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Top 5 Best Free Meme Generator Apps/Websites For Android


Memes are exciting things that everyone on their social media now shares. People send memes to their close ones and upload them on their profiles so everyone can enjoy them. Memes are sent to each other for humor, or sometimes it provides you with a new idea. Sharing a meme is easy, but generating them is pretty difficult. There are some apps and websites where you can generate memes very easily. Using a meme generator app or website, you can create a meme just by adding images, text, and effects. This article will list some best and most free meme generator apps/websites for Android.

Meme Generator Apps/Websites For Android 

If you want to show your creativity by making memes, then there are various free meme generators that you go for. Given below is a list of the best free meme generator apps and websites for Android that you can go for.


Best Free Meme Generator Apps/Websites For Android

Mematic is a meme generator app that will help generate memes for free. It provides you with many templates to develop a perfect meme. You can further add images and captions or text to the meme to make it more exciting. The text can be customized in different fonts and styles and with various colors or watermarks. This app can also be used to create inspirational quotes. This is very easy to use. This app also provides many features to customize your meme, such as arranging the texts and adding stickers.


Best Free Meme Generator Apps/Websites For Android

Memasik is also a meme generator app using which you can easily make memes by adding text, stickers, and emojis. This app is updated frequently, and more and more meme templates are added to it. This is very easy to use, and you can easily save the memes to your phone’s gallery. You can quickly increase your followers by sharing memes on the app so that others can react to them. When you share your meme with other users, you can easily earn a meme currency with which you can boost your posts and make them more popular.



Memedroid is also one of the best free meme generators to create memes on your Android device. You can create funny memes using this app. You can also rate the memes after sharing them with your friends. Moreover, you can also interact with the people who make or generate memes across the world. Using this meme generator app, one can create GIFs and show your sense of humor. You can also add the images and photos from your gallery and create a new meme by editing them. Rating and commenting features are also available in this app, and you can also comment or rate the other memes generated by people worldwide. The exciting thing included in this app is that you can get rewards and unlock achievements.



Memeto is a simple app to generate memes for free on Android devices. Creating memes on this app is also a time-saver process as using this app, and you can create memes in just a few minutes. You can make some creative and attractive memes using this app just by using meme style, layout, text colors, fonts, and sizes. Also, more than 1000 stickers can be added to the memes to make them attractive and unique. You can create a background for your meme by adding photos from the gallery or the app itself. After creating a meme using this app, you can share it with other social media apps.

Memes Maker & Generator

Best Free Meme Generator Apps/Websites For Android

Memes Maker & Generator is also the best and free meme generator app to generate memes online and share them on other social media platforms. The best thing about this website is that it includes videos and GIFs. Using this app, you can create free memes, videos, and GIFs. The app has various editing tools using which you can edit a meme without any issue. You can also control or edit the speed of any video in your gallery. You can create some exciting memes, GIFs, and videos by adding text and stickers. Using this app, you can rate the memes of your followers, like and comment on the other users’ memes, and make friends using this process.


This article lists free meme generator apps you can download on your Android. Creating and editing memes becomes quite easy with a free meme generator app. If you want to create memes and share them with your friends, then you can create memes using the apps we have listed above. You can download and install any meme generator apps listed in this article.


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