Top 5 best android apps which you never find on google play store. So here iTech hacks present a list of all those top and best apps which help you a lot in your android device.In this article, i try my best to cover all those Android apps which I found best and top on people’s choice rating. so let’s see the 5 Best Android Apps Not Available on Playstore 

 5 Best Android Apps Not Available on Playstore 2016
5 Best Android Apps Not Available on Playstore 2017

inside Tech Hacks – inside this tutorial here i try my best to cover top and best android apps that you never know or never try to i am going to teach this in two methods one for Rooted Android phones or Another one is for Non Rooted android phone.

</ Non Rooted Android Devices >

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#1. MiXplorer

A free non-ad-supported file browser with great functionality built right into it – that’s the easiest way to describe MiXplorer. The app looks like it’s running Material Design, but is compatible with Android devices running OS v2.0 and also Kitkat v4.4+.

Not only does it have a theme engine to customize the looks of the app, but it also has cloud integration with more than a dozen services. 

#2. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time lets you do just that with the convenience of a simple yet elegant app. Once installed, it gives you easy access to the most popular Movies and TV shows by a simple swipe from the right. There is also a third category for Anime as well if you’re into those.

Note: Needless to say, the movies you watch using the above app may or may not be legal. At iTech Hacks we neither condemn nor condone piracy. So do check the laws of your land before you decide to use any torrent-based app, including the one we mention above.

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#3. QuickLyric

Ever wanted an app that gives you the lyrics of all the songs in your library? Well, this is the perfect app for you, and even though there are some alternatives available on the Play Store, they don’t all scan your music library and download the lyrics for offline use.

</ Rooted Devices >

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#1. Adaway

Tired of all the ads that keep popping up in those ad-supported apps? Well, there is an easy fix to this problem. Simply install Adaway! Naturally, Google has never been fond of such apps and you will never find these in the Play Store. But how hard is sideloading an Android app anyway? Once installed, it simply checks for updated files and merges them with the current list.

Once installed, there’s nothing else that needs to be done. The app does all the hard work automatically, while you can enjoy all your (ad-supported) apps without interruptions and annoying pop-ups.

Note: its more helpful if you know how to make your Android phone completely ad-free.

#2. Lucky Patcher

Want to modify permissions given to apps. Want to hack any android game with lucky patcher with the help of lucky patcher. Want to bypass premium license verification and still do more? Check, check, and check! This is the ultimate all-in-one fantastic app that you’ve been waiting for.


Lucky Patcher also gives you unlimited access to reading apps like NYT and The Wall Street Journal, but since everything is done via a ‘patch,’ it will find no place in the Play Store.

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Here is all about top 5 best awesome and cool Android apps not available on google play store.If you need any help regarding articles, feel free to comment below.Don’t forget to Share This. 🙂 

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