump on the list, but before that, let us explain why you need a game controller for your smartphone. 

Top 5 Best Game Controller For Pixel 3XL Gaming

Why do you Need a Controller for Pixel 3XL Gaming? 

Smartphone manufacturers try to attract gamers by providing high-configured smartphones compatible with the latest games. Since mobile users can play and explore their favorite games remotely without the need for a big computer screen and other peripherals, the number of mobile gamers keeps increasing. 

When you invest a few extra dollars, you can instantly improve your gaming experience on the small screen of your Android device. Yes, a game controller is there to give you a PC-like gaming experience remotely. 

The controller has several buttons to control the entire game and its functionality. You can enhance your gaming experience by investing in a game controller device. 

Best Game Controllers for Pixel 3 XL (2023)

1. Bionik VULKAN Advanced Wireless Gaming Controller

Best Game Controllers for Pixel 3 XL

Bionik’s wireless gaming controller is there to give you a top-notch gaming experience by controlling your game wirelessly. It features a unique control interface that lets you change the functionality of the buttons located on the controller.  

The super stunning black design and handy shape of the controller make this small device an attractive one. This gaming controller is compatible with all types of gaming consoles and mobile devices that support additional gaming controllers. Yes, it works with Google Pixel 3 XL smartphones also.  

Talking more about its built quality, the controller is made from high-grade materials textured with a rubberized body for better gripping while you play the game. The wireless controller’s range is up to 30 feet. It supports both a Bluetooth connection and a 2.4 GHz connection.  


  • Designed with the latest technology for the better gaming experience 
  • Wireless and Wired connection 
  • 30 feet wireless range using the Bluetooth connectivity 
  • Supports PCs, gaming consoles, and Android devices 
  • Works well with VR headsets
  • Budget-friendly device


  • For a lag-free gaming experience, use a wired connection on this controller

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2. SteelSeries Stratus+ Bluetooth Gaming Controller 

Best Game Controllers for Pixel 3 XL

If you are searching for a wireless controller under a budget price tag for your Google Pixel 3 XL device, then SteelSeries Stratus+ is the right choice for you. This gaming controller is there to suit your requirements of gaming as it is designed for the new generation of users.  

The gaming controller supports Android and Windows platforms. It comes with both wireless and wired connection options. Android users can use the wireless connection by connecting the device using a Bluetooth connection. PC users can use the USB data cable to connect their devices with a wired connection seamlessly.  

What’s unique about this device is it features a powerful battery that lasts up to 90 hours with a single charge. The fast-charging battery gives you 12 hours of gameplay with 15 minutes of charging. Isn’t it great?  

It is designed for the pro-gamers who love to play high-quality games on their mobile devices. It is made of high-performance hardware and comes with an adjustable mobile mount to improve your gaming experience while playing games on a mobile device.  


  • High-quality design with better gripping 
  • Quick wireless connection using Bluetooth 
  • Supports PC with a wired connection 
  • Built-in powerful battery with 90 hours of gameplay
  • Adjustable phone mount for mobile users
  • Reasonable for all types of users


  • Some users experience connection issues with the Bluetooth connection of their mobile devices.

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3. PowerA Moga Pro Power

Best Game Controllers for Pixel 3 XL

PowerA is one of the most trusted brands in the gaming industry with a range of accessories for pro gamers. The PowerA Moga Pro Power is their best-selling product which is nothing but a wireless gaming controller. This gaming controller is designed for all types of gamers as it serves an intuitive user interface with a quick connection. 

The device is well compatible with Google Pixel 3 XL smartphone with its Bluetooth connectivity option. What’s unique about this controller is it features an adjustable mobile mounting to place and hold your device for an ultimate gaming experience. 

The size of this controller is just like the original controller that you use on your gaming console, i.e. full-size controller fits well in your hands. The gripping is quite comfortable. 

The controller comes with a built-in battery of 2200 mAh. You can recharge your device while playing the game on this controller. It’s a great product for those who travel a lot and want to play their favorite games while on the go. Precision controls, clickable analog sticks, four action buttons, and all the other essential things are present on this controller.  


  • Full-size gaming controller 
  • All the essential keys and controls available 
  • Wireless connectivity through Bluetooth connection 
  • Great compatibility 
  • The built-in rechargeable battery of 2200 mAh 
  • Supports mobile recharging 


  •  The company’s customer support is very poor.

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4. Razer Kishi V2 Mobile Gaming Controller

Best Game Controllers for Pixel 3 XL

The Kishi V2 mobile gaming controller is designed for modern gamers. Unlike other gaming controllers, the Kishi V2 serves a unique user interface with its slidable design.  

It features cutting-edge microswitch buttons, customizable triggers, and programmable macros that give you the best gaming experience. The device is compatible with smartphones and PCs and gaming consoles that support wireless connectivity of external gaming controllers.  


  • Ergonomic design with extendable bridge 
  • Customizable triggers
  • Console-like gaming experience 
  • High-quality button controls and body
  • Optimized for maximum performance on the small screen 
  • Multi-device compatibility 
  • Budget-friendly price


  • Some users find it difficult to load their smartphones as the extendable stand looks a bit uncomfortable.

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5. GameSir X2 Type-C Mobile Game Controller

Best Game Controllers for Pixel 3 XL

GameSir is yet another popular manufacturer with a range of accessories for gamers. The X2 Type-C Mobile Game Controller from GameSir is their best-selling product. This gaming controller device is compatible with Google Pixel 3 XL smartphone as it also features USB Type-C charging port and runs on Google’s Android Operating System.  

It’s a wired game controller that lets you connect your device using a standard wired connection for the ultimate gaming experience. There is no delay in the gameplay due to the wired connection. The device runs on low power that doesn’t need a built-in rechargeable battery.  

The device consumes power from the device itself. It comes with all the essential buttons to control the game like a pro. The ergonomic design looks more stunning and handy!  


  • Better performance with USB Type-C wired connection
  • Runs on low-power mode 
  • Movable type-C port
  • Built-in screenshot function
  • Ergonomic design 
  • Extendable design for better compatibility


  • Lacks Bluetooth connectivity which is a must-have feature on the external gaming controller

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The Bottom Line: 

These are the market’s best game controllers for Pixel 3 XL smartphones. The devices listed above come from different manufacturers and carry budget-friendly price tags. You can choose the standard game controller with a mounting stand or a modern controller with an extendable design from the list per your needs. 


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